Savage #2, Hannity #7

Listen counts here don’t mean a whole lot, but Michael savage had a good week.

This data is real time, so will continue to change, but as of now, Savage is overtaking Glenn Beck. Hannity is 1/3 the listen counts of Savage. It’s important to realize this for the entire day, not head to head live affiliates.

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  1. Parrott says:

    I use to stream wsba, but they went ‘I ‘H’ radio’ so I quit listening to them. I like wmal Washington now for Savage, no PSA’s. I would rather here the traffic report anytime over a PSA.
    Sorry Medved, but I have kinda switched to ‘Manchurian’, LOL

  2. lasong says:

    Just as Savage had predicted.

    • Art Stone says:

      The limitations on my data include that I can’t measure duration.

      Actually, I would have expected Hannity to spike up as he was dropped by Cumulus and people needed to find a way to listen. Savage, on the other hand is not changing stations, only time of day. My guess is people who listen need to stream at work or find stations that still air the show in the evening.

      It will take a few more weeks to draw any firm conclusions, but I don’t doubt Hannity will stay down around #7 – he has had a long steady decline over a period of years.

  3. Art Stone says:

    Since I wrote that, Savage has slipped to #4 for the past week. It looks like Laura Ingraham is probably picking up the 10AM-noon ET Dennis Miller crowd, not Beck, and certainly not Herman Cain.

    Cain and Clark Howard are produced by Cox Radio, but distributed by Dial Global, now part of Cumulus Media. Since the Westwood One guy just left, I don’t know where that leaves things. Cox Radio would love to leave the radio business, but nobody is paying 1999 prices any more.

    I don’t see a path for TRN to return to their former glory. Repeatedly suing your talent is not a way to recruit good talent in the future.

    • Landmark95 says:

      This week, Savage was touting that the Repubs should/must return to “Family Values” as a campaign platform. That’s certainly well below his “cutting-edge” standards in my view. He’s basically been a “two-hour” show for some time; with WABC and WJR having better local use for the 5pm drive-time hour – leaving the self-proclaimed genius relegated to 3pm-5pm eastern in those two major markets.

      I just love, love love that Laura Ingraham! Certainly WOGO being the top station this week is a testament that I’m not alone.

  4. HPaws says:

    I have an old (non-IHradio) link to WCOA on my night stand computer – John Batchelor is kind of growing on me. I manage to chuckle once in a while at is self identification and he has great guests. I remember Rush making fun of Batchelor – the oldest and wisest may have been slightly off about this. Until a few weeks ago WABC’s non IHradio player was still working too.

    • Landmark95 says:

      Bachelor is among the most professional radio hosts I can remember listening to – there’s zero shtick. He’s a must listen for anyone interested in geopolitics.

      You better like him while you can, he’s already 65, and I wonder what the talk radio landscape will look like ten years from now with some of the more popular names now getting on in age…

      Savage 71 years old, Bill Bennett 70, John Gibson 67, Hedgecock 67, Michael Medved 65, Dennis Prager 65, John Bachelor 65, Limbaugh 63. Neal Boortz already retired, he’s 68. Who’s gonna replace these guys (that’ll be worth listening to)?

      • Nidster says:

        Dan Bongino and Buck Sexton could step in and we would get a refreshing change. I like Rush but he is strictly ‘topic of the day’, in other words his topics are driven by the Establishment.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Matt Drudge had retired from radio too. I enjoyed his shows Sunday nights.

      • Art Stone says:

        Well, the problem is their listeners are also similar in age, which makes them increasingly less interesting to advertisers.

        Rush was 39 years old when he broke into national syndication. Dennis Miller was a year ahead of me in Keystone Oaks High School, which means he is about 60. Herman Cain and Neal Boortz were both born in 1945.

        Andy Dean is fairly young (32) – he is a protege of Donald Trump. Laura Ingraham is relatively young (49)

        Mancow is 46 – he is now on GCN. Alex Jones is 39. Andrew Wilkow who used to be in WABC and now is on the Blaze is 41. Jason Lewis is 58. Sean Hannity is 52. Glenn Beck is 49. Monica Crowley is 45. Andrea Tantaros is 35 but probably not returning to radio. Brian Kilmeade is 49. Mike Gallagher is 53. Hugh Hewitt is 57. Dennis Prager is 65.

        On the progressive side,
        Bill Press is 73
        Stephanie Miller is 52
        Thom Hartmann is 62
        Ed Schultz is 59
        Randi Rhodes is 54
        Norm Goldman is 54
        Mike Malloy is just plain nuts (and 71)

        On the non political front
        Dr Joy Browne is 69
        Clark Howard is 58
        Kim Komando is 49

        Young people watch TV

        On the Bruce Williams fossil pile we have
        Don Imus (73)
        Bob Brinker (72)
        Les Kinsolving (86)
        Barry Farber (83)
        Roy Masters (84)

        Michia Kaku (66)
        Bill Handel (62)
        Phil Hendrie (62)
        Tom Marr (WCBM) (70)

  5. Little Man says:

    Bring back Andrea Tantaros!

    • Art Stone says:

      Well, assuming she doesn’t make nice with TRN… What are the options?

      Premiere/Clear Channel – Beck has a contract for another couple years
      Cumulus – currently running Imus until 10 AM, Chris Plante until Noon
      Salem – would be a good fit, other than Gallagher has to step aside
      Radio America – has no morning affiliates
      GCN – I doubt she wants to be selling iodine pills and 25 year supplies of freeze dried food

      Her beef with TRN (beyond losing her staff and making no money) was she expected to be able to get “A” list guests on her show. She was extremely naive about radio. Bill Bennett and Hannity maybe can get people to call, but people will figure out you’re on only a dozen or so tiny market stations. You’ve got to build your audience first before people will invest their time talking with you.

  6. Nidster says:

    Although Rush is a solid #1, his numbers have slipped. Rush might be losing listeners because he is so serious these days. In years past he used a bit of humor during the show. Of course it’s no secret that events are more dire then 8-10 years ago, but Rush only has 14% audience who are 18-29, and 31% are 31-49, which seriously lags The Colbert Report and the Daily show. Both shows that have a big advantage with the younger crowd, and they basically got it, and keep it by being humorous.

    Mark Steyn used to do quite well but lately he sounds a bit too serious, and he is no longer young. So, maybe Dennis Miller? With good writers he would do OK, but he isn’t that young either. If the Conservative/Libertarian side wants a top-rated, nationally syndicated talk show host that draws millions of younger listeners, then someone who is younger and naturally humorous needs to show up. And, it would benefit them to hire their own writers.

    Savage and the rest of the pack are old and way, way, way too serious. just sayin’

    • Art Stone says:

      Bob & Tom have slipped into the top 10. That may just be temporary due to moving from Premiere to Cumulus.

      Radio is starting to own up to the long term decline in time spent listening TSL and Average Quarter Hours (AQH), But Triton Digital, the folks who track streaming dropped an ominous report yesterday indicating that average session length is dropping sharply. My suspicion is people are fed up with the nanny state PSAs and the ads intended to scare you and are tuning out, especially the last 10 minutes which tend to be all ads and a brief “see you tomorrow!”

      • Nidster says:

        What you point out makes sense to me. Too many shows plod along in predictable patterns and most tend to fade away at the end. Imagine if someone, like Rush with all his money, clout, following and staff would end each hour by allowing various students 2-3 minutes of air time to talk about whatever subject they wanted to be heard by Rush’s audience? They could submit their audio files and let Rush pick the ones he likes. They could be pre-teen, teens, or young adults. Also, have Rush read the ’email of the day’ from a listener.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Check out Kennedy on the FBN tv channel. She can be serious but she rocks out too. She does the TV show from NYC each day and also does an alternative rock program on Los Angeles FM radio each morning. He TV bumper music is more interesting than most shows and I enjoy watching her bust a move as the go to and come back from commercials.

    • Parrott says:

      I like Mark Steyn. He makes the clowns in DC and Kalifornia, and their non-gender specific restrooms and school locker rooms out to be the fools they are.
      There is some real mega-stupidity and it needs to be pointed out

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