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Time (Eastern US)AuthorComment (most recent last)Actions
1993-08-31 00:00:00FCC App# 188865FCC approved station to begin licensed operation Reply to
1995-09-22 00:00:00FCC App# 209800License Renewed Reply to
2003-09-25 00:00:00FCC App# 657642License Renewed Reply to
2008-10-24 08:55:31editorSuccessful Volunteer Test - 56 Seconds Reply to
2009-08-21 01:30:05RobrrtSuccessful Volunteer Test - 38 Seconds Reply to
2009-08-21 01:30:11RobrrtQuality rating set to 5 Reply to
2009-11-03 00:00:00FCC App# 1331270FCC approved transfer of license from WAMN, INC. to WEST VIRGINIA - VIRGINIA HOLDING COMPANY, LLC Reply to
2009-12-05 13:46:21editorMarked as working Reply to
2009-12-17 00:00:00FCC App# 1348858FCC was notified license transfer is complete Reply to
2009-12-31 00:00:00FCC App# 1351802FCC was notified license transfer is complete Reply to
2010-04-12 15:34:42SumItUpBroadcast unavailable. 'wamn' is not broadcasting on our system at the moment. Please try again later...website URL no longer valid. Reply to
2010-04-16 16:10:30editorStreaming Disabled Reply to
2010-04-16 16:11:55editorStation Format updated from Sports to No Web Site Reply to
2010-04-16 16:11:56editorUpdated Station Description to Sold in late 2009 Reply to
2010-04-16 16:11:56editorStation URL no longer valid Reply to
2010-04-16 16:12:09editor1000 bonus points awarded for reporting stream problem Reply to
2011-09-27 00:00:00FCC App# 1429118License Renewed Reply to
2015-02-06 12:45:57editorUpdated Station URL to http://www.mywillie.com/ Reply to
2015-02-06 12:45:59editorStation Format updated from No Web Site to Country Reply to
2015-02-06 12:45:59editorUpdated Station Description to 97.3 is FM Translator Reply to
2015-02-06 12:46:09editorStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2015-08-15 10:26:15charlottencStation Format updated from Country to Classic Country Reply to
2015-08-15 10:26:42charlottencStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2016-01-09 14:20:48editorStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2016-11-06 17:37:12charlottencStation Homepage Title changed from My Willie FM - 97.3 Country's Greatest Hits! to 97.3 Countrys Greats Hits! | 92.7 KISS FM Reply to
2016-11-06 18:40:58charlottencStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2019-06-26 16:43:04editorStation Homepage Title changed from 97.3 Countrys Greats Hits! | 92.7 KISS FM to Willie 94.5 | Country's Greatest Hits! Reply to
2019-06-26 16:43:04editorAutomated Update of homepage URL from http://www.mywillie.com/ to https://www.mywillie.com/ Reply to
2019-07-01 15:55:00editorStream Comment 'no web site' removed Reply to
2019-07-01 15:55:09editorStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to

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