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2012-07-19 00:00:00FCC App# 1507401FCC approved transfer of license from BRYAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION to BRYAN BROADCASTING LICENSE CORPORATION Reply to
2012-08-09 00:00:00FCC App# 1511164FCC was notified license transfer is complete Reply to
2015-06-17 00:00:00FCC App# 1670725FCC approved station to begin licensed operation Reply to
2015-07-10 15:11:42editorStation Format updated from New / Updated License to Vewy Quiet Reply to
2015-07-10 15:12:09editorExpiring CP Reply to
2015-10-20 13:46:29editorUpdated Station URL to http://wtaw.com/ Reply to
2015-10-20 13:46:51editorStation Format updated from Vewy Quiet to Local Full Service Reply to
2015-10-20 13:47:59editorStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2015-12-20 22:06:41charlottencStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2016-04-24 15:58:02editorChanged streaming URL to http://v6.player.abacast.net/688 Reply to
2016-04-24 16:01:02editorReset Streaming URL Reply to
2016-04-24 16:01:13editorChanged streaming URL to http://v6.player.abacast.net/3586 Reply to
2016-04-24 16:02:10editorUpdated Station URL to https://www.facebook.com/wtawfm/ Reply to
2016-04-24 16:04:20editorStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2016-09-03 05:09:08editorLast Facebook update in February Reply to
2016-09-03 05:10:13editorhttp://www.buffaloexpressnews.com/Article/Show/4038 Reply to
2016-09-03 05:10:57editorStation Format updated from Local Full Service to Classic Country Reply to
2016-09-03 05:11:02editorStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2016-11-08 07:37:22briand75Station Web Site Reviewed Reply to
2016-11-08 07:37:43briand75Successful Volunteer Test (Windows) - 20 Seconds Reply to
2018-09-08 03:45:35editorStation Homepage Title changed from Security Check Required to Willy 103.5 FM Buffalo, TX Reply to
2019-04-01 17:55:21editorStation URL no longer valid Reply to
2019-04-01 17:55:29editorUpdated Station URL to http://willy1035.com/ Reply to
2019-04-01 17:56:19editorStation Web Site Reviewed Reply to