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KGO in San Francisco was the first News/Talk radio station ?
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Genesis (GCN)Program Description
StationAccessStart TimeEnd TimeDays
Amerika Now
with Barb Adams
Amerika Now's refreshing and provocative discussions take both a serious and "tongue-in-cheek" look at the headlines of the day as well as regularly featuring top-name guests in the fields of politics; political cover-ups; spirituality and philosophy; economics; science and global environmental issues; the paranormal; and other "out-of-the-box" issues.
Live (Eastern Time)11:00 PM14:00 PMXXXXXSX
Genesis 3 *11:00 PM1:00 AM.....S.
Dr. Katherine AlbrechtKatherine Albrecht is a highly-effective privacy campaigner, a sought-after public speaker and technology expert, and the author of six books and videos. A popular media commentator and dynamic radio personality, she has hosted a daily syndicated radio show since early 2007. Her unique brand of knowledge, eloquence and irreverance, coupled with a passion for truth and freedom, have earned her a devoted listener following.
Live (Eastern Time)4:00 PM6:00 PMMTWTFXX
WBCR AM *9:00 PM10:00 PMMTWTF..
Erskine OvernightErskine dares to investigate the truth, examine the mysterious, and enjoy the humorous. His goals are to provide entertainment, enlightenment, and enjoyment.
Live (Eastern Time)Midnight3:00 AMXXXXXXS
WVLK AM *Midnight5:00 AM......S
WTKI AM *1:00 AM5:00 AM......S
Ethan BearmanEthan Bearman is an experienced entrepreneur having worked with multiple industries within the Fortune 500 in the realm of security and large systems technology. He started his first IT consulting business in 1992, and has subsequently been at the forefront with technology, business, and media.
Live (Eastern Time)7:00 PM10:00 PMXXXXXSX
KGO AM *1:00 PM4:00 PMMTWTF..
Free Talk Live
with Ian Bernard
Station List
Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.
Live (Eastern Time)7:00 PM10:00 PMMTWTFSX
WGBF AM *Midnight1:00 AMMTWTF..
Free Talk Live blueMidnight11:59 PMMTWTFSS
WGSO AM5:00 AM6:00 AM......S
WHTC AM *7:00 PM9:00 PM.....S.
Genesis 27:00 PM10:00 PMMTWTF..
Genesis 28:00 PM10:00 PM.....S.
WOMI AM *9:00 PM10:00 PMMTWTF..
Info Wars
with Alex Jones
The one person brave enough to tell you the "truth" about the global conspiracy of the New World Order.
Live (Eastern Time)Noon4:00 PMMTWTFXX
Alex Jones blue mp31:00 AM:59 AMMTWTFSS
Genesis 2Noon4:00 PMMTWTF..
KMMS AM *7:00 PM10:00 PM.....S.
KGED AM blue11:00 PM1:00 AMMTWTF..
John GibsonJohn Gibson, formerly of Fox News Radio, is now host of his own daily talk show on the GCN radio network. Dissent is encouraged...all opinions are on the table.
Live (Eastern Time)Noon3:00 PMMTWTFXX
Genesis 5 *Noon3:00 PMMTWTF..
Paul Parent Gardening ClubPaul Parent has been on the radio providing gardening advice to listeners in New England for the last 20 years. Paul's expert gardening advice is now heard on stations all over the country with one half million loyal listeners
Live (Eastern Time)6:00 AM10:00 AMXXXXXXS
WGIR AM *6:00 AM10:00 AM......S
WUVR AM8:00 AM10:00 AM......S
WNTK FM8:00 AM10:00 AM......S
Tech NightOwlGene Steinberg is an award-winning journalist who discovered the magic of writing while still a teenager. He edited his own science fiction and New Age fanzine, and began writing a science fiction novel about an Earth man who finds himself in an unknown land faced with life-threatening situations.
Live (Eastern Time)10:00 PM13:00 PMXXXXXSX
KIXZ AM/HD *Midnight1:00 AM.....S.
KMAS AM3:00 AM6:00 AM......S
WCRN AM11:00 PMMidnight.....S.
The Magic Garden
with Mort White
Station List
Every week, Mort White shares his love affair with mother nature. The Magic Garden is a mix of well hewn garden wisdom, whimsical humor and theater.
Live (Eastern Time)8:00 AM10:00 AMXXXXXSX
WWNR AM7:00 AM8:00 AM.....S.
The Power Hour
with Daniel Brigman
The Power Hour focuses on subjects that inform and educate people every day to the real challenges that face this country. Help us restore the Constitution to its rightful place of importance in the United States.
Live (Eastern Time)4:00 PM7:00 PMMTWTFXX
WBCR AM *1:00 AM4:00 AM.TWTFS.
Genesis 4 *4:00 PM6:00 PMMTWTF..

* = Station inserts commercial prior to stream start
* = Station requires registration
* = Program sometimes preempted by sports

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