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Hannity blue ,
MarkLevin blue ,
Coast to Coast AM Live!
with George Noory
KFYO blue Lubbock, TX
WFSX blue Estero, FL
WSOY blue Decatur, IL
KNZR blue Bakersfield, CA
KTBB blue Tyler, TX
KLIF blue Dallas, TX
WPNN blue Pensacola, FL
WILM blue Wilmington, DE
PRAGER blue ,
HEWITT blue ,
Savage Nation
with Michael Savage
KVI blue Seattle, WA
Info Wars
with Alex Jones
KJMT blue Calico Rock, AR
KTGO blue Tioga, ND
WRWH blue Cleveland, GA
WSB blue Atlanta, GA
The Schnitt Show
with Todd Schnitt
WHLO blue Akron, OH
Red Eye Radio
with Gary McNamara & Eric Harley
WNTK blue New London, NH
KXEL blue Waterloo, IA
KEYS blue Corpus Christi, TX
WCED blue Du Bois, PA
WPIC blue Sharon, PA
KCMO blue Kansas City, MO
WTMA blue Charleston, SC
KMPT blue East Missoula, MT
WRKO blue Boston, MA
KPRL blue Paso Robles, CA
The Dana Show
with Dana Loesch
KLZ blue Denver, CO
America Tonight
with Kate Delaney
WOGO blue Hallie, WI
Liberty Roundtable
with Sam Bushman
KELY blue Ely, NV
KTRB blue San Francisco, CA
America First
with Dr Sebastian Gorka
WPGP blue Pittsburgh, PA
KRMG blue Tulsa, OK
KUFO blue Portland, OR