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Handel on the Law
with Bill Handel
"Handel on the Law began broadcasting in 1985. I enjoy it more today than the day I started. Abusing callers, giving marginal legal advice and telling callers where to go is still probably the most enjoyable thing I do other than having intimate moments with my wife...No...It is the most enjoyable thing I do."

Handel on the Law's Home Page
Bloomberg Law
with June Grasso
Host June Grasso examines the major legal issues affecting business, like smoking bans in bars and transfats in food.
Under Oath
with Matt Englett
He is also the author of the soon to be published Stop The Bleeding: How To Keep Your Money With A Loss of Income, where he gives readers the tools they need to take charge of their financial situation during times of economic hardship.

Under Oath's Home Page
with Greg Garrison
Greg Garrison got into the broadcast business after the successful prosecution of boxer Mike Tyson in 1992, on rape charges. His notoriety and media presence following that trial led to an invitation to the position of Legal Analyst for CBS news following the two high profile murders committed by O.J. Simpson.

Garrison's Home Page
Caplis & SilvermanDan Caplis & Craig Silverman, both trial attorneys and legal analysts for television stations across the country join you on your drive home each weekday.
Len TillemLen Tillem is an elder law attorney.
Ed NorrisEd Norris is a former police commissioner and law enforcement officer. If you want real, honest talk about crime, politics, terrorism and the injustices of life, Ed is your man.

Ed Norris's Home Page
Hearsay with Tritico & ClaryChristopher Tritico and Brian Clary talk about the law and related matters.

Hearsay with Tritico & Clary's Home Page
Know the Law
Miami LawLet's keep mixing it up until we're all mixed up
Crime Beat
with Carl Brizzi
The Advocate
The Advocate's Home Page
Dailey & Stearn Law Show
Judge CristinaJudge Cristina has become a household name as one of the most influential syndicated television hosts from her work hosting court shows on network television, including “Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez,” (airing mornings on KCAL 9 in Los Angeles), “Cristina’s Court”  (FOX) and “La Corte de Familia” (Telemundo).

Judge Cristina's Home Page
Rob DouglasFinding life on the streets as a private eye more interesting than becoming the zillionth lawyer in America, Rob left law school to open Douglas Investigations. Rob was twice appointed by federal courts to serve as an investigator in matters involving international terrorism by Islamic terrorist groups. Over the past decade Rob’s expertise on identity crimes – including homeland security implications – has resulted in numerous appearances as an expert witness before Congress and the passage of numerous state and federal laws to protect consumers from identity theft.

Rob Douglas's Home Page
Crime, Justice & AmericaCrime, Justice & America will inform, explain, entertain, interpret, uncover, and question the relevant issues in the criminal justice system: local, regional, and nationwide.

Crime, Justice & America's Home Page
It's Your Gavel
with Mitch Mallett

It's Your Gavel's Home Page
with David Barton
On WALLBUILDERS, historian David Barton and attorney Rick Green discuss America's founding principles and interview news-makers and opinion-shapers from across the nation. DAVID BARTON is an author, historian, and expert on the original writings of the Founding Fathers. RIC GREEN is an attorney, a former state legislator, and the president of the Torch of Freedom Foundation.

WallBuilders's Home Page
Dealin' StraightThey talk about the law from the inside

Dealin' Straight's Home Page
Health Law and Politics
with Jonathan Emord
Holding Court
with Ron Rosenbaum

Holding Court's Home Page
Ashcraft & Gerel
Law Talk
with Steve Sabra
Due ProcessDue Process is NJN’s award-winning weekly series on law and justice issues. Launched in 1996, Due Process is approaching its 11th season with the same cutting edge coverage that has marked its decade-long tenure.

Due Process's Home Page
Injury Talk
Let's Talk Law
with Jim Ackerman
The Ackerman family has been serving central Illinois clients since 1949. J. Waldo Ackerman served as Sangamon County States Attorney, as a State Circuit Judge and as a Federal Judge. Jim Ackerman Served as an Assistant Prosecutor, a Public Defender, and worked for a small firm in Springfield before founding Ackerman Law Office. Jim has handled a great variety of cases. Jim now concentrates in injury claims for victims, but is available in other areas, including debt collection and probate.

Let's Talk Law's Home Page
George Brauchler
George Brauchler's Home Page
Ask an Attorney
with Joe Pippen
MN Law
Lisa K. Crawford
Crime Time
with Candice DeLong
Candice's book, SPECIAL AGENT: My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI, was a bestseller on Amazon.com, and was picked by Reader's Digest as "Today's Best Nonfiction."

Crime Time's Home Page
Counselor's Corner
with Chuck Brooks & Professor Barbara J. Quinan

Counselor's Corner's Home Page
Champions of Justice
Marc NeffMarc currently serves as counsel to the Pennsylvania State Education Association, representing teachers statewide who are charged with criminal offenses while on the job. Marc also serves on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Criminal Procedural Rules Committee.

Marc Neff's Home Page
On Business and Law
with Lon Dorsey
Joe Pippen
Labor Law Radio
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