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At Home
with Gary Sullivan
Gary gives sound home improvement advice and helpful hints for do it yourselfers and places to go to make your home the best on the block

At Home's Home Page
Money Pit
with Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete
Tom and Leslie take dozens of calls from listeners who ask about everything from pest problems to deck dilemmas. Their combined experience and expertise allow them to offer solutions to a wide range of home problems.

Money Pit's Home Page
On the House
with the Carey Brothers
If it involves your house, the Carey Brothers would love to talk about it

On the House's Home Page
Paul Parent Gardening ClubPaul Parent has been on the radio providing gardening advice to listeners in New England for the last 20 years. Paul's expert gardening advice is now heard on stations all over the country with one half million loyal listeners

Paul Parent Gardening Club's Home Page
Around the House
with Ken Moon
Ken spends 2 hours talking about the repair, remodeling, decorating, buying, selling, financing and the care and feeding of that special place you call home.

Around the House's Home Page
Dirt Doctor
with Howard Garrett
If you enjoy getting your hands dirty, this is the show for you.

Dirt Doctor's Home Page
Home Talk USA
with Michael King
The purpose of Home Talk™ is to guide you so you won't become a victim of home improvement fraud and faulty work by an incapable contractor.

Home Talk USA's Home Page
The Magic Garden
with Mort White
Every week, Mort White shares his love affair with mother nature. The Magic Garden is a mix of well hewn garden wisdom, whimsical humor and theater.

The Magic Garden's Home Page
Better Home ShowIf it is about your home, we're talking about it.

Better Home Show's Home Page
Garden LifeFrom Southern California, your garden can be your life

Garden Life's Home Page
Home Remedies
with Doug Rye
Doug Rye is known as the "King of Caulk and Talk". He provides tips to help callers to his "Home Remedies" show lower their energy bills.

Home Remedies's Home Page
Home Magazine
A Fashionable Life
with Jayne Chase & Jennifer Goodkind
A Fashionable Life is an interview format show that brings the latest information on lifestyle trends and happenings around the country and the world. Their guests are experts and insiders who cover fashion, beauty, interior design, entertaining, fitness and wellness. Former Editors, Jayne Chase and Jennifer Goodkind know how to study the trends to bring you what's new and hot with their unique blend of experience, passion and humor.

A Fashionable Life's Home Page
Christopher LowellChristopher Lowell believes that decorating is a form of empowerment therapy and that his mantra, "You Can Do It" is a way of life. He spreads this message in various ways - through his design shows, It's Christopher Lowell, Interior Motivesand The Christopher Lowell Show,through his books, Seven Layers of Organization, Seven Layers of Design, The Hassle Free Host, You Can Do It: Small Spaces and If You Dream It, You Can Do It, and through his array of licensed consumer products -- branded furniture, lighting, window coverings, and fully coordinated fabric and trim options - which help consumers take the guesswork out of home decor by offering concrete solutions.

Christopher Lowell's Home Page
Today's Homeowner
with Danny Lipford
Tune into Today's Homeowner and you'll hear Danny Zlipford, along with co-host Allen Lyle and producer Amy Hughes, answer questions from listeners about a variety of home topics, and dispense useful tips and information. And you never know what special guest will drop by to share the microphone, a laugh or two, and some home insights as well

Today's Homeowner's Home Page
In the Garden
with Ron Wilson
Did your pansies wilt? Are your daffodils drooping? Ron Wilson knows what to do!
HouseSmarts Radio
with Lou Manfredini
Lou Manfredini opened his own construction company in Chicago in 1985. His media career began ten years later when he pitched the idea of a call-in show to a local radio station. He still runs his own construction company, and actively builds and renovates homes.

HouseSmarts Radio's Home Page
Gardening Naturally
with John Dromgoole
For the last twenty-five years, John Dromgoole he has shared his passion and extensive knowledge of organic gardening. GARDENING NATURALLY, is unique in that it takes a non-chemical approach to gardening. John's main focus is protecting the environment while enriching the soil and growing healthier plants.

Gardening Naturally's Home Page
Better Lawns & Gardens
with Tom MacCubbin
Tom MacCubbin has hosted the "Better Lawns & Gardens" radio program for more than 15 years and is heard every Saturday morning on more than 20 radio stations throughout Florida.

Better Lawns & Gardens's Home Page
Bob Tanem in The GardenBob Tanem is a retired retail nurseryman will celebrate his seventy sixth birthday in 2006. Since retirement, Bob has volunteered to supervise an organic vegetable garden at New Beginnings in Novato. This is a program to feed and house the homeless while training them for employment. The production of the garden has exceeded the needs of the organization with the excess being turned over to the Marin County Food Bank.

Bob Tanem in The Garden's Home Page
Florida Gardening
The Appliance Doctor
with Joe Gagnon

The Appliance Doctor's Home Page
with Dean Sharp

Home's Home Page
In the Garden
with Mike Darcy
Have slugs or snails in your garden? Mike has the answer

In the Garden's Home Page
Home & Garden Radio
with David A. Yates
David Yates has been in the homebuilding and real estate industries in Texas for more than 15 years. More than 300,000 people have visited David's design and idea show homes over the past three years.
Get Growing
with "Farmer Fred" Hoffman
Backyard gardeners throughout Northern California appreciate the advice of "Farmer Fred" Hoffman. Fred is a University of California certified lifetime Master Gardener and garden columnist. He is also a member of the Garden Writers Association of America. The "Get Growing" program offers the most complete gardening weather information, soil temperature data, pest management information, tips for organic gardeners, and more.

Get Growing's Home Page
Carolina Gardener
with Maureen Riley
After a brief hiatus on the open road with her husband, Maureen Riley returns to Saturday mornings from 8am to 10am as WBT's Carolina Gardener.

Carolina Gardener's Home Page
WOOD 1300 Flowerland Show
with Rick, Doug, and Kristi

WOOD 1300 Flowerland Show's Home Page
Mr. Fix-itIf you can break it, he can fix it!
WJR Home Improvement
Texas Gardening
with Neil Sperry
Each week Neil brings you the latest gardening information and updates and he answers your most pressing horticultural questions.

Texas Gardening's Home Page
At Home
with Josh & David
Around the House
with Bob Strong

Around the House's Home Page
The Home Show
with Jerry Leen

The Home Show's Home Page
Down to Earth
with Dick Crum
Dick Crum was the longtime horticultural educator with the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service in Indianapolis who retired in 1997. But since then, he stayed busier than ever dispensing more than 40 years of gardening knowledge to Indianapolis residents.

Down to Earth's Home Page
Home Improvement
with Gwin Faulconer Lippert & Henry Benedict
Rosie On The House
with Rosie Romero
If your house has "Issues", Rosie has the solutions

Rosie On The House's Home Page
Plant Talk
with John Fech
Are your sunflowers whispering about you behind your back? Is your willow tree weeping? Find out what they are really saying to you.
Remodeling Pro
Home Front
with Tami Michaels
Tami talks about interior design and things about your home.

Home Front's Home Page
The Home Show
with Pat Sullivan

The Home Show's Home Page
Ask Me How Home Show
House Talk
Home Innovations
ToFixItYour one stop shop for companies you can trust. If you do not know someone in the business whose products or services you are seeking, we have done all of that time consuming homework for you! The following companies have all been prequalified and adhere to very stringent qualifications. [ed. why should I trust someone on the radio I don't know - more than I trust someone running a business I don't know?]

ToFixIt's Home Page
The Remodeling Pro Radio Show
Home Improvement Zone
Athens Home Improvement Show
Athens Home Improvement Show's Home Page
KVI Home Improvement Show
Handy Randy
Handy Randy's Home Page
Mighty House
Mighty House's Home Page
Around the House
with Handyman Bob
Happy Handyman
with Johnnie Chouke
Your Handyman Show
Home WizardsYour house becomes beautiful when you listen - it's like magic!

Home Wizards's Home Page
Mr Fixit (WTMJ)
House Talk
with David Schooler

House Talk's Home Page
The Fix It Up Show
with Kim Shumate
KM Builders Remodeling Show
with Peter Sessa
The Energy Master Home ShowMaster your home's energy!

The Energy Master Home Show's Home Page
Mr. Fix It
Toby Tobin
Toby Tobin's Home Page
Floral Design inside & Out
Owner Builder Network
Home & Lifestyle Show
with Martin Bomba
Homeowners Power Hour
WRVA Home Improvement
KSL Home Show
Doug Rye's Home Remedies
Doug Rye's Home Remedies's Home Page
Healthier Home Show
KYCR Home Show
Tricks of the Trade
with John & Josh Allen
Home Ownership RoundtableIt's the American Dream - owning your own home.
My Home Answer Man
with Jim Love

My Home Answer Man's Home Page
Chicago Handyman
Air Talk
with Lance the Air Guy
Everything you need to know about your air-conditioning system, and how to keep it running smoothly
House Calls with Barry, Joe & Steve
Texas Home Improvement Hour
Greener Living
with with Dr. G
Kitchen & Bath Concepts
with Michael Lanari
Grocery Guru
with Ken Roesbery
Under 1 Roof
with David Ratcliff & LeeAnn Kramer
Open House
with Corin Bay
On the Air
with Gary Parr
Everything you ever wanted to know about Air Conditioning
Let's Talk Remodeling
Home Improvement Show (Grand Rapids)
with The Thompsons
The Thompson trio talks about all aspects of home remodeling.

Home Improvement Show (Grand Rapids)'s Home Page
Builder's AcademyGet a free education about your house

Builder's Academy's Home Page
WWL Home Improvement Show
Real Dirt
with Ken Druse
Don't settle for that imitation dirt!
The Contractors.com Show
HomeMaster Live
Comfort Zone
with Mi-Ling Stone Poole
Your home should be a place where you are comfortable.
Glenn BoylesGlenn talks about what Jacksonville is interested in.
Wayne WhitesideThe House Doctor is IN.
Ask Earl May
with John Kluver
Dennis Hill
The Green Hour
with Scott Franz
Scott's an expert on trees, shrubs, lawns and outdoor living

The Green Hour's Home Page
About the House
with Jeremy Taylor
House Mechanic Hotline
with Blaine Illingworth
Improving Your Home
with Don Bosse
Don helps listeners get their home improvement projects done right.

Improving Your Home 's Home Page
In Your Backyard
with Teresa Watkins
Tips and secrets to making your yard beautiful!

In Your Backyard's Home Page
Ken the Contractor
with Ken Patterson
The Home Show
with Tom Tynan
Garden Sense
with Jos Roozen
Jos Roozen answers your questions on any topic related to your lawn and garden...including flowers, lawns, trees, shrubs and indoor plants. The objective of Garden Sense is to make your gardening experience more rewarding with less time, headache and expense.

Garden Sense's Home Page
The Home Improvement Show
with Denny Long
A home is a hole in the ground you pour money into.
DplantmannRoot Feeders has been in business since 1990. We are a full service Landscape Design and Installation Company. Our number one goal is complete customer satisfaction, as we create beautiful sophisticated affordable landscapes.

Dplantmann's Home Page
Home Improvement Show
with Tracy Tesmer & Steve Roper
KSL Nanny Radio
with Candice & Lilly
Florida Home Improvement
The Great Green Home Show
with Paul & Doug
The Green Fox discusses Living Green

The Great Green Home Show's Home Page
Wilkins Mechanical Ask the Expert
Atlanta Lifestyle
with Jeff Shea
Every Saturday morning homeowners will learn how to work through the process of designing, constructing, entertaining, relaxing, and creating unforgettable days and nights in the sanctuaries they call home.

Atlanta Lifestyle's Home Page
WDUN Home Improvement ShowSenior Home Remodeling Specialist Steve is from a construction family and was taught by his father to “do things right the first time”. He has over 30 years experience and enjoys cooking and gardening when not at work. Steve also works with Tracy Tesmer as a co-host of the WDUN Home Improvement Show.
Glenn Boylers
Glenn Boylers's Home Page
Weekend Around the House
with Marc Bernier
The Great Home Design Show
with Brent Hull
All the Dirt
with Cory Brown
If it's a plant, Cory knows about it.
Rick the Fix-It Guy
with Rick DeGregorio
Rick DeGregorio was “born in the construction business” and has over 35 years of experience in the Construction, Real Estate and Insurance industries. Whether the topic is new construction, real estate, building an addition or even fixing a leaky faucet, Rick has the experience.

Rick the Fix-It Guy's Home Page
Remodeling with Erik
with Erik Listou
The Remodeling With Erik show brings his 35 years of remodeling experience into your home to help you. Erik conducts consumer and industry educational seminars and publishes articles in magazines and newspapers.

Remodeling with Erik's Home Page
House Talk
with Warren Raisanen
Around the Home & More
with John Kappler & Kevin Liger

Around the Home & More's Home Page
Remodeling Show (WISN)
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