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NPR's Morning EditionFor more than two decades, NPR's Morning Edition has prepared listeners for the day ahead with two hours of up-to-the-minute news, background analysis, commentary, and coverage of arts and sports. With nearly 13 million listeners, Morning Edition draws public radio's largest audience.

NPR's Morning Edition's Home Page
BBC North American ServiceThe United States version of News and current events propoganda from the British Broadcasting Company - carefully crafted to undermine your self-esteem if you are of European origin, Christian, male or heterosexual. The BBC World Service(until late 2010) was funded entirely by the Foreign Office, the equivalent of the U.S. State Department. It is not the BBC that people in the U.K. hear, which is why it is obsessed with infuencing public opinion in the United States. It IS targeted government propogranda.

BBC North American Service's Home Page
Here & Now
with Robin Young and Scott Tong
This fast-paced program covers breaking news and provides regular features about food, science and technology, personal finance, film, music and more.

Here & Now's Home Page
Fresh Air
with Terry Gross
Fresh Air with Terry Gross is the weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. Though Fresh Air has been categorized as a "talk show," it hardly fits the mold. Fresh Air is produced at WHYY-FM in Philadelphia.

Fresh Air's Home Page
All Things ConsideredSince its debut in 1971, this afternoon radio newsmagazine has delivered in-depth reporting and transformed the way listeners understand current events and view the world.

All Things Considered's Home Page
NPR's On Point
with Meghna Chakrabarti
On Point, hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti ,confronts the stories that are at the center of what is important in the world today. Leaving no perspective unchallenged, On Point digs past the surface and into the core of a subject, exposing each of its real world implications.

NPR's On Point's Home Page
America Tonight
with Kate Delaney
The crossroads of news, information, and pop culture!

America Tonight's Home Page
The World (PRI)PRI's The World is a one-hour, weekday radio news magazine offering a mix of news, features, interviews, and music from around the globe.

The World (PRI)'s Home Page
with Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson takes over the midday vacancy left by retiring Diane Rehm, adding color and diversity to the Public Radio airwaves. The show takes a deep and unflinching look at America, bringing context and insight to stories unfolding across the country and the world.

1a's Home Page
SekulowJay Alan Sekulow is Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an international public interest law firm and educational organization. Founded in 1990, the American Center for Law and Justice specializes in constitutional law. The ACLJ, under Sekulow's direction, is involved in public interest and public policy issues working to protect religious and constitutional liberties. The show is migrating towards being handed over to his son

Sekulow's Home Page
Our American Stories
with Leo Habeeb
Our American Stories tells stories that aren’t being told. Positive stories about generosity and courage, resilience and redemption, faith and love. Stories about the past and present. And stories about ordinary Americans who do extraordinary things each and every day. Stories from our listeners about their lives. And their history. In that pursuit, we hope we’ll be a place where listeners can refresh their spirit, and be inspired by our stories.

Our American Stories's Home Page
This American LifeA handheld camera for radio, This American Life takes an intimate look at the drama of the Everyman. Veteran producer Ira Glass shoots from the hip, exploring the lives of oddballs, antiheroes, and just plain folks who quietly fade into our homogenous national landscape.

This American Life's Home Page
America At Night
with Rich Valdes

America At Night's Home Page
Weekend Edition Saturday
Weekend Edition Saturday's Home Page
Weekend All Things ConsideredIt's like All Things Considered, but on the Weekends!

Weekend All Things Considered's Home Page
The Moth Radio HourTrue Stories told live - since 1997

The Moth Radio Hour's Home Page
NPR Weekend EditionSimilar to NPR's Morning Edition, but on the weekend.

NPR Weekend Edition's Home Page
ABC News PerspectiveABC News puts the week's events in its Perspective, since you are not smart enough to.

ABC News Perspective's Home Page
El Show de Piolín
with Eduardo Sotelo
For many Hispanics living in the United States, the "Tweety Bird Show " reminds listeners that anything is possible with perseverance, hard work and a positive attitude. Sotelo has interviewed President Barack Obama , Vicente Fernandez , comedian Gabriel Iglesias ", actor / director Mel Gibson and actor Will Smith among others.

El Show de Piolín's Home Page
Talk Radio Countdown
with Doug Stephan
Doug reviews the top 10 stories that rippled across talk radio during the past week

Talk Radio Countdown's Home Page
Laurie RothLaurie Roth has a Ph.D. in counseling and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. If she can't reason with you, you had better duck before the roundhouse kick sends you flying! Laurie Roth is on a mission to examine the issues based on right and wrong, not party politics. She has the unique ability to build bridges not ditches

Laurie Roth's Home Page
Weekend Edition SundayNPR's Morning Edition bringing you the information that didn't fit into the work week

Weekend Edition Sunday's Home Page
As it happensListening to As It Happens is like taking a trip around the world five nights a week. Since 1968, using the simplest of tools - the telephone - this current affairs program has explored the heart of a story, whether it's happening in the streets of Belgrade, the dockyards of Vancouver, the boardrooms of Bay Street, or the kitchens of Paris.

As it happens's Home Page
World Have Your SayNews-driven and dynamic, World Have Your Say will go beyond the traditional format of a radio phone-in show. Aimed at engaging listeners in a global dialogue, listeners around the world will be able to interact with the program by phone, email and a program Web site. The presenters are Anu Anand and Steve Richards.

World Have Your Say's Home Page
National Defense
with Jim Newberry
Topics of issue to members and supporters of the US military.

National Defense's Home Page
The World & Everything In ItThis fast-paced week-in-review radio news program features WORLD's editorial team and airs weekends on about 50 stations across the country.

The World & Everything In It's Home Page
New Yorker Radio HourThe New Yorker Radio Hour is a weekly program presented by the magazine’s editor, David Remnick, and produced by WNYC Studios and The New Yorker. Each episode features a diverse mix of interviews, profiles, storytelling, and an occasional burst of humor inspired by the magazine, and shaped by its writers, artists, and editors. This isn’t a radio version of a magazine, but something all its own, reflecting the rich possibilities of audio storytelling and conversation. Theme music for the show was composed and performed by Merrill Garbus of tUnE-YArDs. Produced by WNYC Studios and The New Yorker.

New Yorker Radio Hour's Home Page
Tell Me More
with Michel Martin
News and interviews from NPR in Washington.

Tell Me More's Home Page
To The Best of Our KnowledgeTo the Best of Our Knowledge (TTBOOK) helps listeners satisfy their hunger for new ideas. TTBOOK features knowledgeable, provocative guests discussing a wide range of topics--from the politics of Prozac to the biology of race; from modern monks to the evolution of laughter.

To The Best of Our Knowledge's Home Page
The World Today - BBCThe British Broadcasting Company looks around the World and discusses the day's newsworthy events.

The World Today - BBC's Home Page
Outlook (BBC)A live daily magazine features topical human-interest stories from around the world. Hosts Frederick Dove and Heather Payton hear from ordinary and extraordinary people who live in parts of the world that are making headlines.

Outlook (BBC)'s Home Page
Bob Edwards WeekendA weekend interview program featuring Bob Edwards' thought-provoking style, acerbic wit, and delightful humor with a wide range of guests. Each week Bob highlights the life and work of interesting people, from newsmakers, historians, and authors to artists, actors, and regular folks too.

Bob Edwards Weekend's Home Page
Syndication One ShowSyndication One is offering listeners an engaging new lineup of programs that discuss, analyze and dissect ideas and issues targeted to the African-American audience, but appealing to the general market. This network is a forum where all points of view are welcomed regardless of race, politics and religion. Instead of the traditional divisive nature of talk radio, each show will offer listeners timely, relevant, probing and entertainment programming.
The CEO Show
with Robert Reiss
The C.E.O. Show presents America's leading CEOs and top executives discussing their unique approaches using breakthrough customer service case studies. These executives will highlight what it takes to master the art of customer service and drive performance.

The CEO Show's Home Page
American Voices
with Bill Bradley
Former US Senator Bill Bradley shares his unique perspective of the American landscape on American Voices, a weekly talk show that highlights the remarkable accomplishments of people both famous and unknown
Dave Nemo
AFA ReportThe AFA Report is a daily panel discussion with members of the AFA staff regarding hot-button issues of the day. Not only will you will be entertained, you will become educated on specific issues, and – most importantly – challenged to take action.

AFA Report's Home Page
Land Line Now
with Mark Reddig
Land Line Now is America's first daily one-hour news program produced by Owner-Operator Independent Driver's Association exclusively for the professional driver.

Land Line Now's Home Page
with David Anderson
this show educates and raises the awareness to the economic issues impacting the African-American community. David encourages listeners to control their own financial destiny and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.
Lockridge Report
with Evan Lockridge
Finally, an independent, authoritative voice for the professional driver! Based in Birmingham, AL, trucking journalist Evan Lockridge (who has won multiple awards for his stories in RoadStar and Heavy Duty Trucking) tackles the tough issues facing truckers today - putting industry heavyweights on the hot seat, keeping drivers on top of breaking news while they're on the road, and giving them a voice on important topics.
Talk Star Today
with Bill Madden
Bill Madden brings with him a long career that began when he decided he wanted to be in a profession that involved long hours, strange schedules and paid peanuts. As the circus wasn't in town that week, he decided on radio.

Talk Star Today's Home Page
TED Radio Hour
with Guy Raz
TED hosts the world's most fascinating thinkers - convention-breaking mavericks, icons, and geniuses - who give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less about the best ideas in Technology, Entertainment, Design and much more.

TED Radio Hour's Home Page
FreakonomicsFreakonomics Radio is an award-winning podcast and public-radio project hosted by Stephen Dubner, with co-author Steve Levitt as a regular guest. It is produced in partnership with WNYC.

Freakonomics's Home Page
Bryant Park ProjectNPR's news and interview program for the New Generation. NPR has cancelled this program after spending $2 million to develop it. Something to remember next begathon.

Bryant Park Project's Home Page
News Talk Online
with Paltalk
RadiolabRadiolab believes your ears are a portal to another world. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Big questions are investigated, tinkered with, and encouraged to grow. Bring your curiosity, and we'll feed it with possibility.

Radiolab's Home Page
Witness's Home Page
Science Fantastic
with Dr. Michio Kaku
Dr. Michio Kaku is the host of Science Fantastic. At any given moment he will quote not only Einstein, but Woody Allen, proving that Science Fantastic is not just for the science junky, but for anyone who has ever pondered the cosmic question of existence, as well as those interested in the latest technological trends and techno-gadgets.

Science Fantastic's Home Page
Science Friday
Science Friday's Home Page
On The MediaBrooke and Bob engage in robust discussion about the inner workings of the media, from journalism to entertainment to technology; from censorship issues to how popular culture, politics, and money influence the media and society at large.

On The Media's Home Page
Veteran's ChroniclesGot any old war stories to tell?
America this Week
with John Trout
America this Week is a lively feature magazine look at the "water cooler" stories everyone is talking about. Includes interesting guests, movie reviews and incomparable humor from host Jim Bohannon

America this Week's Home Page
To the Point
with Warren Olney
Hosted by Warren Olney, "To the Point" is a fast-paced, news based one-hour daily national program that focuses on the hot-button issues of the day, co-produced by KCRW and Public Radio International.

To the Point's Home Page
Native America Calling
Central Time
with Veronica Rueckert & Rob Ferrett
Rueckert and Ferrett find the latest news, cultural trends, and explore ideas -- big and small -- to find the best guests to discuss these thought-provoking topics.

Central Time's Home Page
Operation Freedom
with Dr Dave Janda
Dr. Dave Janda, an orthopedic surgeon and health care policy analyst, hosts a two hour interactive "dissection" of current events that are impacting every person, family and business in our community and country.

Operation Freedom's Home Page
Angie Austin
with Mike Opelka
Angie Austin and co-host Mike Opelka on KLZ Radio bring a fresh approach to News/Talk radio, presenting the perfect balance of hard news and entertaining lifestyle segments every weekday morning on KLZ. This show is more personality driven than most shows, which makes it just plain fun and the perfect way to start your day 4:00-6:00am on KLZ 560 AM
Joe MessinaJoe takes the issues... especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)... and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting. But the conversation is always respectful and you're sure to learn something new, even if you don't agree
JR Morning
with Guy Gordon, Lloyd Jackson & Jamie Edmonds
An old white man, a woman, and a black man are the perfect combination for a radio consulting recommendation

JR Morning's Home Page
America's Truckin' NetworkKeep your eyes open as you drive across the American Heartland in the middle of the night. No web browsing while you're driving across Kansas, ok?

America's Truckin' Network's Home Page
Warren PierceWarren Pierce, born and raised in Detroit, has been a part of the area's broadcasting community since the early 1970's, having been part of the WJR lineup from 1975-1992. Now he is back on News/Talk 760 WJR, and nobody knows the area better! He has interviewed over 40,000 guests from all walks of life and brings that background to Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Warren Pierce's Home Page
Beyond the News
with Rod Utec
with Kerri Miller

Midmorning's Home Page
Boston Public RadioJoin hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio, for smart local conversation with leaders and thinkers shaping Boston.

Boston Public Radio's Home Page
The Story
with Dick Gordon
The Story with Dick Gordon brings the news home — through passionate points of view, personal experiences and a strong sense of place. The Story takes listeners beyond news events to the things that change our lives, cause us to stop and re-think, inspire us.

The Story's Home Page
Irish Radio Network
with Adrian Flannelly
David BurdDavid Burd is a 20 year radio veteran in the Washington area. Prior to radio David had a career in the recording industry, as National Director for Promotion for Arista Records based in New York, and Regional Director for Promotion with Capitol Records in St. Louis. David served in the Marine Corps and his last duty station was Parris Island, South Carolina where he was a drill instructor.

David Burd's Home Page
The Sound of IdeasWhat is the sound of one mind clapping?
Turning the Tide
with Maggie Pascal
Maggie will challenge you to stretch beyond your past, explore the 'other side', and do some hard thinking.

Turning the Tide's Home Page
The Business of Life
with Ron Tunick
“The business of life is something everyone can relate to because life and business are two things that encompass our lives every day,” says Ron Tunick, also known as “Coach Tunick.” To be successful in life and business, there needs to be harmony and acceptance of not one or the other, but rather both simultaneously, in order to succeed.”

The Business of Life's Home Page
News & Views
with Larry & Chuck Bates
On NEWS & VIEWS, ecomonists Larry & Chuck Bates discuss world events and national issues from a biblical perspective.

News & Views's Home Page
WIND Weekend Magazine
Danger ZoneDanger Zone offers listeners an unparalleled view into the inner-workings of our national security system, featuring discussions with leading figures from security, intelligence and academic communities, with a heavy stress on the “human” side of the battle against terror.

Danger Zone's Home Page
Eight Forty-Eight"Eight Forty-Eight” is the street address of Chicago Public Radio's studios on Navy Pier. It's also the name of our award-winning morning magazine program. Every weekday, Eight Forty-Eight serves up a diverse mix of interviews, reports, essays, and documentaries—all with a local bent.

Eight Forty-Eight's Home Page
Insights Futurist RadioAs listeners seek lifestyle changes and a better quality of life Insights Futurist Radio with Keith & Sharmai Amber offers them a spiritual compass to guide their way. They cover a wide range of topics including spirituality in the workplace, tips on effective childrearing, how to tap your own intuition, reading omens in your life and understanding karma as it applies to your life.

Insights Futurist Radio's Home Page
Washington Post RadioThe Washington Post Radio joint venture with Entercom is ending
Jerry Agar (Canada)Jerry Agar returns home to Canada and tackles the issues Canadians care about
Living On EarthLiving on Earth with Steve Curwood is the weekly environmental news and information program distributed by National Public Radio.

Living On Earth's Home Page
World News This Week
with George Stephanopoulos
The Kalb ReportPreviews major stories from each new issue and features newsmakers and Newsweek correspondents.

The Kalb Report's Home Page
Sunday Night Radio Special
with Bob Sirott & Marianne Murciano
This one-hour program will revolve around an interview the likes of which you've never heard. One week it may be with a local politician, the next week may include a business honcho, or perhaps a celebrity from the world of TV/movies/music.

Sunday Night Radio Special's Home Page
HumankindStories of remarkable people dedicated to humanizing our society.

Humankind's Home Page
Echando Chispa
RadioWest's Home Page
The Roundtable
with Joe Donahue
This frothy mix of news, arts, culture, and live music features award-winning journalists Joe Donahue and Julia Taylor. Tune in as they report the day 's news, interview local and national authors, and chat with fascinating people from around the corner and around the world.

The Roundtable's Home Page
Lunch & Later
with Sam Litzinger
Sam Litzinger delights in talking to anyone about everything. Among his notable on-air interviews: those with singer Tony Bennett, the Dalai Lama, big band leader Artie Shaw, U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, author Maya Angelou, Lemmy from the British hard rock band Motorhead (Sam's sure Lemmy remembers NOTHING of the interview!) and a Florida man whose company specializes in removing alligators from swimming pools.

Lunch & Later's Home Page
The Conversation
with Ross Reynolds
Ross Reynolds has Conversations with guests about current events.

The Conversation's Home Page
WorldviewChicago Public Radio's global affairs program features in-depth conversations about international issues and their local impact. From Nobel Peace Prize winners to Nicaraguan sweatshop workers, Worldview highlights a range of voices that go beyond the headlines.

Worldview's Home Page
It's Your World"It's Your World," brings some of the brightest minds to the air. It's Your World captures leading voices in politics, business, academia, media and art in candid discussions on issues concerning the world today.

It's Your World's Home Page
Patt MorrisonPatt Morrison is a live two-hour public affairs show airing weekdays at 1 p.m. The program is known for its innovative discussions of local politics and culture, and for its presentation of national and world news as it affects the Southern California region

Patt Morrison's Home Page
Your Call
with Rose Aguilar
KALW's 'town square on the air'

Your Call's Home Page
Public Space
Public Space's Home Page
These DaysThis two-hour morning show with host Tom Fudge focuses on the issues, events and cultural trends that shape San Diego and California

These Days's Home Page
Israel This Week
Redding News Review
with Rob Redding, Jr
Redding has been called one of the most "respected names in the media," by urban magazine Upscale and "one of the most intellectual and intriguing radio talk show hosts since Tavis Smiley," by urban industry authority Radio Facts.

Redding News Review's Home Page
Lake EffectLake Effect is a daily, two-hour magazine show that reflects the unique character of southeastern Wisconsin - whether it means in-depth series coverage of important issues, or interviews produced on-site to allow listeners an audio window into a place they've never been.
Radio LabRadio Lab is designed for listeners who demand skepticism but appreciate wonder, who are curious about the world but who also want to be moved and surprised.
Move America ForwardMove America Forward is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism and supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.

Move America Forward's Home Page
The Next Hour
Everyday Lives, Everyday Values
Weekend Briefing
with Tim Farley
A look back on the week in politics with Tim Farley.
Maryland MorningMaryland Morning with Sheilah Kast is a lively mix of interviews about news, the arts, politics, science, history - all the topics and people that make Maryland such an interesting place to live and work.

Maryland Morning's Home Page
Insider Talk
with Rodney Boyd
Rodney is a partner at the law firm of Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal, LLP. Rodney Boyd was named a "Most Influential Minority Business Leader" in the September 14, 2007 issue of the St. Louis Business Journal.

Insider Talk's Home Page
Guest Host
Irish Country
with Tony Jackson
Arts & Ideas
WOSU's Open Line
with Fred Andrle
Fred's show features national and local guests speaking on topics ranging from politics to literature, music to science, health to finance, and psychology to science fiction.
Where We Live
with John Dankosky
Conversation about news, issues and ideas - from Connecticut and beyond.

Where We Live's Home Page
This Week In AmericaRic Bratton moves from TV to radio with a blend of topical issues and compelling guests.

This Week In America's Home Page
National Association of Manufacturers Show
The BeatGet with the beat

The Beat's Home Page
The Greatest GenerationEntirely devoted to World War II, The Greatest Generation is comprised of contemporary live interviews and documentaries, as well as those recorded at the time of the Second World War.

The Greatest Generation's Home Page
OUT in the BayOUT in the Bay is a “queer” radio magazine for the otherly-identified throughout the Bay Area. We’ll have interviews with prominent figures from politics, culture, and the fringe. Each week, comedian Marilyn Pittman contributes a sometimes hilarious, always insightful commentary.

OUT in the Bay's Home Page
Metro ConnectionThe award-winning Metro Connection is produced by the WAMU news room with the same attention to detail and technical standards as NPR's weekly news magazines. Instead of a national perspective, the subject is our city... our local communities... our backyards.

Metro Connection's Home Page
Events of the Day
Front PorchThe Front Porch is the place to hear conversations with individuals who make New Hampshire and the region interesting.

Front Porch's Home Page
Think and CEO
A World of PossibilitiesA World of Possibilities is weekly radio program that penetrates behind the headlines to uncover the deeper meanings of events. It offers in-depth analysis, informed commentary and an exploration of new approaches to our most challenging problems. Our aim is to open minds and inspire new possibilities.

A World of Possibilities's Home Page
KCFR Presents "KCFR Presents" airs weekly on Mondays at 9pm.The hour-long program offers documentaries on a wide range of topics from some of the most respected producers in public radio. Each program gives listeners a chance to dig in to issues that are important to everyone, and to hear from people with powerful, deeply affecting stories.

KCFR Presents's Home Page
To the Point (KCRW)
To the Point (KCRW)'s Home Page
WV Public RadioLocal programming - different host each night.
Let Freedom Sing
with John Rodda
Let Freedom Sing Radio Hour is dedicated to our Veterans, active military and safety forces. We will be talking to Veterans groups, government agencies, fraternal organizations and experts in the field of Veterans affairs.
Raul Carrillo
The Military Report
with Alphonso W. Knight, Jr.

The Military Report's Home Page
Resource World
Resource World's Home Page
The City Club ForumA Free Exchange of Thought Established to encourage new ideas and a free exchange of thought, The City Club is the oldest continuous free speech forum in the country, renowned for its tradition of debate and discussion.

The City Club Forum's Home Page
Oklahoma Innovations
with Gary Howen
Oklahoma Innovations features varied subject areas including technology transfer, manufacturing, biomedical and health research, agricultural productivity, safety, transportation, and energy.

Oklahoma Innovations's Home Page
St Loius on the Air
with Don Marsh

St Loius on the Air's Home Page
KUOW Presents
In Context
Think Out LoudThis online and radio program explores issues making news in our region and encourages people with different perspectives to talk with one another.
Smart City
with Carol Coletta
Smart City™ is a weekly, hour-long public radio talk show that takes an in-depth look at urban life, the people, places, ideas and trends shaping cities.

Smart City's Home Page
Stardate's Home Page
Florida Frontiers
Florida Frontiers's Home Page
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