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Car Pro Show
with Jerry Reynolds
Keep in touch with what's going on in the car business

Car Pro Show's Home Page
Under the Hood
with Russ & Shannon

Under the Hood's Home Page
The C.A.R. Show
with Roger Kwapich & Dan Pietras
Join automotive "experts" Roger Kwapich and Dan Pietras and co-host Steve Stewart for your chance to get some easy to understand, inside tips as to what may be ailing your vehicle.

The C.A.R. Show's Home Page
The Car Doctor
with Ron Ananian
If you are a person who wonders how things work, then The Car Doctor is the perfect place to talk shop. Consummate car expert Ron Ananian entertains as he informs his listening audience, who are invited to call in with any automotive-related problem or question.

The Car Doctor's Home Page
Car Clinic
with Bobby Likis
Bobby Likis has worn every hat in the automotive industry: technician, race car driver & pit crew, automotive service center owner, industry consultant, and radio & TV talk-show host.

Car Clinic's Home Page
Speed Freaks
Speed Freaks's Home Page
Sam's Garage
with Sam Memmolo
"Sam's Garage Radio Show" provides consumers + shop owners with a wide spectrum of advice, industry news, and product awareness, all presented in an easy to listen to entertaining format.

Sam's Garage's Home Page
Auto Week
with Thomas Michael Berg
Hagerty's Inside Classic Cars
with Bob Long

Hagerty's Inside Classic Cars's Home Page
Driver's Talk
with Rick Titus
Hosted by automotive expert Rick Titus, Drivers Talk Radio is a broad-reaching program that discusses the automotive industry in an informative and entertaining fashion.

Driver's Talk's Home Page
Muscle Cars on the Radio
Muscle Cars on the Radio's Home Page
with Ed Wallace
Wheels with Ed Wallace has been a staple of Saturday morning broadcasting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since March of 1993. Moreover, Wheels has consistently placed in the "Top 10" radio programs broadcast during that period.

Wheels's Home Page
with Paul Brand
Paul Brand is an automotive troubleshooter, race-car driver, and leading Midwest instructor of law enforcement pursuit driving, Paul makes the show informative and interesting with his wit, knowledge and easy-to-understand advice on any and all auto problems.

AutoTalk's Home Page
Drive Chicago
with Paul Brian
Veteran Chicago broadcaster Paul Brian focuses on the local, national and international automotive scene, featuring industry news and newsmakers, product reviews and, of course, a flurry of questions from listeners wanting to get the straight story about the automotive industry.

Drive Chicago's Home Page
Auto World
with Bob Long

Auto World's Home Page
America's Car Show
with Tom Torbjornsen
With over 27 years in the automotive industry and nearly a decade in automotive talk radio, Tom Torbjornsen makes learning about cars easy with his personal manner, his expert advice, and his high energy and entertaining style. Tom has the unique gift of simplifying the complex and tearing down the technical, meeting you at your level of understanding. You will be encouraged as you gain the confidence to deal with problems related to the second most expensive purchase you will make in a lifetime - your automobile.

America's Car Show's Home Page
Auto MojoThe Car Counselor Show on Talk Radio is your chance to learn about the "care and feeding" of today's vehicles first-hand from experts with years of training and experience in automotive service.

Auto Mojo's Home Page
Texas Car Doctor
with Skeeter Lothringer
Tell your 4x4 pickup truck to stick out its tongue and say "Ahhhh"
You Auto Know
with Dave Serio
Dr Johnny's Car Clinic
with John Nocera
Automotive Show
with Steve Gehrlein
Automotive news, factory recalls, new products and seasonal car care are regular topics that are a part of this caller-driven show designed for two-way conversation.

Automotive Show's Home Page
Car Care Clinic
with Marty Heintz
All About Car Care
with Scotty Dee
Scotty Dee takes your calls and answers your automotive service questions and gives advice to make consumers better communicators to their automotive service providers.

All About Car Care's Home Page
Magic Mechanic
Northwest Auto Show
Calling All Cars
Calling All Cars's Home Page
Greg's Japanese Auto Show
with Forrest Hillyard & Chris Carlson

Greg's Japanese Auto Show's Home Page
In the Driver's Seat
with Steve Stewart
Car Radio
Cruise Control
KKNT Automotive Hour
Talking Cars
with Max Beaver
Talking about caws
The Car Doctor
with Jeff Brooks
Auto Talk
with Dave Peterson
Can we talk about cars!

Auto Talk's Home Page
Sam MemmoloMaster mechanic Sam Memmolo goes under the hood with listeners to explain their car troubles in easy-to-understand language. He doles out no-nonsense advice to listeners about the care and maintenance of their cars to head off potential surprises down the road.
Under the Hood
with Mark Salem
with Steve Overbeck
Warren BrownWarren Brown, has been covering the automobile industry for the Washington Post since 1982. Brown, who joined the newspaper in 1976, has what many people think is a particularly cool job: He gets to test drive all manner of cars, from top-of-the-line Mercedes sedans and the newest sports cars to Volkswagen Beetles and SUVs.

Warren Brown's Home Page
Greg's Auto Show
Under the Hood (TX)
with Chris Russell & Jeff Otto
"Under the Hood" is an hour of grease filled advice for people who just don't know what that "creaking, squeaking sound" is coming from their car or truck. Don't bump your head... Ow!

Under the Hood (TX)'s Home Page
Doc Lane's Automotive Journal
Doc Lane's Automotive Journal's Home Page
KSFO Motoring
The Car Doctor
with John Paul
Dr. Jon's Car Care Clinic
with Jon Stellema

Dr. Jon's Car Care Clinic's Home Page
Weekend WheelsThis weekly program focuses on consumer tips, best buys and the culture of cars in our country.

Weekend Wheels's Home Page
Mr. Mechanic
The Car Czar
with Doug Brauner
Doug Brauner is a Senior Automotive Journalist on the top rated Autotrader.com DRIVE show on ESPN and writes a weekly newspaper column of more than 5 years with the Sacramento Bee.

The Car Czar's Home Page
Auto Lab
Prime Timer Car Hour
Ask the Mechanic
with Rob Leach
WTIC Car DoctorJim MacPherson is the author of two of the AAA Auto Guide series of books: "Buying or Leasing a Car" and "Driving Survival." He is also one of three reviewers of new cars and trucks for AAA Nationally.

WTIC Car Doctor's Home Page
The Real DealHave we got a deal for you!
Behind the Wheel
with Steve Thomson & John Vecere
Friendly conversation, industry big shots, local dealers - Behind the Wheel brings it all to you

Behind the Wheel's Home Page
Car Calls
with Dan Rosenberg & James Harris
Square Talk On Cars
Gear Heads
Mark MarineInfomation on how to buy a car.

Mark Marine's Home Page
KFYO Car Clinic
KFYO Car Clinic's Home Page
Car Talk with Ehrlich on 35th
WOOD's Auto Talk
with Pat O'Neill and Al Schwinkendorf
WOOD's Automotive Experts Pat & Al Help You Fine Tune Your Vehicle "whirr"....eeeee.....kuh kuh click...zzzzeh" O'Neill and Schwinkendorf offer timely advice on cars, trucks, and SUV's. Both are ASE Certified Automotive experts and they use their vast knowledge and experience to help solve your automotive problems.

WOOD's Auto Talk's Home Page
The Car Doctors
Neal's Wheels Car Care
Calling All Cars
with Cary Lockwood
Frank Auto Advice
Behind the Wheel
with Donnie Neuenberger

Behind the Wheel 's Home Page
Drive Radio
with John Rush & Donny Seyfer
Gulf Coast Hotrods
Car Time
with Gene Foulger & Randy Holman
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