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The Pet Show
with Warren Eckstein
WOR's Warren Eckstein has the answer for all your pet issues

The Pet Show's Home Page
Talkin' Pets
with Jon Patch
Is your bird losing its feathers? Is your dog digging up the backyard? Maybe your cat is using your favorite chair as a scratching post? Jon can help callers cope with medical and behavioral questions relating to all kinds of domestic animals. The program also features news on animal rights and environmental issues that affect animals everywhere.

Talkin' Pets's Home Page
Steve Dale's Pet WorldSteve Dale's Pet World is a one-hour weekly show covering all aspects of the animal world from companion pets to wild animals. Guests include well-known personalities, behaviorists, vets, keepers and field researchers who work hands-on with the big guys at zoos and game preserves world wide.

Steve Dale's Pet World's Home Page
Animal Radio
Animal Radio's Home Page
Ask the Vet
with Dr. Sandy Wright
Your Pet's Health
Animal Talk
with Dr. Pete VanVranken
The Pet Doctor
with Dr. Cary Wasem
Pet Talk
with Dr. Clemons
Pet Central
with Steve Dale
Dr. Dog
with Dr. Dennis Fetko
Dr. Dennis Fetko is an internationally renowned animal behavior, animal and human training, and organizational management expert with decades of experience.He has worked across the world, from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand, for over three decades.

Dr. Dog's Home Page
The Pet Vet
Dog Talk Developed in Australia, our dog-friendly training techniques leverage the same communications methods - body language and voice control - that dogs follow as part of their instinctual pack mentality.

Dog Talk 's Home Page
Talkin' Animals
with Dr. Dog
The Fish DoctorEverything you wanted to know about pet fish
The Pet Files
with Dr. Kirsten Marshall & Dr. Denise Whitoff
So, is your loved one all sneezes around the family cat, or say your pup won't stop with the pee around the plants, well Dr. Kirsten Marshall and Dr. Denise Whitoff are here to help. Pets are not just the ball of fuzz that lays in the corner.

The Pet Files's Home Page
Dog & Cat Improvement
with Kate and Doctor Kate
The Dr Kate Guarantee: "If we can't fix it.... we can improve it"

Dog & Cat Improvement's Home Page
Dog and Cat Improvement
Dr. Pete's Pet Pourri
Pet Counselor
with Kaye Cox
The Animal Lover's Radio ShowThe Nevada SPCA puts on this weekly show for animals and the owners who love them!
Rick Lamb's Horse Show
Great Pets
with Brian Kilcommons & Dr. Jim

Great Pets 's Home Page
Top DogAll you need to know about the top dog - your dog!
Checkerboard CorralThe Checkerboard Corral with Ernie Rodina is this country's premier horse program. Each week, equine industry veteran Ernie Rodina takes listeners through an entertaining and informative hour filled with equestrian news, updates, and what's happening in the horse community.
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