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Bob & Tom
with No Bob
No Bob and Tom start your day with a laugh or two... or three... hours....

Bob & Tom's Home Page
Bubba the Love SpongeBubba is back!

Bubba the Love Sponge's Home Page
Lex & Terry
with Lex Staley & Terry Jaymes
It spawned out of desperation back in December of 1992. Lex Staley needed a partner for the morning show, after "jacking" the dead weight from the show. After just one call to 1-900-PSYCHIC Lex knew his only move was to call his best friend Terry Jaymes. Those phone calls set in motion the beginning of what would become radio history. From love advice to 900 lines to drunk bitches, Lex & Terry are the best thing to happen to South Florida morning radio!

Lex & Terry's Home Page
Rover's Morning GloryRover's first real radio job was at X-107.5 X-treme Radio in Las Vegas at 20 years old. He also helped start a brand new 94.3 Extreme Radio in Knoxville (yee-haw) and then did a syndicated show based in Los Angeles from Comedy World Radio Networks. Then he went to KISW in Seattle, where he was fired for 'allegedly' violating the company's no-nudity on premises policy.

Rover's Morning Glory's Home Page
Free Beer & Hot WingsThe former head of Westwood One launches FB&HW into syndication to educate America's youth about what America is all about.

Free Beer & Hot Wings's Home Page
Big Show
with John Boy & Billy
Keeping you laughing since 1980!

Big Show's Home Page
Kevin Matthews
Kevin Matthews's Home Page
John KobyltJohn Kobylt daily pokes and prods at the fat bureaucrats, swill-spewing spokesholes, lazy and dishonest politicians, and anyone else that lies or tries to harm you.

John Kobylt's Home Page
Outlaw DaveGit on your hog and ride and share your weekend with Dave

Outlaw Dave's Home Page
News Junkie
Deminski & DoyleD&D entertain you on the drive home.

Deminski & Doyle's Home Page
Stan & Haney
Stan & Haney's Home Page
Roger & JP
Drew Garabo
Drew Garabo's Home Page
The Love Doctors"The Love Doctors is Not your Father's talk show," sums up the show in one phrase. Show topics range from the serious to the bizarre. . .where one caller will ask a pointed question about Bosnia, the next will belch into the phone and hang up! During certain "Special Events," the Love Doctors will have guests on the show, although this is the exception and not the rule.

The Love Doctors's Home Page
The Barsky ShowHosted by Philadelphia radio mainstays Barsky, Kim Douglas and Vinnie the Crumb, The Barsky Show is a compelling mix of topical irreverent humor, relatable stories of life's ups and downs, and unpredictable phone calls from The Barsky Show listeners.

The Barsky Show's Home Page
JV & ElvisJ.V. and Elvis started their climb to the top back in 1993 when J.V. left his #1 rated night show to do mornings with high school friend, Hollywood. A short time later they hooked up with one of the funniest guys in radio, Elvis. The next 10 years spoke for themselves. They were the number one morning show in the 4th largest market in the nation, the San Francisco Bay Area. They have embraced their transformation into "talk radio" the only way they know how, with great energy and classic humor.

JV & Elvis's Home Page
Dangerous Dick & SkibbaEach and every evening Dangerous Dick and Skibba speak to the issues that impact the daily lives of their loyal listeners: Sex, Porn, Drinking, Smoking, Gambling. With no news, weather or traffic on the one’s…

Dangerous Dick & Skibba's Home Page
Nights on Real RadioBranded as the "Greatest Show on Mirth", Real Radio Nights bring an element of surprise to all it's listeners on a nightly basis! Evening talk never sounded so.... juvenile, witty, strange, alluring and entertaining

Nights on Real Radio's Home Page
Sex with Emily
Sex with Emily's Home Page
Big Dick Hunter's Wild Ass Circus
Motor City Mid-daysJay and Michelle bring Hot Talk to the suburbs of Detroit.

Motor City Mid-days's Home Page
Donkey Show
Chaz & AJ in the Morning
Chaz & AJ in the Morning's Home Page
Hot Talk
with The Ox
The Ox is back, and he's HOT!

Hot Talk 's Home Page
Kidd Chris
Kidd Chris's Home Page
JaggerJagger and Jasmine are back!

Jagger's Home Page
John & Ken WeekendSo hot you want to hear it again.
Billy MadisonThe Billy Madison Show is a funny, irreverent show built for guys. The successful, proven radio program features Billy as the leader of a group of passionate, curious, and “unique” individuals that work hard and know how to blend great original content, lifestyle and entertainment.

Billy Madison's Home Page
Gen Y UniversityThe Voice of the Next Generation
Ron & FezRon Bennington and Fez Marie Whatley are two of the most creative and dynamic hosts in radio today. Witty, intelligent talk is back at nights on 92.3 Free FM. Weeknights from 6p-9p, join the most addictive show on the FM dial. Whether you are looking to laugh, cry, learn, or forget your dreary existence for three hours, this show will satisfy on all levels. The mastermind, Ron Bennington, sees the world like no other. The ringleader, Fez Whatley, will make you think about everything in a new, very strange, light. It'll only be a matter of time before they win you over.

Ron & Fez's Home Page
Nick Di PaoloNick began his career in his hometown of Boston and two-years later he made the jump to New York, where he found his seething, sarcastic style was welcomed with open arms by New York audiences at such clubs as Catch a Rising Star, Caroline's and The Comic Strip . It was at clubs like these were he honed his uncompromising point of view, which makes him not only a club favorite, but a true "comic's comic."

Nick Di Paolo's Home Page
Too Beautiful to Live
with Luke Burbank
Not your normal run of the mill "talk about the news" blah blah radio show

Too Beautiful to Live's Home Page
Peter RosenbergInspired by a range of radio personalities ranging from Donnie Simpson and Bob Costas to New York City hip hop DJs such as Red Alert and Funkmaster Flex, Rosenberg is an anomaly. He is old school, but young at only 26 years of age. His youthful take and mostly liberal leanings on all things political, entertainment, sports, and just general interest is very refreshing and perfect for FREE FM.

Peter Rosenberg's Home Page
Dani & Jackie
with Michelle Jerson & Michael Checkoway
From dating, relationships, and cheating to sex toys and fantasies, Michelle Jerson & Michael Checkoway talk about what Men and Women really want.
Zito & GarrettIt's Zito and Garrett - what else do you need to know?

Zito & Garrett's Home Page
Scotty & AlexThese two fresh faces will never disappoint with their extremely hilarious jokes, their uncanny ability to get all the facts straight, and their amazing mastery of the English language

Scotty & Alex's Home Page
The Back RoomTwo guys. One black, one white. One's a brother, one's not. One's well hung, the other's white.

The Back Room's Home Page
The F'er Show
Dan & TasosIt's Dan and Tasos, and they're Hot!

Dan & Tasos's Home Page
Single LifeSam Phillips and Chris talk to the Bay Area about the Single Life. It usually takes years for a "Seasoned Single" to learn the do's and don'ts about dating, mating and maintaining a successful relationship - especially in San Francisco!
Jason Matheson
Paul & Young Rob
Nuclear FireYOu can't get hotter than Nuclear Fire

Nuclear Fire's Home Page
Everett NewtonEverett Newton, the Rock N Roll Attorney

Everett Newton's Home Page
TJ Live
Danny BonaduceYou may remember him as Danny from the Partridge Family. He's all grown up now and then some.
Marion GrodenIf you're into nipple hair and farting, this is your show!
KMS on HFSKirk and Mark show moves to HFS and adds S

KMS on HFS's Home Page
Tony & Ken O.Laugh Yourself Retarded™

Tony & Ken O.'s Home Page
The Single Life (TM)
with Sam Phillips (TM)
Jerk Show
with Mark Wilson & Jessica Hall
It's live! from Sin City
Smokin' Joe & The Hottie ShowThis is a show where we have a lot of fun talking about the various aspects of relationships, and trying to decipher men and women's confusing behavior. Most of all we want you to relax, and have a good time with us.

Smokin' Joe & The Hottie Show's Home Page
Matt DahlTune in to listen to the sperm that escaped out of Steve Dahl's sperm jar

Matt Dahl's Home Page
WFNY Guest Host
The Gospel According to Johnny D
Low BudgetMarc Chambers and Tod Perry talk to the working class of San Diego -- living it up when you're living paycheck to paycheck. Between picking the best malt liquor, knowing when tobuy a girl a drink, eating out on the cheap, or just getting into the minds of the C-students, they've got it covered.
Tilted TalkDomagoy and Gina poke, probe and laugh about life, culture and every day stupidity.
Troy & John
Big Head RadioCome join the Big Head Nation and become instantly hot

Big Head Radio's Home Page
Evening Whirl
with Randy Cash
Send Randy a message and he'll mock you for free!

Evening Whirl's Home Page
Extreme Reality Check
Penthouse, the
with Johnny C, The Greek, & Frances

Penthouse, the's Home Page
Up Late with Corey & Lex
Lou Blosi
Mayhem in the AM (WLKF)
with Mark Stevens & Erica Smith
Just how much mayhem can there be in Lakeland, Florida in the morning?

Mayhem in the AM (WLKF)'s Home Page
The Hideout
with El Jefe and J-Dubs

The Hideout's Home Page
Darryn YatesThe right music, the wrong talk. Now that's extremely hot

Darryn Yates's Home Page
Teacha Talk
with Teacha Tigue
The Teacha is in the house - have a seat and pay attention

Teacha Talk's Home Page
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