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Armstrong & GettyJack Armstrong and Joe Getty's show encompasses listener calls and witty, social commentary spiced with humor. Armstrong and Getty describe their humor as "the day to day wonder and silliness of life, love, kids, pets, work, play, and the parade of goofy behavior that is the news headlines".

Armstrong & Getty's Home Page
Pure Opelka
with Miie Opelka
Mike Opelka is a 20 year veteran of New York City radio and television. Mike has produced for Fox and FX television networks. He is the editor of FireWire, TheBlaze daily newsletter.

Pure Opelka's Home Page
Larry ElderThe sage of South LA takes a second shot at national syndication, bringing the unique perspective of a black libertarian to the masses.

Larry Elder's Home Page
Bill MeyerBill is a Classical Liberal (which in today's terms is similar to libertarian)... he's a unique voice on the air in Oregon.

Bill Meyer's Home Page
Red Meat RadioThe Utah Taxpayer Association discusses issues of freedom and taxation

Red Meat Radio's Home Page
Dr K
with Kevin Wallis
Combine comedy, yelling and libertarian politician, and you have something special

Dr K's Home Page
Live Free Austin
Live Free Austin's Home Page
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