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On Call
with Dr Asa Andrew
Dr. Asa Andrew explains to listeners how to �lifestyle� their way back to optimum health. Dr. Asa uses his whole body analysis method (Mental, Chemical and Structural) to build a lifestyle plan to combat the root causes of the problem.

On Call's Home Page
The Health ShowThe Health Show is a nationally syndicated public radio program produced by the National Productions unit at Northeast Public Radio. The program covers all aspects of modern health: prevention, treatment, research, administration and more. Each week The Health Show breaks the issues down so you can be a better informed patient or care-provider.

The Health Show's Home Page
Truth About Nutrition
with Rod Burreson
Get the "Truth" About Nutrition here and all your ROEX nutrition products.

Truth About Nutrition's Home Page
Daniel Chapter One
Daniel Chapter One's Home Page
Growing Up
with Dr. Brodlie
Dr. Brodlie discusses a wide range of issues that our children face every day.
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise's Home Page
with Dr Bob Martin
The Dr. Bob Martin Show is the only one like it in Arizona, focusing on health care topics that can be addressed naturally such as allergies, fatigue, headaches, immune system problems, female problems, neck and back pain and so much more.

Healthline's Home Page
with Dr. Bob Marshall, PhD
Just wait until the government takes over if you really want health lines.

Healthline's Home Page
Dead Doctors Don't Lie
with Dr. Joel Wallach
Dr. Joel Wallach, B.S., D.V.M., N.D., is the author of numerous scientific articles, several books, and the audio cassette, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie." He is regularly featured on radio and television, and gives lectures across the country.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie's Home Page
Your Health First
with Dr. Joseph S. Galati

Your Health First's Home Page
HealthQuest Radio
with Dr. Pletcher & Dr. Kolbaba

HealthQuest Radio's Home Page
Health Talk RadioListen to people talking about your health 24/7
Dr. HotzeThe Hotze Health & Wellness Center began as a quest in 1987. Steven F. Hotze, M.D., who trained at the University of Texas Medical School. In 1989, Dr. Hotze founded the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in order to offer a revolutionary approach to optimal health centered around listening to the patient and providing natural therapies such as natural, bioidentical hormones, allergy immunotherapy, nutritional supplementation and a balanced, healthy eating program.

Dr. Hotze's Home Page
Len & Joe
with Len Brancewicz and Joe DiMatteo
Len & Joe are Christian practitioners who have chosen to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine, into what is called a complementary approach to health.

Len & Joe's Home Page
Health Radio Network
Joanie GreggainsJoanie's goal is to make the masses fit and healthy, in mind and in body. Joanie covers the latest fitness trends - everything from the hot new equipment and classes to workout wear.

Joanie Greggains's Home Page
Health & Fitness
with Monica Adams
Leading Edge Medicine
with Dr. Jerry Mixon

Leading Edge Medicine's Home Page
Here's to Your HealthUNC Family Health discusses your health concerns
Dr. Ken Cooper"Healthy Living from the Cooper Aerobics Center" is a show designed for listeners of any age who want to gain research-based, practical information that can improve the way they look and feel. The two-hour call-in program focuses on timely topics in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Dr. Ken Cooper's Home Page
The Bald Truth
Wilner WindowJoin Don Goldberg and Arnie Gitomer for a discussion of vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies. Don and Arnie are both registered Pharmacists, with many years of experience in manufacturing, product development and quality control in the nutritional supplement industry.

Wilner Window's Home Page
Health Line
with Dr. Alan Pressman
Healthy Nature
with Sharon Wiedeman
So you don't think diabetes can be cured with accupuncture? Find out the "truth" about your health that the doctors don't want you to know.
Your Prescription for Health
Eric Novack, MDDr Novack speaks on healthcare policy issues

Eric Novack, MD's Home Page
Hagen's Health & Fitness
Cary NoslerAuthor and fitness advocate Cary Nosler is a native Sacramentan who first took an interest in health in junior high when his grandmother gave him a nutrition book. Since then he's written two books of his own on leading a healthier life through good diet and exercise. He frequently speaks to groups on the benefits of eating well and taking care of our body.

Cary Nosler's Home Page
Organic Matters
with Bruce Deuley
Beyond Health
Rescue Healthline
Zorba Paster On your Health
Total Health Concepts
with Dr. Tom Roselle
Healthy Wealthy & Wise
Healthy Wealthy & Wise's Home Page
Sound Health
with Cheri Lawson
Sound Health is our weekly one-hour discussion of health, wellness and fitness as well as the latest in medical treatment. Join Cheri Lawson and guests each Wednesday morning for a live and interactive broadcast.

Sound Health's Home Page
Humana Health Show
Hasalone Health
Environment Today
with Barry Fisher
Sunday Morning Health Hour
Dr Tom Roselle
Dr Tom Roselle's Home Page
Patient PowerAndrew Schorr is an outspoken advocate for patients taking an active role in their care. Andrew has a degree in journalism and political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University

Patient Power's Home Page
The Bella Vita Show
with Dr. Patricia Pitts
Got an eating disorder?

The Bella Vita Show's Home Page
Healthy Talk RadioHealthy Talk Radio features Julian Whitaker, MD cutting through the spin to bring you news, information, and recommendations that can truly make a difference in your life.

Healthy Talk Radio's Home Page
Bodez by TassoIt's fitness Friday!
Living Beyond Disease
with Michele Longo O'Donnell
Michele Longo O'Donnell combines faith, spiritual understanding, and emotional healing to help conquer disease and illness.
Natural Horizons
with Mark Rothstein
To Your Health
with Sheri Putnam
She's funny, she's insightful, she's your healthcare consumer advocate

To Your Health's Home Page
For the Health of It
For the Health of It's Home Page
Food For Thought
with Jolie Root
Jolie Root is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Licensed Nutrition Counselor. She is a passionate advocate of integrative medicine.

Food For Thought's Home Page
Insure Your Health
Real Recovery Radio
The Dr Paula Show
BackYard BayIt's all about pools

BackYard Bay's Home Page
The Kathleen Show
with Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau
Kathleen graduated with a Political Science degree from the University of Wisconsin. After college, Kathleen spent a decade working for the pharmaceutical industry as a drug sales representative. During this time, she documented both amusing and frightening incidents about the marketing tactics of Big Pharma. In an effort to raise public awareness, Kathleen wrote a screenplay based on these experiences and left her career in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Kathleen Show's Home Page
RochelleAs a talk show host and radio broadcaster/personality Rochelle interviews many of the top doctors and health practioners worldwide on subjects revolving around health & wellness both allopathic and holistic. Rochelle tours manufacturing facilities both nationally and internationally in the natural supplementation industry as executive management and supplement buyer for her chain of health stores.

Rochelle's Home Page
Health Beat of America
Let's Talk Health
with Scan America
Breakthrough Addiction Recovery
Your Life Progress Guide
with Mariette Kammerer
Integral Yoga w/ Manu Dawson
Autism Talks
Dr Mitchell PerryJoin the Dr Perry plan
Life Guard For Life
Life Guard For Life's Home Page
Bill Walls Health
Natural Healing Radio Hour
FairHoPe Hospice
with Denise Bauer
Health ActionWe need to punish big business and create more government agencies! (this is Pacifica Radio, after all)
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Holistic Health & Wellness
with Dr. George King

Holistic Health & Wellness's Home Page
Herb Talk Live
Shape Fitness
with Elaine Ruggieri & Tony Halajian
Get into shape!

Shape Fitness's Home Page
Questioning Medicine
The New You
Living Pain Free
with Marc Darrow, MD
Straight Talk on Chiropractic
with Sal Martingano
Life Gate
with Dr Jonah Yakel
Today's Total Woman
with J.D. Moore
Healing, Thoughts & Energy
with Tony Tavares
Res-Q Healthline (WTKG)
with Phil Tower & Dr. Frederic J. Vagnini

Res-Q Healthline (WTKG)'s Home Page
Your Health Matters
with Paula Sprouse
Capitol Chiropractic
Bush Medicine
with Sunyatta Amen
Feeling Good
with Dr. Art Mollen
Health Wellness
Piece of Mind
with Brenda Harper
Dr Meg JordanMedical anthropologist Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, has also been an award-winning health journalist for over 25 years. She doesn’t fall for the hype or spin of manufactured news, nor does she present rehashed health tips. Her show is a lively, often edgy, packed hour that champions your right to health freedom, and the use of integrative medicine for whatever ails you.

Dr Meg Jordan's Home Page
To Your Health
with Dr. Inkol
MultiCare Healthy Connections
MultiCare Healthy Connections's Home Page
Vibrant Living
with Glenn Brooks
Good Day Health
with Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken
Dr. Ken Kronhaus is a trained medical scientist and researcher, and is regarded as one of the preeminent cardiologists in the country

Good Day Health's Home Page
It's about Health
It's about Health's Home Page
Coach Judy
The Fit Revolution
with Mary Beth Knight
Peter Gillham
Health InsightDetoxify!

Health Insight's Home Page
Health Programming
A Healthier WorldBrought to you by Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company

A Healthier World's Home Page
Salud en Cuerpo y AlmaHealth in Body and Soul
Holly Hill Health Hour
with Jim Wilk
Zorba Pastor On Your Health
Zorba Pastor On Your Health's Home Page
Health in a Heartbeat
Health in a Heartbeat's Home Page
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