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Super Saver HotlineSelling car washes and other great things!
Radio Shopping
WTIC Tag SaleThe rest of the country calls them "Yard Sales"
Dial A TradeYour phone still has a dial doesn't it?
Instant Ads
Real Deal Show
Your Radio Store
Dave BearMake extra money selling your stuff on Mike Bear's swap shop
The Old Country StoreThe Flea Market on the Air
Mary Anne's General Store
What ya got?
with Kevin Roberts
KFIR Country Store
Sunday Morning Tag Sale
WELE Cash & Credit"The Cash & Credit Show" is where you continue to get bargains at a deep discount and where your WELE "Credit Dollars" can be used
Halls' Best Buys
WSBS Trading Post
WSBS Trading Post's Home Page
WSIC Home Ad Show
with Pat Shannon
Combine forgetting to turn on the delay, and a caller with their radio on and you get.... feedback!
Dial a DealI'm interested in buying a telephone that still has a dial.
WCBC Radio Auction
with Andee Thompson
Trading Post
with Brian Bruce
Second Cup
Bargain Barn
with Scotty
KADI Radio Shopper
Mocksville Home Ad Show
Florida Auction Radio Show
Open Line with John ParksBuy, Sell, Trade all types of items.
End of the Road Trading PostTake your junk to the end of the road and make it into someone else's treasure
Radio Bay
WCBC Radio Auction
WRHL Trading Post
Hartford WI Trading Post
Rochelle Trading Post
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