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Moon GriffonThe Self Proclaimed Voice Of Louisiana. Moon's Program Mixes Louisiana Politics With Down Home Logic and Charm.

Moon Griffon's Home Page
Walton & Johnson
with Steve Johnson
The W&J Radio Show is a unique mix of "stream of consciousness," opinionated and compelling talk, celebrity guest, musical elements, fictional characters and famous impersonations, great skit writing and production coupled with powerful interaction that radio audiences seem to appreciate.

Walton & Johnson's Home Page
Hoppy KerchevalThe radio "dean" of West Virginia broadcasters, Hoppy Kercheval joined West Virginia Radio Corporation in 1976. Through the years Hoppy's assignments have spanned the gamut to include news, sports, and talk.

Hoppy Kercheval's Home Page
Frontlines of Freedom
with Lt. Col. Denny Gillem (ret.)
From boot camp to taps... and everything in between, we talk about it. Military experience is not required to participate in this weekly discussion of topical news and matters relating to our past and present Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties. Every one of us is touched in some way by the efforts of these brave men and women who are serving to support and defend the Constitution, so help them God. We hope you will accept this mission, and join the discussion on Newsradio WOOD 1300.

Frontlines of Freedom's Home Page
John CarneyThe first half of the former Two Johns, No waiting

John Carney's Home Page
Phil CowanIf you don't know Phil, you don't know radio!

Phil Cowan's Home Page
Lynn Wooley
Lynn Wooley's Home Page
Vicki McKennaAn always combustible discussion of the issues of the day

Vicki McKenna's Home Page
Chad HastyIn his free time, Chad enjoys cigars, friends, and traveling. Besides blogging about politics and current events, Chad enjoys reviewing local restaurants and other businesses locally and wherever he may travel. In September of 2011, Chad married his best friend Jennifer. Chad will often brag about her on the air

Chad Hasty's Home Page
Garage Logic
with Joe Soucheray
Joe Soucheray's first act when launching his solo radio show was to establish his own town, Garage Logic, where, unlike any other town in Minnesota (and the USA?), Common Sense is the single guiding principle. It is located "down the road from Diversityville, but not as far as Liberal Lakes."

Garage Logic's Home Page
Dori MonsonDori doesn't adhere to a political stance, such as "conservative" or "democrat". He approaches each story by judging its issues on merit. Dori's show is the T-bone steak of talk-radio: its sizzling, its juicy and its always cooked just right. Check out some of the show's unique highlights.

Dori Monson's Home Page
Brian LehrerWhether the topic is New York City's education or housing policy, the changing face of welfare, or the expanding Chinese economy, Brian Lehrer puts a human face -- and maybe even your neighbor's voice -- on the issues shaping your life.

Brian Lehrer's Home Page
BloomdaddyDavid Blomquist aka (Bloomdaddy) had a 14 year run as a sports anchor/morning news anchor on WTOV-9, WTRF-TV 7 and WCHS in Charleston, WV. His radio career began at WOMP AM 1290 from 1997-2000. Then he created the “Bloomdaddy Experience” at “The Dawg” from 2004-2007 before coming to 1170 WWVA in May of 2008.

Bloomdaddy's Home Page
Ron & Don
with Ron Upshaw & Don O'Neill
The Ron & Don Show" got its start at KJR in Seattle and since then the show has been heard in San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Seattle, Grand Rapids, and New Orleans. Ron and Don have also worked on The Dallas Cowboys broadcast and the Oakland Raiders broadcast.

Ron & Don's Home Page
Vinnie PennWELI returns to live and local morning programming with Glenn Beck's former co-worker
Charlotte Talks
with Mike Collins
Charlotte Talks has become this region's exclusive forum for the discussion of politics, growth, the arts, culture, social issues, literature, human interest, the environment and more. If something is of interest to people in the Charlotte region, listeners and leaders know the topic is bound to be discussed on Charlotte Talks.

Charlotte Talks's Home Page
Todd & Oz
Todd & Oz's Home Page
Carl NelsonNelson was deeply involved in Wonder’s Bid to make Dr. Martin Luther Kings’ birthday a national holiday, he was also led in the station’s critically-acclaimed coverage of local, regional and national politics, breaking news and national events, including coverage of all the US political conventions.

Carl Nelson's Home Page
Jim Engster
Tom & Curley
with Tom Tangney & John Curley

Tom & Curley's Home Page
Bill HandelThis show features Bill's unique perspective on topical issues and pop culture. Highly informative, hilarious, edgy and entertaining are just a few of the words frequently used to describe the show. In addition to his success in talk radio, Bill is a renowned expert on the legal aspects of Reproductive Technology and has provided legal counsel for several hundred cases of third party reproduction.

Bill Handel's Home Page
Dale JacksonIf it is happening in Alabama, Dale is on top of it

Dale Jackson's Home Page
Mark BellingBelling's program is a fast-paced mix of his own opinions, insights on topical matters and listener reactions. While driven by daily news events, the program also focuses on "slice of life" issues that everyone can relate to.

Mark Belling's Home Page
Jan MickelsonJan Mickelson and his guests and callers join together every weekday morning for a compelling conversation about world and local events, politics, family, education, religion -- and sometimes even technology

Jan Mickelson's Home Page
Dom GiordanoBorn and raised in South Philly, Dom's local flavor makes him one of the region's best-connected media personalities. Dom began his unique path to broadcasting as a high school teacher in the Delaware Valley, where he received widespread media coverage for his innovative teaching and motivational techniques with his students.

Dom Giordano's Home Page
Jeff KatzBefore coming to Boston, Jeff Katz worked at WBT in Charlotte, NC. Jeff sat on the Board of Directors of Charlotte�s Republican Jewish Coalition, as well as Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation. He served on the Board of Visitors for Lifespan Services, which serves the needs of the disabled community in North Carolina. In addition he has served as the Vice-Chairman of the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities and as a court appointed special advocate for children in the superior court system. Now Jeff is doing a "local" Virginia show

Jeff Katz's Home Page
Scott Voorhees
Scott Voorhees's Home Page
First Look
with Scott Cox
Longtime Bakersfield icon, Scott Cox, will host a new kind of morning radio show, broadcasting from the new state of the art studio inside the newsroom of the Bakersfield Californian

First Look's Home Page
Bauerle & BellaviaTom Bauerle covers a lot of ground, with a strong focus on the War on Terror and National Security, important community issues and fun topics. Bauerle is known as a tough interviewer with eclectic interests and a rambunctious sense of humor.

Bauerle & Bellavia's Home Page
Tony Reno & Mike BellamyTony Reno takes over the "Family Safe" Breakfast Show, and promises to "Rock your World".

Tony Reno & Mike Bellamy's Home Page
Fred LeFebvreFred LeFebre is host of the Morning News on Newstalk 1370 WSPD where each day he brings his unique blend of wit and intelligence to the audience.

Fred LeFebvre's Home Page
Dave CongaltonDave Congalton is a former college instructor who offers up "Hometown Radio" weekday afternoons, mixing discussion of national and local topics and encouraging all points of view.

Dave Congalton's Home Page
Sound Off Connecticut
with Jim Vicevich
What is the sound of one nutmeg clapping?

Sound Off Connecticut's Home Page
Bobby Gunther WalshBobby Gunther Walsh has been on the morning show at WAEB AM-790 for 30 years waking up thousands of people in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and the surrounding communities. One of his passions is racing his modified stock cars during the Spring and Summer!

Bobby Gunther Walsh's Home Page
John CorbyThere are many reasons Columbus radio listeners have enjoyed "The Corby Perspective" for nearly 20 years. John tells it like it is. John Corby has a certain willingness to bend. Some call it open-mindedness, some call it flexibility, some call it lack of backbone. Whatever you call it...be sure to call John and try to bend him to your will.

John Corby's Home Page
Toucher & Rich
Joe PiscopoIt's a long journey from Saturday Night Live from 6 AM during the week.
Tom BeckaTom Becka refuses to be pigeon-holed. And keep your peanuts to yourself.

Tom Becka's Home Page
Dave GloverMulti-talented and exuberant Dave Glover, the RFT People's Choice for FM Radio Personality of the Year, hosts the ride home with Tom Terbrock and Katy Kruze. Join Dave for a lively mix of topical issues, original comedy, celebrity interviews and real "Slice of Life" discussions.

Dave Glover's Home Page
Nick ReedIt's morning in the other Springfield - D'oh!

Nick Reed's Home Page
Preston Scott
Hallerin Hilton HillThe Hallerin Hilton Hill Show begins at 5:30 am now! It`s THE FIRST CUP WITH TRIPLE H! You get 30 extra minutes of news, weather, and updated information going on in East TN and around the world.

Hallerin Hilton Hill's Home Page
What's on your mind?
with Scott Hennen & Todd Mitchell
Scott Hennen returns to The Flag to resume his discussion of the things North Dakota cares about

What's on your mind?'s Home Page
Ray AppletonRay's passion is history. He is an annual particpant in the largest civil war re-enactment staged on the west coast. He often takes his hobby to the sky as a world war two re-enactor in a B-25 Mitchell bomber.( His office is a small museum of WWII memorabilia!) Ray's also is a musician. He occasionally performs with the "Sons of the San Joaquin" and has recorded 5 albums with the group. (Warner Western Records and Western Jubliee Recording.)

Ray Appleton's Home Page
Brian ScottBrian Scott hosts a fun and informative mix of information about virtually everything going on in Casper and lots of activities around the state as well

Brian Scott's Home Page
with Kevin Elkins
Make the dicision to get the message

Decisions's Home Page
Paul VandenburghPaul Vandenburgh, known for his sometimes controversial and strong views, keeps people tuned in and actively listening every morning. Controversy isn’t all that Vandenburgh brings to his show. Every half hour listeners are informed of the latest news. Paul encourages people to call in with their opinions and concerns to keep the dialogue going

Paul Vandenburgh's Home Page
Pat Campbell
Pat Campbell's Home Page
John WilliamsChicago's own WGN host John Williams now spends part of each day talking with the Twin Cities
InfomaniacsOur all time favorite morning show guys. Scott, Tom, and Chace make us thankful they don't need much sleep, and they're thankful the media we run is radio. How could you not enjoy three hours of free form radio that still catches the news at the top of the hour.

Infomaniacs's Home Page
Joyce KaufmanJoyce Kaufman is South Florida’s leading independent voice. If you’re looking for a partisan cheerleader, call the Miami Heat Dancers.
Mitch AlbomAn award-winning journalist and radio host, Albom wrote the screenplay for "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," and is an established playwright, having authored numerous pieces for the theater, including the off-Broadway version of “Tuesdays With Morrie”

Mitch Albom's Home Page
Dan YorkeDan Yorke has the longest running radio show in Rhode Island, and boy are his legs tired!

Dan Yorke's Home Page
Happy Hour
with Greg Budell
Central Alabam sure loves to talk - pull up a chair and have a cold one

Happy Hour's Home Page
Don WilliamsDon is a veteran radio broadcaster. He is a long time "ratings leader" in morning drive talk radio. The Don Williams show is informative and exciting to listen to and if there is a discussion in South Jersey, you'll hear about it on Don's show! If you take Don's side...good, if not...well that's fine too.

Don Williams's Home Page
Dave NormanIt's Dave Norman, and he's talking about what Johnstown talks about.

Dave Norman's Home Page
Jack RiccardiJack Riccardi defies easy labels and takes positions independent of political parties or ideologies - so you'll hear Jack's unalloyed support for the war in Iraq next to unwavering support for gay marriage rights, or hear debates about toll roads segue into talking about your favorite ?80s bands.

Jack Riccardi's Home Page
Lucy Ann LanceLucy Ann loves Ann Arbor. She grew-up here and was graduated from Huron H.S. and the University of Michigan. She has a strong news background and began her broadcast career here at WAAM in 1984 as Assistant News Director under Ted Heusel. She hosts a public affairs program called "Michigan Forum" on PAX TV throughout the state. In addition, Lucy Ann is the Program Manager for the City of Ann Arbor's local cable channels.

Lucy Ann Lance's Home Page
Mike SlaterMike Slater, B.A. at the School of Hard Knocks, PhD in Taking Names, and JD in talking into a microphone. No seriously.

Mike Slater's Home Page
Doug WrightDoug Wright is Live and Local. What more could you need to know?

Doug Wright's Home Page
Bob Bruce Radio ExperienceWhether it's the Hawkeyes, politics, entertainment or how my kids and dog are driving me crazy (and me them), or what my wife has had to put up with today, you'll hear it everyday on the Blowtorch!

Bob Bruce Radio Experience's Home Page
Scott SloanScott's made a big impression at the Big One. As a matter of fact,some people even want his children to go hungry. Just ask John Kieswetter.

Scott Sloan's Home Page
Al Caldwell50 years on the radio and still going strong

Al Caldwell's Home Page
Amy OliverAmy is Northern Colorado's ONLY female talk host, and brings a great knowledge of the area, its politics and attitude to the microphone each morning from 9-11.

Amy Oliver's Home Page
John Phillips
John Phillips's Home Page
Simon ConwaySimon is a radio talk show host whose conservative outlook was forged his my native UK, where he experienced the considerable downsides of European-style socialism.

Simon Conway's Home Page
Monsters's Home Page
Matt PatrickTalking about issues of local interest in Akron and the surrounding areas
Charlie Brennan & DebbieSince 1990, Charlie has hosted the Morning Meeting on KMOX featuring a variety of in-depth interviews, nationally known celebrities and listeners discussing the top issues of the day.

Charlie Brennan & Debbie's Home Page
Bob JonesAs a child Bob discovered, albeit more than a couple of spankings and a few mouthfuls of soap too late, that the truth is easier to remember than a lie.

Bob Jones's Home Page
Steve CochranIf radio is the theater of the mind, Steve Cochran is the Steven Spielberg of talk radio hosts.

Steve Cochran's Home Page
Kevin WallKevin Wall believes talk radio is about opinions---his and those of his listeners. You won’t have to wait long to hear what Wall thinks about a given subject---whether it be proposed higher taxes or the Democrat agenda to control more of your life. On “Live and Local with Kevin Wall”, Kevin’s opinion won't be the only one you'll hear. Newsmaker interviews and listener calls are a major part of the show.
Too Much Truth
with Derrick Boazman

Too Much Truth's Home Page
KC O'DeaStay connected!

KC O'Dea's Home Page
Kentuckiana's Morning News
with Tony Cruise
All the news, traffic and weather fit to print.
KFGO Afternoons Live
with Derek Hanson
No dead hosts here!
Casey HendricksonNow with Heather Kydd, too!
Dan RiversDan Rivers is deeply interested in the rebuilding of Youngstown and uses his talk show daily to encourage citizens to keep the faith, that the once proud Steel Town will rise again.

Dan Rivers's Home Page
Terry MeinersProof that anyone can suceed in this world. I mean "succeed."

Terry Meiners's Home Page
Bob RoseBob Rose is a different kind of a talk show host ... passionate and opinionated yet, always allows other view points on the air. Bob is married with three children so his show reflects those family values and related topics such as, schools, crime, taxes, the size of government and personal responsibility.

Bob Rose's Home Page
Richard RandallRichard Randall is a veteran broadcaster, lawyer and documentary producer for PBS.

Richard Randall's Home Page
Nate ShelmanNate was raised in Cleveland. His mom is a former Catholic nun of German and French descent and his dad of Russian and Irish descent is Jewish.

Nate Shelman's Home Page
Ron VerbIt's Ron Verb, the man who needs no introduction.

Ron Verb's Home Page
Paul GalloWith a unique Mississippi perspective, Paul brings the front pages alive with the hottest issues and top guest. Insuring that you will be informed on what is going on in Mississippi.

Paul Gallo's Home Page
Dennis & JudiIt's an ounce of conservative mixed with a pound of insanity. Sometimes they're nuts, sometimes they're not...but most times they're nuts. Diner Tours, Favorite Songs and lots more!

Dennis & Judi's Home Page
Sean RimaDenver's loss is Austin's gain
Riley & Scot
Shannon Burke"Conservative" Shannon Burke finds a new home in Orlando Atlanta, fresh from his vacation in government custody for violating his DUI probation by accidentially shooting his dog and wife.

Shannon Burke's Home Page
WOR Morning ShowNew York has a new pair of morning hosts to push around.
Jay ThomasWhat's the Jay Thomas Show about? Good question!
Brian ThomasBrian returned to Cincinnati in 1998 to take an in-house counsel position with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Brian joined the 55KRC Morning Show in January 2007.

Brian Thomas's Home Page
The Morning PressChattanooga's most unique morning radio show. It's local, it's topical, it's funny, it's packed with nuggets of information you won't hear anywhere else. Jeff, Jim, and Kevin's observations on life in 2005 are always cutting edge and a must for plugged in Chattanoogans.

The Morning Press's Home Page
New Hampshire Today
New Hampshire Today's Home Page
Kojo NnamdiNnamdi, a native of Guyana, lends a global perspective to front page headlines and explores emerging stories before they are news. "Maybe the best interviewer in town," according to The Washington Post, Kojo's inviting on-air style encourages guests and callers to discover new points of view, embrace controversy and spark new ideas.

Kojo Nnamdi's Home Page
Rod Arquette
Rod Arquette's Home Page
Charlie Parker
Pete Kaliner
WPTF morning show
Cliff Kelley
Cliff Kelley's Home Page
WCRN Morning News
with Hank Stolz
Dan ConryDan is well known for conducting a fast paced, caller inclusive show, making his “laughter is the best medicine” philosophy a priority for every show. He proved this the night before he had major brain surgery. Dan conducted a “name the tumor” contest on his show.

Dan Conry's Home Page
Ralph BaileyThis is the place to find out what's REALLY going on in Kern County

Ralph Bailey's Home Page
Jim PolitoHe's baaack!

Jim Polito's Home Page
Gary & Shannon
with Gary Hoffman & Shannon Farren

Gary & Shannon's Home Page
Phil Williams
Phil Williams's Home Page
Happenings Q & A
with Frank Carmichael
Charlie O'TooleCharlie O’Toole was born and raised in southeast South Dakota. He started his radio career at KVDB-AM in Sioux Center, Iowa, in 1971, and proudly boasts he has worked the Big Three Sioux’s, Sioux Falls, South Dakota at KISD-AM, Sioux City, Iowa at KMNS-AM, and Sioux Center, Iowa.

Charlie O'Toole's Home Page
Trent Rice
Dan MasonNews and views that matter to you!

Dan Mason's Home Page
Wake up with WURDGet the WURD from the voices of the Philadelphia Community. Give the Universal Head Nod to the brothers

Wake up with WURD's Home Page
In Your Face
with Drew Garabo
Drew promises a fast-paced journey through breaking news, trending topics and pop culture weaving in listener opinions with phone calls and in-studio guest

In Your Face's Home Page
Robbins & MarkleyA radio legend and a bleeding heart

Robbins & Markley's Home Page
Pat Walsh
Pat Walsh's Home Page
Christopher Gabriel
Christopher Gabriel's Home Page
Bob GolicBob attended Notre Dame where he was an All American linebacker when Notre Dame won the National Championship.

Bob Golic's Home Page
Todd HermanThe Todd Herman show makes listeners the following promises: to tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable, to honor your intelligence and crave your involvement in the show and to use the platform of local radio to help us take our country back from

Todd Herman's Home Page
John McDonaldJohn is a native Mainer and a multi-faceted entertainer. John is also a Maine humorist and president of the Maine Storytellers Association. He has written several books of Maine humor and writes a syndicated weekly newspaper column found in many papers around the state.

John McDonald's Home Page
Ken MatthewsKen Matthews has a passion for pop culture, people and politics..and other things that begin with the letter P......like pencils, parenting, propane, pianos and pie. For more than 30 years he's shared these passions on the radio. He has extensive on-air experience, previously serving as a Morning Show Host for B104 WAEB-FM in Allentown, Pa. from the early 90's through 2006.

Ken Matthews's Home Page
Jordan LevyIf it is happening in Mass or Boston, Jordan is talking about it

Jordan Levy's Home Page
DeMaio Report
with Carl DeMaio
DeMaio Report. Investigative journalism and inside knowledge with an eye on solutions. The show focuses on the issues that matter most to you

DeMaio Report's Home Page
John SteigerwaldJohn Steigerwald has been a sports figure on KDKA-TV since 1985. He has written regular columns in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He also writes a weekly column for four local newspapers...Beaver County Times, Washington Observer-Reporter, Valley News Dispatch and Indiana Gazette.

John Steigerwald's Home Page
Ross KaminskyFor Ross, it’s all about great ideas, freedom, and fun…and not about labels, about “us versus them,” or about assuming that a disagreement means someone has bad intentions. What can we do together to make Denver – along with the rest of the state, country and planet – a better place for us and our children?

Ross Kaminsky's Home Page
Flight 1080Pilot Dave Michaels, Co-Pilot Rich Lieberman
Bob BurnsSpend your New Jersey afternoon with Bob

Bob Burns's Home Page
Mark ArumFairfield County's talk radio goes local!

Mark Arum's Home Page
Craig SilvermanWhat matters: Freedom of speech. Separation of church and state. Separation of state and church. Freedom of Religion. Privacy rights. Checks and balances. Rule of law. Separation of powers. Defeating terrorists and their radical ideologies. Live and let live. Don’t hurt people.

Craig Silverman's Home Page
Joe GallagherIt's time for the Weekend Boy!

Joe Gallagher's Home Page
Bill Mack LiveBill Mick brings topical conversation to the Central Valley with Bill Mick LIVE. Bill takes on issues that impact the Central Valley, California and the country with insightful commentary and analysis along with the perspectives of Central Valley listeners being an integral part of the show.
Broeske & MussonJohn & Christina talk about what Fresno wants to talk about

Broeske & Musson's Home Page
Good Morning Sumter
with Derek Burress

Good Morning Sumter's Home Page
Kimmer Show
with Kim Peterson
Kimmer is a Vietnam combat veteran and served in the United States Marine Corps from 1966-1969 with an honorable discharge and rank as Sergeant. He supports Wounded Warriors and the USMC’s Toys for Tots program.

Kimmer Show's Home Page
Kim WadeKim is one black man not afraid to tell you the truth

Kim Wade's Home Page
Jarrod ThomasNobody sees the humor in North Dakota quite like Jarrod

Jarrod Thomas's Home Page
Michael Castner
Michael Castner's Home Page
Tony KatzTony is a contributor to TownHall.com, and has provided political and election coverage and insight to FOX News, MSNBC, CNBC and radio stations around the country.

Tony Katz's Home Page
Rob ShillingRob has the best hair in radio!

Rob Shilling's Home Page
Drive Time Lincoln
Chip Franklin In addition to over 20 years as a radio host, Chip is also a comedian, musician, and filmmaker. Chip regularly appears at comedy clubs across the US

Chip Franklin's Home Page
Need to Know Morning Show
Tara Granahan
Tara Granahan's Home Page
Real Talk Real People
with Art “Chat Daddy” Sims
Chicago’s Very Own Art Sims affectionately know as “Chat Daddy” is the host of Real Talk, Real People with Chat Daddy, a weekly magazine show on WVON 1690AM that offers its listeners local and national lifestyle stories, relationship advice, celebrity interviews and more. With more than 20 years of media experience in radio, television and print Sims is a familiar and welcomed voice in many diverse communities in Chicago and around the world.

Real Talk Real People's Home Page
John Gomez
The Drive
with Steve Jaxon
J.T. WilliamsonCaller driven with topics that matter to Mississippians from politics to personal stories.

J.T. Williamson's Home Page
Patrick Reusse"Somewhere between wacky and public radio"

Patrick Reusse's Home Page
Live with Renk
Mandy Connell (KOA)Mandy moves to the other side of Denver to replace the retiring Mike Rosen
Second Cup
with Karen Rhodes

Second Cup's Home Page
Tom EricksonTom has spent 30 years of his career reporting Akron and Northeast Ohio news and now has found his home doing Talk Radio

Tom Erickson's Home Page
Trending KC
with Zak Burns & Jayme Monacelli
Hosts Zak Burns and Jayme Monacelli take the reins of not necessarily the day’s top stories, but rather the day’s BEST stories. Trend K.C will pique the listener’s curiosity as much as the host’s. Trend K.C., news at the speed of Wi-Fi.

Trending KC's Home Page
Butt Naked Truth
with Harold Davis Jr
Harold Davis Jr., the community activist and entrepreneur continues to be an instrumental leader and warrior by addressing community and controversial issues. This shining star was born in the heart of the Chicago’s Westside in “K town” and his family moved to Altgeld Gardens shortly after his third birthday. Many childhood experiences set the stage for Harold to cultivate his unique leadership skills. Included in these experiences was his seasonal career selling Ebony magazine, shining shoes at a neighbors barber shop earning the name of “Underdog”, helping his mom till the weeds in the yard every spring, mastering the trumpet at age 8 and playing at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 8th grade.

Butt Naked Truth's Home Page
Wake up Call
with Aron Bender

Wake up Call's Home Page
Leland Whaley
ScootScoot is a radio legend throughout New Orleans and South Louisiana. He has been described as an icon because of his years on radio and the impression he has had on many generations, from the Baby Boomers to today’s young generation. Scoot is honored by the labels of “legend” and “icon,” but would never describe himself that way. He is as humble as he is popular.

Scoot's Home Page
Terry Boyd's World
Morning Meeting
with Hillary Chaboy & Jaclyn Cashman
Pair the Boston Herald nespaper's political correspondent with a former local TV News anchor and you know it will be great radio!

Morning Meeting's Home Page
Marc CoxMarc Cox is a veteran of Television. He has represented the 4th Ward on the Wildwood City Council since 2014.

Marc Cox's Home Page
Matt Clark
Matt Clark's Home Page
Cardle & Woolley
Tom AndersonTom Anderson is a lifelong Alaskan and managing partner at Optima Public Relations. Beyond hosting talk radio in the Anchorage/Mat-Su markets since 2011, he is a former state legislator in Alaska and served on the Anchorage School Board, Zoning Board of Examiners & Appeals, Light & Power Commission, and Parking Authority. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and M.P.A. in Public Management from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and Juris Doctorate from Hamline University School of Law in Minnesota.

Tom Anderson's Home Page
Bob SirottA lifelong Chicagoan, Bob Sirott started as a morning radio show personality in 1971. His acclaimed broadcasting career has spanned nearly five decades and has included stints at WMAQ, WBBM-FM, WLS, WGN and various television stations. In 2015, Sirott was recognized for his achievements in the media industry and inducted into the Silver Circle by the Chicago/Midwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Bob Sirott's Home Page
Dave PlierDave knows Chicagoland like nobody else!

Dave Plier's Home Page
Greg Kelly Greg is a television personality, journalist and military veteran who brings unique insight to the day’s news. In 2020, he began a primetime nightly news and opinion show on Newsmax, Greg Kelly Reports. Prior to that, Kelly was the co-host of Good Day New York on Fox 5 for almost a decade, reporting the news and interviewing notable figures from the world of politics, law enforcement, education and entertainment.

Greg Kelly's Home Page
Kayal & Company
with Nick Kayal
A fun and entertaining conservative spin on Politics, News, and Sports hosted by Nick Kayal, Greg Stocker, and Dawn Stensland - LIVE 5 days a week 6-10 AM EST on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT

Kayal & Company's Home Page
WRTA mornings
with Referee Rich Deleo & Dave Shannon
Dave ElliottDave is past Vice President of the Naples Players, a former vice president of the Naples Press Club and past president of Kiwanis Club of East Naples. He has lent his voice to many public service campaigns in the area. David has lived in Naples since 1994. His wife, Eileen, is owner of Alpha Title Services of Florida. They are proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Maggie, born in 2006.

Dave Elliott's Home Page
Morning Drive
with Bill Osborne
Live and local, host Bill Osborne takes calls, interviews guests and discusses the issues of the day.

Morning Drive's Home Page
Wake Up NiagaraFeatured daily interviews with Niagara newsmakers on the "Niagara's Choice Voiceline" featuring John Maser, Eric Koch and Hank Nevins.

Wake Up Niagara's Home Page
‘JR Afternoon
with Chris Renwick
760 WJR‘s Chris Renwick brings you the headlines and headline makers that are shaping what’s next for Michigan and our world

‘JR Afternoon's Home Page
The Source
with Andrea Lawful Sanders
The Source, hosted by Andrea Lawful-Sanders, offers fresh perspectives on news, politics, finance, economic development, personal growth and healing.

The Source's Home Page
Barry Sable & FriendsYou already know everything you need to know about Barry

Barry Sable & Friends's Home Page
O'Connor & CompanyThe “O’Connor & Company” show, which marks a return to Mornings for O’Connor, will be a lively and topical mix of guests, listeners, contributors and O’Connor’s take on the day’s Breaking News

O'Connor & Company's Home Page
All Talk
with Tom Jordan & Kevin Dietz
Join veteran reporters Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz as they cover the headlines and happenings that Detroiters are talking about

All Talk's Home Page
KCMO Morning ShowKansas City starts its day with news, sports, traffic, weather and more
Roe & Roeper
with Roe Conn & Richard Roeper
A lifelong Chicagoan, Roe has become one of the city's top rated radio personalities. Roe is now joined by his long time friend Richard Roeper.

Roe & Roeper's Home Page
Big John & Amy
with John Howell
It's the new morning team in Chicago, bringing you the latest traffic reports on the area's freeways and much more!

Big John & Amy's Home Page
Peter BoylesPeter Boyles is a radio icon in the Rockies. If there is a hot issue in Colorado or the world, you will find Peter Boyles at the center of it.

Peter Boyles's Home Page
Todd Feinburg & Michele McPheeThe remaining half of the Tom and Todd show carries on

Todd Feinburg & Michele McPhee's Home Page
Joe CrummyWABC has landed a permanent host for the 10 am - noon slot (as much as anything is permanent in radio)
The Wells Report
with Jon-David Wells
"The Wells Report" moves his message of Conservative wisdom from the Cumulus KLIF to Salem's SKY

The Wells Report's Home Page
Jeff BoltonJeff offers a perspective on both local and national issues with a combination of independent thought, scathing humor and a tireless commitment to broadcasting “on the scene” where news and talk collide. Bolton has done talk radio broadcasts from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Japan, and national broadcasts from New York after 9-11 and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Jeff Bolton's Home Page
Inside Detroit
with Mildred Gaddis
Mildred Gaddis, a 27 year radio veteran, has been described by the Detrioit Free Press as one of ten (10) African Americans to watch in Detroit! Her sometimes no-nonsense, but warm and inspiring style has made her a force to be reckoned with and admired by politicians and residents throughMetro Detroit. Often, she doesn't have to track people down to be on her show, they call her!

Inside Detroit's Home Page
Sam MaloneFrom hosting "Jell-O Jumps" for the Leukemia Society, to exercise-bike riding for the Perriwinkle Foundation, Sam loves helping out in the city that has been extra generous to him and his family.
Jack WelchJack Welch starts your morning talking about current events, local news and newsmakers around the area - like getting your gator hunting permit. Jack's wit, humor, carefree personality and laugh help start your day on the bright side.

Jack Welch's Home Page
Chet WalkerPrepare for a new day in Rochester, New York
Chris Markowski (WWBA)The Watchdog on Wall Street also does a local show in Florida.
Kruser & Krew
Kruser & Krew's Home Page
Drive Time Happy HourThe Drive Time Happy Hour features the hottest topics of the day along with special features like: Mammals of Mass Destruction, The Softer Side of Mr. PC., The Tech Tip and Things That Are Just Not Right topped off with The Lightning Round for your chance to win great prizes.

Drive Time Happy Hour's Home Page
Jeff Ward & Ed ClementsDescribing Jeff Ward's show is like trying to descibe the unexpected. Jeff comes armed for bear each day with a healthy mix of topics from current events to entertainment to the top news stories of the day. Everyday's show is definitely a different story.

Jeff Ward & Ed Clements's Home Page
Peter TildenPeter Tilden returns his many talents to late night radio.

Peter Tilden's Home Page
WWBA Big Show
Lincoln WareWhether local or national issues, Lincoln�s loyal, devoted stable of listeners keep the phones busy with hot topics and opinions

Lincoln Ware's Home Page
Darla JayeThe Darla Jaye Show is filled with stinging social satire, political commentary, the local issues that matter to you, and everyday life. She'll make you laugh, she'll make you mad, but most of all, she'll make you think!

Darla Jaye's Home Page
Ronn OwensIn a format that explores everything from politics to popular culture, current events, personal issues and just plain gossip, this program is the ultimate electronic town meeting. Ronn began broadcasting in 1968 after graduating from Temple University. Ronn has hosted radio programs in Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland and Philadelphia before moving to the Bay Area where he joined KGO Radio in 1975.

Ronn Owens's Home Page
Mornings on the MallStart the morning watching the reflecting pool

Mornings on the Mall's Home Page
Les KinsolvingLes Kinsolving is the nation's un-labeled talk show host! Just when you think he's conservative, he's liberal. And just when you think he's liberal, he's in the center! From proud, vociferous patriot to opinionated social commentary to winsome, mischievous devil's advocate, LES keeps audiences on their listening toes!

Les Kinsolving's Home Page
Denny Radio
with Denny Schaefer
It's Denny's show - without the pancakes and morning coffee.

Denny Radio's Home Page
Dana & ParksScott Parks, the son of a career military officer, was born at Fort Benning, Georgia where he lived a whole 6 weeks before his father was given orders to move to Amarillo, Texas. During his formative 18 years of receiving non-stop parental welfare Scott lived in Georgia, Texas, Alaska, Germany, and Kansas.

Dana & Parks's Home Page
Cotto CiscoAfter spending some time over at WIND-AM, Cotto returns home to WLS and fills the seat vacated by Mancow. Stay tuned for the fun.
John Brown's Mindset
Michele McPheeMichele McPhee is acommentator Fox 25 TV, correspondent for ABC News, writer in the Boston Herald, an author and has covered the crime beat. She was the Police Bureau Chief for the NY Daily News and the Boston Herald.

Michele McPhee's Home Page
The Ride Home
with Dave Logan & Lois Melkonian
Dave Logan and Lois Melkonian make your drive home enjoyable after a long stressful day at work. The Ride Home entertains and informs on what's happening in the world.

The Ride Home's Home Page
Al RantelConservative by nature, yet surprisingly liberal in his thinking, Al believes in taking personal responsibility for one's actions and challenges his listeners to reason with logic, evidence and facts.

Al Rantel's Home Page
Clarence BuggsClarence R. Buggs is an Army brat and a Louisiana native. Clarence is a 24 year veteran of radio and television broadcasting and has an extensive news background. An avid outdoorsman, Clarence enjoys fishing the scenic waterways or our great state every chance he gets.

Clarence Buggs's Home Page
Idaho Up Close
with Mike Adams
Jerry AgarJerry Agar is a legal immigrant from Canada and he is often asked to participate in television debates on illegal immigration. His show is about the issues of the day, with a conservative/libertarian view of how America should work. Jerry has worked for ABC Radio in Kansas City, New York and WLS in Chicago, and now brings his talent and ideas to venerable WGN

Jerry Agar's Home Page
Jeff Allman in the MorningAllman is back!

Jeff Allman in the Morning's Home Page
McGraw MilhavenMcGraw Milhaven not only tells the story, but brings you along for the experience. His trademark laugh, and vast knowledge of both history and current events keeps the audience on edge of their seats, and has them talking long after his show has ended.

McGraw Milhaven's Home Page
Curtis Wright
Curtis Wright's Home Page
John RothmannJohn Rothmann has been involved in many political campaigns including Richard Nixon's in 1968. He has published a range of articles on American political history, the Middle East, and education. All of these experiences, combined with his San Francisco heritage as a fourth generation native, make John a warm and captivating host for Bay Area listeners.

John Rothmann's Home Page
David Boze
Vic Porcelli
Pratt on Texas
with Robert Pratt
Talk about what is going on here in Texas with someone who understands the issues.

Pratt on Texas's Home Page
Wakeup Call
with Ken Walsh
Hey you - WAKE UP!
Joel HeitkampThis program is where you come to talk about everything happening in Fargo, ND.
Jared MorrisJared brings a new and unique local voice to WGMD, sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent and sometimes irate - he tackles local and social issues with wit, good humor and irrepressible passion.

Jared Morris's Home Page
Jim VillanucciVillanucci is a native of Lorain, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati, where he obtained a degree in engineering. Soon after graduation, he became a stand-up comedian, and toured throughout the United States and Canada. He eventually landed in Los Angeles where he was a writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. That led to a career in talk radio.

Jim Villanucci's Home Page
Roy LaFountain
Sly in the MorningIn 1998, Sly joined WTDY, which was a conservative radio station with an older listening audience. The emails, letters, faxes and telephone calls poured in: "How could you have hired Satan?" But soon enough people realized Sly had evolved well beyond just a "shock-jock".

Sly in the Morning's Home Page
Sue Wylie
WOOD Midday Show
with Scott Winters
Scott talk about what Grand Rapids wants to talk about.

WOOD Midday Show's Home Page
Howie ChizekHowie Chizek is an Akron icon. His radio program has dominated its time period for over THIRTY YEARS! In a poll of Akron Beacon Journal readers, Howie Chizek was voted Akron’s #1 Radio Talk show host.

Howie Chizek's Home Page
Marty GriffinGriffin goes in-depth on the issues of the day, solves listener problems and brings scams to light.

Marty Griffin's Home Page
Captain Dale DyeDALE DYE served in Vietnam in the Marine Corps in 1965 and 1967-1970 - surviving 31 major combat operations. Appointed a Warrant Officer in 1976, he later converted his commission and was a Captain when he was sent to Beirut with the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in 1982-83. Captain Dye worked for a year at Soldier of Fortune Magazine when he finally decided to retire in 1984. He spent time in Central America, reporting and training troops in guerrilla warfare techniques in both El Salvador and Nicaragua before leaving the magazine in 1985 and heading for Hollywood.

Captain Dale Dye's Home Page
Jim and Margery
with Margery Eagan & Jim Braude
Margery Eagan, columnist for the Boston Herald, and former Cambridge City Councilor, Jim Braude, team up to discuss local news, politics, cultural issues and more.

Jim and Margery's Home Page
Sunday Papers
with Rick Kogan
Rick Kogan starts off your Sunday morning (and probably finishes off his Saturday night) with stories unique to Chicago and discussion on the news and oddities of the day. Rick Kogan is the son of legendary newspaperman and author Herman Kogan.
WLW Morning Show
with Jim Scott
Garry MeierGarry Meier joins the venerable WGN - the station he and Steve Dahl used to make fun of for having all those old people on the air. What a difference 20 years can make.

Garry Meier's Home Page
with Gary Eichten
You've finished your morning coffee, and now it is time to tackle the day's issues.

Midday's Home Page
Leon Warren
Tom FinneranFresh off his guilty plea for obstruction of justice in a probe of the redistricting process in Massachusetts, former Speaker of the House Tom Finneran decides to try his hand at morning radio and irritating Howie Carr.

Tom Finneran's Home Page
John HancockHancock has enjoyed travel all over the world, loves music, is a huge sports fan, and stays very active in the community with Kid's First of the Carolinas, Habitat for Humanity, and the Community Marrow Donor Program.

John Hancock's Home Page
Bob Miller (KPAM)Bob comes to KPAM after 23 years at KEX where he hosted the morning show. He is a family man with a wife and two grown kids. In his free time, Bob likes to golf, scuba dive, and play music.

Bob Miller (KPAM)'s Home Page
Brad & Britt in the AfternoonFresh from their wildly successful morning show in Burlington, B&B are ready to take on the Queen City

Brad & Britt in the Afternoon's Home Page
Mike PintekFew names mean Pittsburgh more than Mike Pintek - he remembers Bob Prince and Ed & Wendy King
Jim & Margery
Jim & Margery's Home Page
Rick Hamada
Mark Mason & Dave AndersonJoin the cult!

Mark Mason & Dave Anderson's Home Page
Bill MandersOver the years Bill has motivated thousands to achieve both business and personal goals and has taught them to never-ever give up on their hopes, desires and dreams.

Bill Manders's Home Page
KOA EveningsSpend your evening with KOA - Gunny Bob is on a secret mission Michael "Brownie" Brown fills the vacancy
Ross & BurbankAfter four years as a reporter at WSB in Atlanta, Dave Ross joined KIRO Radio in 1978 as a news anchor, and started hosting his own talk show in 1987 . Since then he has become known to Seattle listeners as head of the Eastlake Avenue Crusaders for Common Sense, and picks up a modest out-of-town audience as a daily commentator on the CBS Radio Network.

Ross & Burbank's Home Page
Penny for your Thoughts
with Jim Turpin
The Phil Show
with Phil Williams
Get your daily dose of talk from the biggest mouth on the Big Talker.

The Phil Show's Home Page
Barry YoungThe "Nearly Famous" Barry Young Show is the first place to jump on the hottest local and national issues of the day. Barry is President and CEO of WestStar TalkRadio Network, a radio broadcast network and program syndication company based in Phoenix. WestStar syndicates such programs as The Kim Komando Show [Kim is married to Barry], Goddard's Gold, and the smooth jazz program Quiet Music.

Barry Young's Home Page
FranceneFrancene has done voice work that led her to Charlotte, North Carolina, and to a career as a television news reporter. Francene then continued reporting at WBAL-TV in Baltimore and at a national news bureau in Washington, D.C., where she covered Congress and the White House.

Francene's Home Page
Keith LarsonKeith Larson uses his show to talk the issues that affect our lives today. On any given day, you can hear a number of local politicians and other Charlotte movers and shakers on his show. Besides his time as a radio personality, Keith also spent 12 years in advertising: 10 with McDonald's Corporation and 2 years as Senior Vice-President with one of McDonald's largest advertising agencies.

Keith Larson's Home Page
Matt and AunieMatt is living out his dream to talk on the radio - and getting paid, too!

Matt and Aunie's Home Page
Joe ElliottHey, it's Joe Elliott!
It's Your Turn
with Bill Way
Bill Way is the only remaining member of the original News-Talk 101.5 staff. Bill was with the station on its first day of broadcasting in September 1993. His "It's Your Turn" program has been a defining element in the 101.5 format and a key in the station's commercial success.

It's Your Turn's Home Page
On The Air
with Chuck Stricklin
Steve KaneSteve was introduced to talk while working as producer for the nationally syndicated JOE PYNE TELEVISION SHOW in the 60's, and later in 1973 as Associate Producer of the late night DICK CAVETT SHOW. Steve has been hosting radio since 1975, he came to south Florida in 1983 and has been on the air ever since.

Steve Kane's Home Page
Chicks on the Right
with Daisy & Mock
Because Conservatism needs a makeover

Chicks on the Right's Home Page
Ernie & Jay Mid Day
The BIG Show (Lansing, MI)
Rick Driver
Jim Fisher
Jim Fisher's Home Page
Russ Cassell
Steve LeVeilleSteve LeVeille has worked in radio for 25 years and has been with WBZ since 1991. The call-in program features discussions of current news events, politics and consumer issues with a mix of light topics.

Steve LeVeille's Home Page
The Weekend Edition
with Kenny Rahmeyer
The "Weekend Edition" gives KLBJ-AM listeners an opportunity to discuss their opinions about a variety of issues. Local stories, national/international news and entertainment/pop cultural topics are discussed. Newsmaker interviews are also featured. Kenny looks for the intellectual angle on topics and strives for indepth, balanced discussions with listeners and guests.

The Weekend Edition's Home Page
Frank O. PinionTake five^h^h^h^h four very different people, each with an attitude, plug them into a radio studio (suitably equipped with food and drink) and suddenly you've got Frank O. Pinion and The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon!

Frank O. Pinion's Home Page
Jim ReithHey, it's Jim!

Jim Reith's Home Page
Bill Colley
C4Clarence M. Mitchell, IV, known to WBAL listeners as "C4," brings a lifetime of political experiences and relationships to WBAL Radio. C4 is a part of a four-generation family legacy of politics and public service in Maryland. Like his opinions or not, C4 will make you think and always invite you to be a part of the discussion.

C4's Home Page
Curtis Sliwa
with Curtis Sliwa
the founder of the Guardian angels continues the trickonology and confabulation
Black on Black Crime
with Art McKoy
Art McKoy not only founded Black on Black Crime to help stop crime in the inner city but to help stop crime overall. He uses his group to help speak for the voiceless who can’t speak for themselves.
KAHI Afternoon Report
James T. Harris
No Better ManThere has been No Better Man, know what I mean?

No Better Man's Home Page
Will AndersonWill's travels to Europe and to Central America have helped shape his view of the world - combined with a quick wit, an uncanny grasp of the issues, and an entertaining on-air presence.

Will Anderson's Home Page
Mack Show, the
with Richard "Mack" Machowicz.
Richard "Mack" Machowicz, a former Navy SEAL, was the host of the Discovery Channel and Military Channel show Future Weapons. Now he wants a chance at radio.
Steve Dahl (WLS)Steve would love to talk to you about Disco Demolition. Give him a call!
KQED Forum
with Michael Krasny
Michael Krasny hosts KQED's live call-in program presenting wide-ranging discussions of local, state, national and international issues, as well as in-depth interviews.

KQED Forum's Home Page
Joel RileyJoel was born in Mt. Vernon and has lived in central Ohio all but one year of his life. He graduated from Otterbein College and has worked in radio ever since. 610 WTVN is the station he grew up listening to and longed to work for. Joel's now been at 610WTVN over ten years and is one of the founding members of the Big Bass Brothers. He also makes regular summertime appearances on the radio station as “Dr. Golf”… a role he truly enjoys, as golf is a life-long interest. He plays regularly and spectates whenever time permits, especially during The Memorial and the Wendy’s Championship.

Joel Riley's Home Page
TBAFrom 1990 to 1998 DePetro lived in New York City and worked for WABC Radio. John is listed on the Heavy One Hundred, a list of the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America.

TBA's Home Page
Larry Young
Glen Biegel
Eddie BurkeEddie talks Alaska
Andrew Clarksenior
Charles ButlerMr. Butler has been in the Republican Party for over 25 years. His show focuses on political, educational, economic issues that affect African Americans, looking at them from a Republican perspective.

Charles Butler's Home Page
Kevin CohenColumbia's #1 Talk Show. Local talk, issues and opinions.

Kevin Cohen's Home Page
Gary Sadlemyer
Gary Sadlemyer's Home Page
The Jersey Guys
with Casey Bartholomew and Ray Rossi
Casey Bartholomew and Ray Rossi: The best thing Jersey has to offer...next to the tomato. A couple of 'Good Fellas' in a Jersey state of mind. Gen-X meets the Baby Boomer. They call it like it is, no holds barred.

The Jersey Guys's Home Page
Abdul in the MorningAbdul is an attorney, adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech State College, columnist for the Indianapolis Business Journal and stand-up comedian. Abdul is also a contributor to the Howey Political Report and Indianabarrister.com.
Gary Hoffman
Gary Hoffman's Home Page
Steve & Leah in the Morning
Wayne ResnickWayne is an expert in the area of aerodynamic kinesiology and works as an advisor and design master for the prestigious Lumford Foundation, Amusement Devices L.L.C. and the International Perambulatory Agency. In his spare time, Wayne rescues abandoned cats. He also composes, records and performs power pop music.

Wayne Resnick's Home Page
Northwest Nights
with Frank Shiers
Frank Shiers has skewered liars, cheats, and weasels with his political cartoons since his college years at WSU. Listen weeknights to hear him do it without the pen and ink.

Northwest Nights's Home Page
Scott Allen MillerIt's Scotto! Need we say more?

Scott Allen Miller's Home Page
Pensacola Morning News
Rick & CraigRick and Craig are now Saturday night regulars on WLS 890! This Chicago duo offers a unique look at the day's events, bringing an approach that is satirical, smart and funny.

Rick & Craig's Home Page
Pulse, the
with Leland Conway
Brian CopelandIf you were to look up the definition of the word versatility in a dictionary of performers, chances are you'd find the name BRIAN COPELAND somewhere near the top. The multitalented comedian, writer, television host, talk radio host and commentator has basked in the glow of both public and critical acclaim for nearly a decade.

Brian Copeland's Home Page
Ask A Woman
with Enid Greene
Enid Greene is a former U.S. Representative from Utah, and a graduate of East High School in Salt Lake City. After attending both the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, she served as corporate counsel for Novell, and with the law firm of Ray, Quinney, and Nebeker. She was the deputy chief of staff to Utah Governor Norman Bangerter. Today Enid is active in the community and political scene and happy to be a mother.

Ask A Woman's Home Page
Open Line
with Ron Krauss
Telephone talk show with general topics, recipes & frequent guest interviews.
Larry O'ConnorThere is more to news talk than just news! Let's talk

Larry O'Connor's Home Page
Duke Brooks
Fred & Todd in the MorningWhere is Pam?
Tony Conley
Greg JarrettGreg comes to the Windy City to take it by storm.

Greg Jarrett's Home Page
Andy ParksThe Andy from "Grandy and Andy" makes the move from WMAL to WTNT. The Washington Times is participating in the production of the show
WORD Afternoon ShowRalph Bristol has a new job over in Nashville...
Shari EllikerShari has been working in radio, television and theater for over 15 years. Her television acting credits include: Homicide, America's Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries. Shari's voice can be heard on hundreds of commercials and narrations for local and national clients including Microsoft, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and Lifetime Television.

Shari Elliker's Home Page
Neal Larson
Neal Larson's Home Page
Eddie Fingers & Tracy Jones
Chuck in the Afternoon
with Chuck Hill
Chuck Hill owns and operates Chuck Hill Photography and is a member of the Professional Photographers of North Carolina and a member of Professional Photographers of America. Chuck is a former paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division.

Chuck in the Afternoon's Home Page
Vincent David Jericho
J.T. FoxxThe JT Foxx Show is an explosive, provocative and informative radio show that makes no apology for giving you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. Listeners across the country describe the show as a cross blends of Bill O'Reilly and John Stewart with influences a la Tony Robins.

J.T. Foxx's Home Page
Ben Ferguson (Texas)Ferguson has hosted talk radio programs since he was 13 years old. He is an author, public speaker, and is considered one of the leading young conservatives in America today Ben also hosts a weekday evening show on WREC KWAM-AM WBAP-AM from MemphisDallas/Fort Worth and his network program is self-syndicated by ICON radio.

Ben Ferguson (Texas)'s Home Page
Chris Core ShowNo need for a online bio when you're talking about the one and only Chris Core!

Chris Core Show's Home Page
All Things New York
with Rennie Bishop
There is no other place like New York, know what I mean? Rennie Bishop is the Program Director of WWRL.
Charles Payne
Phil The News JunkiePhil was hired at 710 KIRO as producer of the Dori Monson Show. After 7 years working behind the scenes at Seattle's most powerful radio station, Phil is bringing his sarcastic wit and demanding standards to listeners around Puget Sound.

Phil The News Junkie's Home Page
Austin Hill
Malcolm Outloud
Random Thoughts while Shaving
with Joe Cironi
Do trailer parks cause tornadoes?
David LazarusAs an award-winning columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and now a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, David Lazarus combines a lively personality with a knack for digging deep into issues and coming up with fresh viewpoints and perspectives. He’s a tough interviewer who isn’t afraid to ask hard questions (as many of the state’s political and business leaders have learned).

David Lazarus's Home Page
Lisa WexlerAfter being worn down by fighting contentious divorce cases, Westport Connecticut attorney Lisa Wexler began looking for a job that better fit her personality - and was inspired to become a host of a talk radio show. Her show focuses mostly on issues of interest to Weschester County

Lisa Wexler's Home Page
with Dan Morris
Lenny PalmerLenny Palmer has lived all across the United States, and has been a: butcher, bar bouncer, bartender, roofer, factory worker, taxi driver, laborer, longshoreman, noveliist, poet, short story writer, movie and restaurant reviewer, publisher, newspaper columnist, television personality, champion weightlifter, wrestler, father of four, and talk show host on 1220WKRS; to name but a few of his many lives.

Lenny Palmer's Home Page
Open Air
with Warren Krech & John Marsh

Open Air's Home Page
Illinois Watchdog
with Benjamin Yount
For 18 years, Benjamin Yount has been a reporter in Illinois covering Illinois politics having worked as the statehouse reporter for WTAX and the bureau chief for MetroNetworks/Westwood One.

Illinois Watchdog's Home Page
Mark ReardonThe Mark Reardon Show covers everything from the news of the day to news out of the ordinary. Listeners will hear plenty of intelligent conversation related to politics, lifestyle, sports and pop culture. Reardon is a graduate of the University of Missouri Journalism School.

Mark Reardon's Home Page
The Philips Phile
The Philips Phile's Home Page
Dan Lynch
Doc WashburnDoc was born in Virginia, raised in North Carolina and has lived and worked at great radio stations across the South. He’s a proud Southerner, a conservative and a recovering DJ.

Doc Washburn's Home Page
Jeff ScottWRWR's former program director discusses the local issues of concern in Macon area
Denny SchafferDenny comes to Atlanta from Toledo, Ohio. Before Toledo, the FCC banned Denny from broadcasting in several cities in the union, including Minneapolis, Fresno, Cincinnati, and half a dozen towns in Michigan – including his home town of Flint (yes, he was Michael Moore's prom date). Before entering radio, Denny held other occupations including president of the Steve Urkel fan club, test patient for mad cow disease and Ebola, and "tan in a can" lotion spreader for John Kerry. In the spring of 1989, he worked a short stint with Exxon as an oil tanker navigator. Atlanta is now blessed with Denny, his wife, Sharon, and two children, Olivia and Joshua. His interests include God, family, Michigan football, golf, cigars, and *sigh* disco.

Denny Schaffer's Home Page
Bob McLainBob McLain, the Forrest Gump of Broadcasting, has stumbled his way though an amazing career. As a DJ, TV Sportscaster, Weatherman and Anchor his is truly an amazing success story. Along the way he’s bamboozled so many people that he has even received many fancy awards. He was actually elected TWICE as Chairman of the Memphis Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, despite not being a degreed Meteorologist.

Bob McLain's Home Page
Backtalk with Pruett & ShannonThe venerable radio legend Jim Pruett shares co-hosting duties with Brian Shannon - who along with his hilarious alter ego, The Boner - keeps the show full of riotous comedy, celebrity interviews, issues of the day and full frontal fun.
Eric VonKeep in touch with The Community and its leaders
Blaine Young
Teri O'BrienAn amazed friend once described Teri O'Brien as "one of the only people I know who reads both the Wall Street Journal and the National Enquirer." She also reads National Review, American Enterprise, Men's Health and Dog Fancy, for one. This gives some indication of her interest in both politics and popular culture. She is sometimes quirky and unconventional, but always interesting.

Teri O'Brien's Home Page
Talk with Tony
with Tony Russell
Tony Russell has been a fixture on the air in Binghamton, NY since 1972.

Talk with Tony's Home Page
S&M, the Painful Truth
with Sean Osborn & Mike Logue
Sean Jeremy Osborn & Mike Logue discuss News, Politics and just about everything else and how it affects your existence here in the beautiful Four Corners. “There are no safe words on the S&M Show”
Matt AllenMatt Allen is the voice of the next generation. Besides hosting his show, Matt is the Producer of The Dan Yorke Show, the top rated talkshow in Southern New England.

Matt Allen's Home Page
Jim GearhartJim is a veteran broadcaster that is never afraid to rattle some cages. Whether it's politics, taxes, or SUV's...Jim tells it like it is, desperately attempting to rationalize why New Jersey is in a hand basket and where it's going!

Jim Gearhart's Home Page
TD Ryan & Scott Zak
Castner & Carty
with Michael Castner & Tasha Carty

Castner & Carty's Home Page
Vic McCarty
Ben Sarro
Ben Sarro's Home Page
Rob NelsonNelson has hosted six nationally syndicated television shows and is a renowned author with a law degree from Stanford University. From the latest news topics to the hottest Hollywood dirt, The Rob Nelson Show has it all each weekend.

Rob Nelson's Home Page
Chris Merrill
Gary RyanPort Orchard resident and former Seattle host Gary Ryan brings his experiences and personality to KITZ.

Gary Ryan's Home Page
LaDona HarveySan Diego's new midday host...

LaDona Harvey's Home Page
Bryan Suits
Madison in the Morning
with Dick Alpert
SP Romney
[not] Jim CatesTopeka's most popular talk show host has been replaced with [To Be Announced]
Dan ReavesAn entertaining look at today’s hottest topics open for discussion
Jan Tucker
Michele Tafoya
Michele Tafoya's Home Page
Panama ShowPanama has been a popular and successful Reno talk show host for more than 5 years. At one time he followed Howard Stern, but now he follows politics, news and public affairs. His views are provocative, challenging and often surprising. But never dull, or predictable. His focus is Nevada, the adopted state he loves.
Sammy & Army Show
with Sam Greenfield & Armstrong Williams
Originally from Washington D.C., Sam graduated with honors from Howard University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master's Degree in Education. He quit his doctoral program to join a rock band and since that timehas been a standup comic, actor writer and now enjoys success in the field of talk radio.

Sammy & Army Show's Home Page
Jim AlbrightJim takes you home like you've never been taken before!

Jim Albright's Home Page
WCCO Midday Live
Ken DeCosterKen keeps his finger on the pulse of Rockford
KTRS First News
with Vic Porcelli and Trish

KTRS First News's Home Page
The KCAA AM Show
On the Mark
Kaare JohnsonAs unique as his name, Kaare is a native New Orleanian who wouldn't live anywhere else on Earth. Kaare's post-Katrina reporting and knowledge of the city make him an invaluable asset to the Crescent City.

Kaare Johnson's Home Page
John Osterlind
Geraldo (KABC)Geraldo continues doing a show just for his amigos in Los Angeles
Michael Garfield
Michael Garfield's Home Page
David LileDavid grew up in Macon, Mo., and began his career at KFRU as a copywriter in 1990. He is the voice of Mizzou women's basketball and Rock Bridge High School football, and has been hosting morning on KFRU for more years than we can remember!

David Lile's Home Page
Request Breakfast
The Ride Home
with Pat Kiernan & Rita Cosby
Fox News and MSNBC Blond babe Rita Cosby moves to her new 1 hour home on WABC and her Cannadian male cohost
Bob Sullivan""Sully" leaves the Big Biz radio Biz to join San Diego's KOGO
Bernie & SidBernie McGuirk and Did Rosenburg wake up the big apple

Bernie & Sid's Home Page
JT & Dave
Spence & Bob AllenSpence and Bob Allen carry on the KVTA morning tradition

Spence & Bob Allen's Home Page
Mr. KABCMr. KABC's show is driven by the curiosity factor with comments from listeners regarding the day's news, to random inquiries related to historical events, geography, pop culture trends, technology and new products. Mr. KABC's phone lines are open to anyone and everyone who has an uncertainty or meaningful observation.

Mr. KABC's Home Page
Thaddeus MathewsThe most controversial show in the city of Memphis
Your Defending Fathers
with Brian Sommerfield & Trucker Randy
George Washington is your Daddy
The Commentators
with Ken Schram & John Carlson
John Carlson and Ken Schram do battle on the big topics, and toss a healthy dose of humor and fun in the mix.

The Commentators's Home Page
Mike FlemingMike Fleming brings over three decades of journalism experience to WREC having worked at the Nashville Banner, The Jacksonville (Florida) Journal and the Commercial Appeal, along with TV and radio

Mike Fleming's Home Page
with Sandra Yancey
Sandra Yancey is the Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork.com, recognized as the world's #1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses worldwide.

Each show introduces dynamic women from all over North America. Top business leaders, best-selling authors and personal development experts share insights, strategies and ideas for personal and professional growth. Get ready to meet outstanding women who have something to say and will inspire you to push forward with your dreams.

eWomenNetwork's Home Page
Don Teets
WWRL Morming Show
with Errol Louis
Errol T. Louis is a columnist and member of the Editorial Board of the New York Daily News. He appeared frequently on CNN providing his opinions during the 2008 election. He is the son of a New York City Police Department inspector, holds degrees in Government and Political Science and received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His guests include authors, public officials and others of interest to people in New York.
Eric DetersIt's the bulldog!
with Terri-Rae Elmer
Doug McIntyre returns to his roots in Los Angeles radio

McIntyre's Home Page
The Pulse
with Leland Conway
Keeping our fingers on the pulse of Lexington and beyond, tune in everyday for a conversation with state and national dignitaries, local leaders and newsmakers. We'll keep the forum open to all points of view but we'll take a strong position.

The Pulse's Home Page
Jay Lawrence"Lovable Jay" can talk about any popular topic and is eager to share his opinion. Big name guests, especially from the valley political scene, often appear on the program.

Jay Lawrence's Home Page
Weekend Edition Live
with Jeff Kropf
Jen BrienBoston has a new overnight talk show
San Luis Obispo CA First News
with King Harris
Brad BennettBrad (Bulldog) Bennett served his country as a United States Marine. He also served Northland taxpayers as a Duluth School Board member. He's YOUR host for FIGHTLINE, the taxpayers freedom show!

Brad Bennett's Home Page
Howard MonroeHoward Monroe and the Morning Show with news and information plus plenty of conversation on Ohio Valley issues
Live & LocalIt's live and it's local!
Steve DahlChicago's legendary broadcaster continues to be the master of his domain.
Al B! in the Afternoon
Al B! in the Afternoon's Home Page
Brad MesserAfter as much highschool as I could stand in Harlingen, Texas, I became an interpreter and translator for the Army Security Agency in the Far East (Chinese language). Returned to Texas after Army service and got into radio at KILE in Galveston. When the newsman became "incapacitated" I was called on to read the news. My entire radio career is based on ol' Larry getting drunk.

Brad Messer's Home Page
with Chuck Booms
John Hines
Information Continues
with Andy Caldwell
The Poli-Chicks
with Annette Meeks & Cathie Hartnett
Comunicando con Toti Figueroa
FRED the show
with Jeff Styles
A must for politicians who want to get their message out to the masses, FRED (Free Radio Every Day) offers sharp questioning from Styles and some of the most eclectic callers this side of Bohemia.

FRED the show's Home Page
Weekend Edition
with Henry Rains
WDUN Afternoon Show
Captain Watchdog
Brad DavisIf Connecticut is talking about it, you know Brad is too!

Brad Davis's Home Page
Esme Murphy
Mark Toti
Grant StinchfieldBefore joining KLIF 570 as the host of the conservative talk show, The Stinchfield Report, Grant Stinchfield was an Emmy award winning investigative watchdog. He most recently ran for Congress, endorsed by dozens of Tea Party leaders across North Texas

Grant Stinchfield's Home Page
Memphis Variety HourA different host every day!
Doug McConnaughy
Lee Van Ameyde
Wayne & Sean
Wayne & Sean's Home Page
Frost Stilwell
Frost Stilwell's Home Page
Leland Conway
True North Radio
with Paul Beaudry
Your Turn
with Trent Rice
Find out how the corn crop is doing after the floods this year

Your Turn's Home Page
John Landecker & Paula GriffinYou may remember John Landecker from WLS in Chicago, and Paula is of course well known in Michigan City

John Landecker & Paula Griffin's Home Page
Jordan Rich
Roland S MartinFind out what's going on in the DC Community
Pat McMahonLocal News and Talk for Phoenix.
Lew LattoLew currently hosts the longest running talk show in Northern Minnesota. The show is also broadcast on KRBT in Eveleth making it the last local talk show on the Iron Range.

Lew Latto's Home Page
with Pat Hawkins & Paul Fisher

Sound-Off's Home Page
Sioux City Open Line
with Randy Renshaw
Rob Johnson
Jim KirkwoodHis name is Jim Kirkwood. The rest of the story is top secret.
"Little John" Rice
Royal Oakes
WMAL Midday ShowWMAL has a midday show for now filling the void created by the exit of "Andy" of "Andy and Grandy"
Carla Wren
Al MalmbergAl has entertained many guests on his overnight show on WCCO, "People don't seem to have time to talk to each other anymore. Talk shows, like this one, give people a chance to express their opinion no matter what the topic is." Spontaneity is the key word in describing this show!

Al Malmberg's Home Page
Paul Harris"The Paul Harris Show" is a different kind of talk radio, where listeners don't have to agree with the host to take part in the discussion. The show encompasses stimulating topics, fascinating interviews, and the ever-popular Harris Challenge. Contributors include television critic Aaron Barnhart, movie reviewer James Rocchi, and comedy writer Jon Macks, plus award-winning KMOX news, sports, and traffic. Paul calls it Talk Radio For People Who Never Thought They'd Listen To Talk Radio!

Paul Harris's Home Page
First LookLooking beyond the headlines...
Mario Moorhead
FootyThe Footy Show" on 610 WIOD will be all about South Florida - which means sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes very serious, but always compelling.

Footy's Home Page
Ed TyllEd Tyll has arrived! How long will he last?

Ed Tyll's Home Page
Luke Shilts
Bob Sirott & Marianne MurcianoPaul Harvey, then the day's events in the Windy City
Talk of the Town
with Larry Ritkin
Lee Roberts
Ray Jr
Ray Jr's Home Page
WLOH Midday Magazine
Your New York WeekendAssorted local hosts take the microphone of WABC to tell New Yorkers what WABC thinks they want to hear
Tara ServatiusBy day, Tara is a columnist and investigative reporter at Charlotte's alternative weekly, Creative Loafing Newspaper.

Tara Servatius's Home Page
Brad WaltonAt the age of 3, Brad Walton was 'announcing' and playing 45's for the family and relatives! Throughout the years, Brad's intense interest along with the encouragement of respected professionals moved him to begin announcing at sporting events and later in radio.

Brad Walton's Home Page
Reese HopkinsPrior to joining WRKO, Hopkins worked at SIRIUS Satellite Radio as an Executive Producer for “Ask the King” on Howard Stern 100. Recently Hopkins has written for variety shows such as “Mad TV” and “Saturday Night Live”. Hopkins’ show will feature lively discussion about the day’s hot topics, with heavy doses of pop culture and political discussion.
Matt McGill
1360 Live
with Greg Gack
Nick TaliaferraNick Taliaferro is a multi-faceted contributor to life and people, and because of that Nick defies easy description. Nick has been a city administrator, journalist, family counselor, songwriter, and ordained minister.

Nick Taliaferra's Home Page
Flagpole ShowLet's run it up the flagpole and see who in North Daokota salutes.
with Renk
Ira HansenIra Hansen is a lifelong resident of Sparks and is the owner of Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing

Ira Hansen's Home Page
Chris Moore
WILM News Talk AM
with John Watson
This program deals mostly with politics and domestic and foreign policy issues. Over the years, John has interviewed such people as President Lyndon Johnson, Actor Charlton Heston, Presidential candidates Phil Graham and Lamar Alexander, Speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, and President Bill Clinton. If it's happening in Delaware or nationwide, it's on WILM News Talk AM with John Watson.

WILM News Talk AM's Home Page
Mac Talk
with Mike McNamara
The 411
with Vicki Kramer
Get the 411, not the 311
After Midnight
with Gary Dickson
Gary Dickson entertains listeners with talk and trivia. Listener contributions make the long nights seem much shorter.
The Kramer ShowThe Kramer Show is never dull and has a reputation for being innovative and extremely entertaining. Throughout his radio career, Kramer has received international and national attention for a couple of his stunts. Buckle up and get ready for a show that has more turns than a crumbled ball of paper. It's something new and different; something that you're sure to enjoy in the afternoon.
Ed Ramsey
Charlie BooneCharlie's broad interest and willingness to support numerous community events makes him a well-known personality in the community. In 1996 he reigned as Commodore of the Minneapolis Aquatennial.

Charlie Boone's Home Page
Ted & EllenIt's Ted and Ellen!

Ted & Ellen's Home Page
Power Talk
with Jack & Kevin
Jack Gillen and Kevin Bresnahan and various visiting co-hosts discuss local and political issues that affect our listeners.

Power Talk's Home Page
Bernie McCain
Steve Holloway
The Village IdiotsIt isn't easy being an idiot on the radio, but we'll try our best!

The Village Idiots's Home Page
Fred Holland
Fred Holland's Home Page
Couzin EdThis redneck born in between the field, the creek, and the woods of Southern Maryland is Free FM's one-man-band. There is no elaborate team of co-hosts, writers, producers, call-screeners, and interns. It's a radio show that completely relies on the interactivity of the audience.

Couzin Ed's Home Page
Rick SanchezFormer CNN and NBC Journalist Rick Sanchez returns home to Miami to try his hand at talk radio

Rick Sanchez's Home Page
Bill ProfitaBill Profita is a native of Chicago, Illinois, who has made Baton Rouge his home since 1973. In addition to working as an on-air personality, Profita went into the advertising and public relations business, and co-founded a successful advertising agency, which has served a variety of clients in the gulf south since 1978. When he's not working, he enjoys gourmet cooking, wine collecting, travel and golf!

Bill Profita's Home Page
Frank ShiersFrank is a political cartoonist. For about 25 years, his art has appeared on newspaper opinion pages around Puget Sound. Each week, he draws six cartoons and about 15 papers run his work, including The Olympian.

Frank Shiers's Home Page
with Troy Derengowski
Sue Henry
KUDO Midday
with Joe Princiotta
Tony GatesThe show that is designed for the best of Western Michigan
The World According to JudithBorn and raised in the Garden State, this Jersey girl has a unique way of looking at life and world events that can get you laughing, She was a kid raised in a housing project, a hippie as a teen, a crusader as a young adult, a leader in local government services and an entrepreneur as a woman in her prime. Her life experience all adds up to interesting observations, unique emotion and lots of laughs.

The World According to Judith's Home Page
David Arnett
The Fisher Files
with Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher is a talk show host (kinda) who works two hours a week (two whole hours) so he comes in and help out each weekday morning on AM Tampa Bay. The Glenn Beck Program calls him from time to time for my vast knowledge of stuff and every February Glenn and Stu return to Tampa to join Jeff for the worst (thanks to them) on-air broadcast of the Jose Gasparilla Parade.

The Fisher Files's Home Page
Ira Fistell
Ira Fistell's Home Page
Bill Leff & Wendy SnyderBill Leff fills the vacancy left by the departure of Steve and Johnnie, overnight hosts on WGN for 24 years.

Bill Leff & Wendy Snyder's Home Page
The WTIC Afternoon Drive
with Colin McEnroe
Mark Reardon Show“The Mark Reardon Show” will cover everything from the news of the day to news out of the ordinary. Listeners will hear plenty of intelligent conversation related to politics, lifestyle, sports and pop culture.
On the Other Hand
with Raubin Pierce & Megan Mosack
Megan Mosack & Raubin Pierce talk about what Topeka is talking about.

On the Other Hand's Home Page
Bob DavisDavis has toiled for years in music radio, as an on-air personality, promotion and production person, programmer and then consultant. As he puts it, "Can you imagine me as a consultant! Ha!" In those days he used to put down talk radio. Now he says, "music radio sucks." What can we say, Bob's a partisan.

Bob Davis's Home Page
Brent ClantonIssues of the day filtered through the lens of common sense provide a unique perspective on business, politics and life. There's nothing to sell, no hidden agenda, so you get insights and angles from a pure perspective. No slant.

Brent Clanton's Home Page
Libby CollinsFor more than two decades Libby Collins has been heard in the South Suburbs and Northwest Indiana at a number of radio and television stations. She co-hosted a talk show on WCIU-TV, Channel 26 with her late husband, Warren Freiberg. Libby has interviewed celebrities from all walks of life including Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah Duchess of York, Queen Noor of Jordan, Jane Fonda, Jesse Jackson and many others, but most enjoys the lively interaction with callers to her daily talk show

Libby Collins's Home Page
Dan Morris
Mike Romigh
Points to Ponder
with Ron Ponder
Radio Times
with Marty Moss-Coane

Radio Times's Home Page
Common Sense Club
with Leon Francis
Common sense isn't necessarily common

Common Sense Club's Home Page
Big Talk
with Big John
It takes a big man with a big mouth to host a big show.
David LambJoin David Lamb every Monday-Friday as he covers the news of the day from a logical and conservative point of view.

David Lamb's Home Page
Nothing Off LimitsNothing is Off Limits - including rambling callers that go on forever...

Nothing Off Limits's Home Page
Mark ShannonAn Oklahoma City radio icon for over 30 years, Mark Shannon is now on News Radio 1000 KTOK and is making the afternoon drive home something to look forward to.
Benson & HarfLet's talk lobsters

Benson & Harf's Home Page
Lori MooreAs morning host at WKZO since 1995, Lori has been a community booster and fundraiser. Her A HOLIDAY DISH TO PASS cookbooks have raised over $400,000 (at $5 a pop) for Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes, area schools and numerous other non-profit organizations.

Lori Moore's Home Page
Ron Ross
The Drive Home
with Jillian Barberie & John Phillips
We're live and local - and hot!

The Drive Home's Home Page
All About Women“All About Women” truly is All About Women.

All About Women's Home Page
Leach Report
Leach Report's Home Page
Roe Conn (WGN)Long time WLS host has arrived at the grownup radio station
Eileen ByrneBefore making her home in Chicago, Byrne worked as the Assistant Program Director, news producer and evening talk show host at AM 580 WDBO in Orlando, a talk producer for ABC Radio Networks where she worked with Sean Hannity and was the producer of a national talk show for working mothers, which won three consecutive AWRT (American Women in Radio and Television) awards.

Eileen Byrne's Home Page
Kevin Miller
Nash & Clark
with Candice Nash & Willie Clark
First Call
with Matt Wyatt
Outside The Box
with Mitch Henck
An island of sanity within the midwest branch of Berkeley California

Outside The Box's Home Page
WGN Overnight
with Assorted hosts
It's Overnight, and it's WGN... beyond that, what do you need to know?
The Drive
with Steve Fast

The Drive's Home Page
Steve Batton
Local Edge RadioBroadcasting live from Asheville, NC, Blake and Lesley bring you the best mix of local issues, community events, politics and of course a little comedy thrown in.
John Tompkins
John Tompkins's Home Page
John Kass & Lauren KohnIt's what's going on in Chicago

John Kass & Lauren Kohn's Home Page
Mark Mayhew
WGN WeekendDuring baseball season, WGN broadcasts Cubs games, but can't stream them - so they put on best of tapes of their local shows.

WGN Weekend's Home Page
The Ugly Show
with Ed Johnson

The Ugly Show's Home Page
Jack Ebling
Andre Eggelleton
Andre Eggelleton's Home Page
Bill O'Loughlin
Earl FarrellEarle Farrell Show is a Broadcast veteran with WREG-TV radio station WMC FM-100 and currently on FOX13 WHBQ TV. Earle’s show focuses on Memphis people, music and what makes Memphis great!
Pugs & CompanyThe better half of Pugs & Kelly has a new home
with Steve Scher
KUOW's Weekday - a weekday call-in talk show that tracks the trends in society that will become tomorrow's headlines.

Weekday's Home Page
Statewide TalklineWest Virginia talks about the day's events
Dave ThompsonDave goes beyond the predictable, discussing the weird and the unusual as comfortably as he discusses the news of the day. Listen week nights for fun and insightful discussions with an intellectual, yet down to earth Twin Cities radio personality, Dave Thompson.
Client Spotlight
with Bruce Arnold
New Ground
with Casey Hoff
Casey makes his opinions well known with a direct, common sense, in-depth approach to discussing the most important issues at hand. Casey has always had a love for political and social issues, as he often finds himself in debates with friends and family. He is involved in the UW Madison Business School, where he is currently getting his BA in Marketing. Casey says that one of his idols was the late Robert F. Kennedy, who had such a passion for helping all people in the United States of America achieve justice and move closer toward the true Jeffersonian democracy set forth by this country's founding fathers.

New Ground's Home Page
Michael J ThorpMichael J. Thorp has done it all in the radio; DJ, a talk show host, program director, a news reporter and news director, play by play announcer, copywriter, voice talent and more. He created, produced and hosted “The Huckleberry Radio Hour” a live radio variety show broadcast from the Genesee County Park’s Crossroads Village.

Michael J Thorp's Home Page
Michael Hart
Rich GilgallonGet ready Coachella Valley, Rich Gilgallon � is the Conservative voice of the Coachella Valley. Rich looks at current events with a conservative point of view.

Rich Gilgallon's Home Page
Texas Business Show
with Martin Birnbach

Texas Business Show's Home Page
Mark BeiroYoung people know him as the ring announcer on the famous national TV show BattleBots. Older generations know him as the ring announcer in some of the biggest boxing matches on national TV, and still others remember him as the ‘Voice of Jai Alai’, his name is Mark Beiro, the funniest man ever to come out of West Tampa.

Mark Beiro's Home Page
Today in New Hampshire
with Jack Heath & Brad Card
Mike Fitzsimmons Long-time area listeners remember Mike’s marathon coverage of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in May of 1980. He spent 56 continuous hours on the air, reporting about the effects of this unique news event on Eastern Washington. He earned similar recognition in 1996 for another marathon broadcast during the giant regional power black-out known as Ice Storm ’96.

Mike Fitzsimmons's Home Page
What's Happening
with Ryan Schlader
Toledo Today
with Tom Watkins
Jack PieperHost of the Afternoon Talk Show
KWLM Open Mic
with Bud Hanson

KWLM Open Mic's Home Page
Mel Robbins (Cox)Former syndicated radio host moves her show to Orlando and maybe beyond?
Burt & Kurt
Burt & Kurt's Home Page
Live With Lee
The Preacher’s Great Radio ExperimentHessville’s Steve Glover once nearly died in Las Vegas. Now he’s back in the Region hosting an afternoon callin. Go figure.
MatworldWelcome to Mat's World
WAOK Afternoon TalkWAOK keeps in touch with the Atlanta communisty.
Crash Davis
Crash Davis's Home Page
WJTN News/Talk
WJTN News/Talk's Home Page
Drive at Five
with Curtis Sliwa
The master of confabulation and trickonology
Zack Cooper
Andy ThomasAndy's talking about what's happening in South Carolina.
Liberal KS Live
Mark AmazonIt's the amazing Amazon on the Big One!

Mark Amazon's Home Page
Browser, The
Pete BraleyPete is on Monday-Friday - you wanted to know more?

Pete Braley's Home Page
Top Story @ 6
with Chris Reed & LaDona Harvey
Don Dubuc
Up Front (WNRI)
with Roger Bouchard(?)
Jodi & FriendsThe mysterious Jodi and her so-called friends.
Jolene RoxburyJolene has made a big enough splash to land a gig hosting special events at the Kendall-Jackson Winery in Santa Rosa, California as well as numerous appearances throughout the country. In 2004, Jolene was successful in launching her own line of Baff n’ Booty Spa Products which are sold exclusively in her online store.

Jolene Roxbury's Home Page
Art Lewis
Jill WhelanAn entertainer, a concert producer, and news junkie…Jill is just what The Big Talker listeners need to get their Saturday mornings charged up! An accomplished television, movie, and stage actress, Jill is often remembered best for her roles as Vicki on the Love Boat and Nurse Nancy on The Young and the Restless. She’s worked with hundreds of legendary performers, including Frank Sinatra, Carol Channing, and Ethel Merman.

Jill Whelan's Home Page
Tara on TMA
with Tara Servatius

Tara on TMA's Home Page
Frosty Stilwell
Jim LaskiJim Laski joins the growing list of former government officials who start a radio in career after release from prison
Bob CudmoreBob Cudmore is an Amsterdam native, veteran talk show host, newspaper columnist, and author who knows what issues are important to the Valley residents.

Bob Cudmore's Home Page
Andy JohnsonDown to Business Andy Johnson," Florida's best, most timely, most heated, most fun, most constructive, most perspicacious, most prescient and most efficacious political and public policy live radio call-in talk show!

Andy Johnson's Home Page
Jay CaldwellKelli graduated from Brown College in 1994 and has been in St. Cloud for all but one year of her Broadcasting career.
In Pursuit of Truth
with Reggie Bryant
Your empowerment zone
Bogut in the Morning
with Jack Bogut
One of Pittsburgh's all-time favorite and highest rated radio personalities, Jack hosts the 1320 WJAS "Bogut In The Morning" radio show, with the same wit and charm for which he's been famous since the 1960's.

Bogut in the Morning's Home Page
DreXMr John Dickey thinks it is time for DreX to talk

DreX's Home Page
Ron DobsonI am a guy with a lot to say about everything. You name it; I’ve got an opinion about it. I pull few punches and call it as I see it. Some people don't like that, and while I am not for them--- they are still allowed to listen.

Ron Dobson's Home Page
Doug Hoerth
Doug Hoerth's Home Page
Al Gardner
Kate Valentine
Keeping Current with KurKur joined NBC in 1973 as a reporter. In 1996, Kur was named news anchor for the Weekend Today Show, a post he held for two years. Over the years, he frequently has filled in as anchor at the Today Show news desk, has been a substitute anchor on Today, NBC NEWS at Sunrise, Weekend Nightly News, and has been a moderator and panelist on Meet The Press.

Keeping Current with Kur's Home Page
Mark TaylorMark is his first name, and Taylor is his last name!
Nightside Afterparty
with Ethan Millard
At the end of every party, there are always a few people who don't get the hint that it's time to leave.

Nightside Afterparty's Home Page
Phil PaleologosIt's time for the mid morning magazine

Phil Paleologos's Home Page
Dave Walter
with Craig Fronek
Craig's passion for our community, state, country, military, founders, family and freedom will thread through the lively conversations that are upheld by the Sunrise Show's mission of being, "an enthusiastic blend of live talk conversations that make a difference to our community and nation at large."

Sunrise's Home Page
John Howell and RayJohn moves from the venerable WGN to replace the legendary voices of Don Wade and Roma. The Windy City always has a lot to talk about

John Howell and Ray's Home Page
Jim Gabbert
Jim Gabbert's Home Page
Don ShelbyDon describes this show as "part MPR and part Second City" - a mix of news, issue-talk, and comedy bits including contributions from area humorists. Shelby said that doing drive-time radio has been his fantasy since he was in college.

Don Shelby's Home Page
Rauch Report
Rauch Report's Home Page
Mark IslerMark Isler is an accomplished politician, a long-time educator and a successful businessman.

Mark Isler's Home Page
Deborah RoweDeborah Rowe is a former administrator for the City of Chicago, serving under three Mayors. She successfully managed two citywide programs, including the popular Farmer's Market. Ms. Rowe often speaks to groups on topics such as "Perfecting Parent/Child Communication Skills", "American Media: the Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and "Stop Holding Your Success Hostage."

Deborah Rowe's Home Page
Best of WPRReplays of Washington Post Radio programs
with Bill Frank
The goal of Brainstormin' is to deliver interviews with thought leaders in Business, Entertainment, Sports and the Local Community each with a Ventura County, CA perspective. Together, we'll listen to what these guests say and relate it to how we work and live in Ventura.

Brainstormin''s Home Page
Mandy Connell (Denver)Mandy has arrived in Colorado
KMLB Variety Hour
Norm Jones
Nothing But the Truth
with Carl Boyd, Jr
Carl Boyd Jr., is a graduate student in TSU’s College of Public Service and Urban Affairs. Boyd was inspired watching Bill O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper and Tom Brokaw, and was also driven by a desire to serve His Community and give them the truth.

Nothing But the Truth's Home Page
Dan ConryBlue collar common sense, respect for the listener, concise political and social analysis, a love of pop culture and a self deprecating sense of humor that was bred on the streets of Flatbush Brooklyn. This self described “South Park Conservative” delivers a fast pace, conversational style talk show where both sides of the issues can be heard.

Dan Conry's Home Page
Steve O'Brien
PH Factor
with Phil Parker & Jason Hulm
John Dionne
Talk Show Nation
Central Jersey Live
with Steve Kaplan
Lee ElciListen to fing out what people on Lon Gisland want to know first thing in the morning.

Lee Elci's Home Page
It's a New Day
Mike Ferguson
John C. ScottNow this is HOT talk!
Markley & LucianoJamie Markley and Phil Luciano host the most rockin' show on AM radio

Markley & Luciano's Home Page
Right Now
with Doig McIntyre
Jim IsabellaJim is 100% Notheastern Ohioan

Jim Isabella's Home Page
Robert Hill Live
Portage County Live
with Scott Krueger
If Portage County is talking about it, this is the place to hear it.
Idaho Today
Denis & SheliSomeone missing an "n"?
Dave Elliot
The Download
with Justin Kaufmann
Chicago's Public Radio WBEZmade Justin what he is today. Hop on the train wreck!

The Download's Home Page
Dr. Joseph Michelli
Dr. Joseph Michelli's Home Page
Steve YuhasSteve's work is read by people around the world. People recognize him as a voice for the silent majority of gays who believe in equality through assimilation into the American culture instead of the "in-your-face" tactic taken by the activist left. He also believes that if given the opportunity, gays would have greater success in realizing their goal of equality if they allowed dissenting voices to be heard in their community and in the mainstream media.

Steve Yuhas's Home Page
Ron St. Pierre
Richard BeyThe former Co-Host of TV's "People are Talking", the Richard Bey show and co-host of "The Buzz" on WABC radio returns to the airwaves

Richard Bey's Home Page
Buzz Franklin & C4Chip Franklin and Clarence Mitchell IV, “C-4,” co-host The Buzz (Mon,Wed). C-4 brings his unique perspective as part of a four-generation family legacy of politics and public service in Maryland. Chip and Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks co-host The Buzz on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These two veteran talkshow hosts are sure to spark some fireworks.

Buzz Franklin & C4's Home Page
Afternoon Drive Alive!
Indianpolis Tonight
with Steve Simpson
Hear the day's newsmakers talk about the hot topics of each day, with WIBC's Steve Simpson.

Indianpolis Tonight's Home Page
Neighborhood 21
with Roger Fredinburg
Scott LaughlinScott and Colleen start your day.
Kremer & AbramsIt's Kremer, and Abrams too!
New Hampshire Insider
with Paul Westcott
Roberta GaleRoberta Gale's no ordinary weekend host. She has won over many listeners with her humor and frank discussion about wide-ranging issues. As if talking on KFYI isn’t enough, Roberta also tells people what to do as president of Roberta Gale Media Coaching, which provides media training and marketing support to authors and businesspeople.

Roberta Gale's Home Page
The WMT Big Show
Brian Michaels & Kevin Smith
Brian Michaels & Kevin Smith's Home Page
Walter PlatzNew voices fill the vacancy left behind by Bob Lonsberry
Bob Harden
Berger & Prescott
Gary SuttonGary Sutton has been around York for over 40 years, and has been involved in the community in many diverse ways. Gary is also extremely attuned to the national and world communities around him, and welcomes the opportunity to talk about all of those communities every day.

Gary Sutton's Home Page
Jim Dedelow
Lizz Brown's Morning Wake Up CallAn attorney, and an adjunct professor in communications at Webster University, Lizz is the host of a daily, live call-in talk show on WGNU. For three hours every day, her listeners are treated to liberal talk with an edge.

Lizz Brown's Morning Wake Up Call's Home Page
Joe Cironi
with John Raymond
Joe Wade Formicola
Rhonda GruessendorfRhonda Grussendorf - after working more than a decade as a Weather Anchor and Reporter in small to major television markets across the country, decided to take a brief hiatus from broadcasting to raise her children and literally go back to her roots. She is the Director of the Hermantown Junior Garden Club, the Hermantown Hawkette Majorettes and the Miss Hermantown Pageant.

Rhonda Gruessendorf's Home Page
Straight Talk
with Paul Hannigan
A half-hour forum on local issues facing the York County community...
Off My Front Porch
with Steve Hilton
Brian Wilson (Maryland)
Brian Wilson (Maryland)'s Home Page
J.R. Snyder
Eddie & Jobo
Eddie & Jobo's Home Page
Joe HicksJoe R. Hicks is the Vice President of Community Advocates, Inc., a privately-funded political think-tank that was created to counter the prevailing views that retard further growth in the arena of race and human relations. Community Advocates is based in Los Angeles.

Joe Hicks's Home Page
Barb StantonBarb Stanton finds a new home with California's Voice of freedom after being released from another station for making "insensitive" remarks

Barb Stanton's Home Page
Bryan StybleStage entertainer, DJ, underground rock journalist, newspaper reporter, traffic reporter, standup comic, and paralegal are some of the jobs that make Bryan the interesting radio host he is today. Bryan Styble radiates his unique "open lines for open minds" format nightly over the 50,000 watts of KIRO's airwaves, covering the Pacific NorthWest.

Bryan Styble's Home Page
Clinton PettyIt's midnight, so it's time for Clinton Petty.

Clinton Petty's Home Page
Sister SpeakThe sisters get together and discuss the today's events. Word Up.

Sister Speak's Home Page
with Dave Isnardi & Gerald Lostutter
Jonathan KinlochJonathan Kinloch is a Commissioner for the Detroit Library Commission and Detroit News Blogger for Detroit City Hall Insider• Past service as a MI State Senator aide, Wayne Co. Dev. Planning Commission, Det.Bd.of Zoning Appeals & Det.Bd.of Ed
Common Sense
with Larry Downes
Kerry McCarthy
Lake Effect RadioEach day is a new adventure
Remembering KenoshaLou's new hour-long exercise in local nostalgia is stirring many almost-lost memories of life in our town and surrounding areas. Your calls are invited as we peek through keyholes of nearly-forgotten Kenosha lore each weekday from 3-5pm. Maybe we won't live in the past, but we'll certainly visit it - during "Remembering Kenosha".
Mac & Gaydos
with Mac Watson & Gaydos
It's Mac Watson, and he has a blog - what more do you need to know? and now with more Gaydos, too!
Mac's WorldThe water cooler, barstool and dinner table chatter of the day is brought to the forefront in caller-intensive discussions that spotlight the issues of the day. J. Michael McKoy, Mac, brings his irreverent style and outspoken views each afternoon

Mac's World's Home Page
After DarkGuy Gallman has mastered the art of communication; he talks one-on-one with the caller on the issues that matter most to them, and he talks one-on-one with the listener on issues that matter most to him. And like any good communicator, you understand where he's coming from--and he returns the favor to you.

After Dark's Home Page
Mike & Chuck & The Morning Source
Diane Jones
Buy Back AmericaLet's buy back America!

Buy Back America's Home Page
Michael Dukes
Michael Dukes's Home Page
Tim MontemayorMonty is a doting father and husband who loves to travel, having recently visited Hawaii and Australia, with plans to go to Europe in the near future. In his free time he enjoys playing XBOX 360, snowboarding, and San Francisco Giants baseball.

Tim Montemayor's Home Page
Reality Talk ShowIf you drink a glass of wine at dinner and drive, we want you to go to jail. That's our reality.

Reality Talk Show's Home Page
Mark Maxon
Your Voice
with Angelo Henderson
This is your chance to talk about what the world is talking -- from new events and national trends to relationships and personal development strategies. In June 2000, Angelo was honored by Columbia University as one of the nation's best reporters on race and ethnicity in America. Angelo was named one of 39 African-Americans Achievers To Watch in the next millennium by SuccessGuide magazine.
Rich StevensRich Stevens wants to have a conversation with you

Rich Stevens's Home Page
Sean PatrickListen to John Sean and discuss why Barack Obama isn't the President and how the courts are going to invalidate everything President Obama has done - and everything else he pulls out of his posterior orifice
Ron JollyTraverse City wakes up and finds out what happened overnight
The No Wetbacks Here Show
with [NO] Tood & Don
Todd and Don were fired for using the term "wetback" on the air.

The No Wetbacks Here Show's Home Page
Jordana Greenjordana green web Jordana GreenJordana Green has spent her career bringing you the news, and more recently the weather. Before coming to WCCO, Jordana helped launch WeatherNation TV in Excelsior, MN. She is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Jordana resides in Minnesota with her three children

Jordana Green's Home Page
Guy GordonDetroit's favorite TV personality makes the transition to become the brightest new face on radio
First Look
with Keith Hanson
Keith starts your day with a smike

First Look's Home Page
WTVN EncoreSo good you need to hear it twice!
IN Your Head Radio
with Rick Outzen
Travis Coffman
Texas Matters
Closer LookA lively, informative, engaging hour of discussion with interviews and listener calls, hosted by Paul Perrello, taking "a closer look" at a featured topic. From the law and home improvement to pets and consumer issues, A Closer Look is devoted to specific topics and features the people who specialize in these topics.

Closer Look's Home Page
Maggie Glynn
Randy ToblerEvery week on The Randy Tobler Show it’s Randy's honor to come into your life and share your concerns about our world. Politics, the economy and our turbulent culture, it’s all fair game. Whether you agree or disagree ;)

Randy Tobler's Home Page
Think Money
with Danny Fontana
Joe & Huggy Show
with Joe Ligotti & Lawrence "Huggy" Bergman
Joe Ligotti, "The Guy from Boston,", broke onto the Boston scene in a 21st century sort of way and developed a cult like following with millions of dedicated Internet viewers worldwide. Lawrence “Huggy” Bergman began working at Philly’s legendary rock station WMMR and later WYSP where he was part of the Matt & Huggy Show for over 11 years and where he showcased his cutting edge humor and commentary.

Joe & Huggy Show's Home Page
Doug McDuffDoug McDuff has done all the formats but loves talk radio better than anything he's ever done.

Doug McDuff's Home Page
P.A. Bennett
P.A. Bennett's Home Page
Sandy ShackShake up your sand!

Sandy Shack's Home Page
Front Page on the AirFront Page is a look at the top stories and issues of the day covering the top local and national stories. You'll also hear interviews and featured stories that you won't get anywhere else.

Front Page on the Air's Home Page
In the Afternoons
with George B. Keith with no last name
The Guardian of Civil Liberties, and a snappy dresser, too!

In the Afternoons's Home Page
Dennis Webster
Dennis Webster's Home Page
Daniel Ruth
Mills Crenshaw
Mills Crenshaw's Home Page
The Morning Pulse
with Glen Gardner
Jerry KleinJerry Klein is 630 WMAL's Senior Producer, and Producer for The Chris Core Show. He was born in Philadelphia, but grew up and spent most of his life in Charlotte, NC, where he was an award-winning talk-radio host, concert producer, weekly columnist, record store owner, the program director for a non-profit center for community and culture, and a psychological counselor. (Jerry says, "That's code for I've led a very full and colorful life.")

Jerry Klein's Home Page
Mid Maryland Live
with Blaine Young
Derek GilbertDerek's interests include reading, politics, baseball, unraveling conspiracy theories, and letting his daughter Nicole beat him on the GameCube. Now in his mid-40s, Derek enjoys life more than ever as husband and father to the two most beautiful, intelligent, and talented women on Earth, daughter Nicole and wife Sharon, herself a published author (supernatural thrillers Winds of Evil and The Armageddon Strain).

Derek Gilbert's Home Page
Jeffry O'BrienIf you're looking for a late night laugh, this is the place to come! It's kind of like a late night TV talk show... on the radio! This show is anything but politically correct and Jeffry isn't your typical talk show host. One listen and you'll be hooked! Late night radio is fun again!

Jeffry O'Brien's Home Page
Paul Westcott
Mad Pundit RadioEric Von Haessler of The Regular Guys host his own show discussing the issues of the day in his own unique style.
Noti Uno en la Mañana Lo siento - no entiendo Espanol.
WNEM Midday
Sirott & MurcianoChicago Radio will never be the same!

Sirott & Murciano's Home Page
Lou Anne Lenzie
Tom PetersenThe long-time WGN Radio News Director and morning anchor, Tom retired from full-time work at the end of 2005. As WGN listeners have come to know, Petersen is much more than a news anchor; he is a trusted friend to thousands throughout Chicagoland and a key member of the WGN family.

Tom Petersen's Home Page
The MottsPaul and Carol Mott are a husband and wife team whose conversational choreography could win Olympic medals. Their talk show is like a roller coaster - emotional, funny, joyful, sad, and possibly angry all in the same show.

The Motts's Home Page
Mike & Matt
Sonny Allred & Fred Cantu
Bloomberg New YorkThe city so nice they named it twice.
End of the Road Morning Show94.5 WELY is home to Ely's only community radio station, providing news, information, community events, Personal and Emergency Messages, music and entertainment across the Boundary Waters and beyond.
John McIntireIs anyone left at KDKA?

John McIntire's Home Page
Saturday Breakfast PartyLive from Friendly's in Brookfield Square - find out what is going on in Jamestown this weekend, and share breakfast with your friends
John TerryHe's not just another John - he's John Terry!
Southern Drive
with Scott Pinner & Hendry Miller
This daily radio show is about the most unique radio show in the south. It's funny, current and down right outrageous at times. Join host Scott Pinner, Hendry Miller and friends as they extoll the virtue of all things southern, political and crazy. If you are a BBQ, biscuits and grits kind of listener then this is radio you are gonna love!

Southern Drive's Home Page
Noon BalloonLook - up in the sky - it's the Noon Balloon!

Noon Balloon's Home Page
Susanne LaFrankieSusanne's reports aired nationally on Oprah and ABC's Good Morning America and for more than a decade (11 years) she was a reporter and anchor for Philadelphia's WPVI-TV.

Susanne LaFrankie's Home Page
Night Talk
The Big Story
with Lloyd Jackson
Two Way Radio
with Jason High
WKXL (Concord, NH) Local Talk
Chris TriticoChristopher L. Tritico, a Houston native, received his bachelors degree at Sam Houston State University and his doctor of jurisprudence degree at South Texas College of Law.

Chris Tritico's Home Page
Radio Free VolusiaHost Greg Lake brings you the most comprehensive community call-in talk show in east central Florida.
Terry GilbergSmart, funny, and plugged in--Terry Gilberg is a journalist-turned-talk host who thrives on local issues and controversy. Terry is a professional broadcast journalist who's worked in both radio and television as an anchor, reporter and news director.

Terry Gilberg's Home Page
KUTY Evening Show
Ask the Expert
with Pasquale Giovani
Accomplished host/interviewer and Navy veteran, Pasquale Giovani has been hosting and producing talk shows for over ten years. In addition, he interviews and interacts with a variety of CEOs, politicos, and people on the go. A Farm Fresh President’s Award recipient, who excels in consumer issues and community news and interests, he works with diverse charitable boards and marketing groups

Ask the Expert's Home Page
Savannah's News Now
with Bill Edwards

Savannah's News Now's Home Page
Dan Rea
Dan Rea's Home Page
Steve SuttonSteve’s experience includes a run for Congress in the 6th congressional district of Georgia, he was the director of Communications for the Bob Barr for President campaign in 2008. Steve has run programming for numerous radio stations and he ran Air America.

Steve Sutton's Home Page
Todd WilkenContending for Truth in an Age of Anti-Truth

Todd Wilken's Home Page
Stephanie Williams
Lou & Heather
with Lou Sipolt & Heather Burnside
Lau & Heather prove that doing Classic Rock for 20 years prepares you to do news/talk - it's not like it's any different than say swiching to Country music or Heavy Metal - pretty much anyone knows know to talk. Hey, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh used to play music, too!

Lou & Heather's Home Page
One on One
with Bobby Gunther Walsh
Best of the Day
Best of the Day's Home Page
Bubba Up
with T. Bubba and Tarsha
Nationally known comedian and humorist, T. Bubba Bechtol was raised in the South and resides in Pensacola Beach, Florida. The epitome of "Bubbaism “, T. Bubba has been a regular performer on the World Famous Grand Ole Opry since 1998.
Gaydos UnpluggedLarry Gaydos is the man from the "mean streets of the New York/New Jersey area" - known for being very opinionated and has never met a microphone he didn't like.

Gaydos Unplugged's Home Page
Ray HananiaRay is a loyal American - just ask him!
The IntersectionEach day on The Intersection, host Rebecca Roberts engages guests and callers in lively discussions about issues at the heart of communities in the District, Maryland and Virginia. Whether the topic is immigration or jay walking, taxes or Tai Shan, The Intersection features guests and commentators that represent multicultural perspectives reflective of the region’s diverse population.

The Intersection's Home Page
Basheer Jones
Best of KFYI
Jaco Report
Problem Corner
Mark Crowley
Morning Rush
with Robert Rees

Morning Rush's Home Page
Tom Parker
Tom Parker's Home Page
George RussellNew Hampshire starts its day with the caffeine for radio show
Dave Champion
Denny Johnson & Kelly Smith
Rob Couhig & Bo Walker
Morningline Weekends
Tom & Larry
Pensacola Speaks
with Luke McCoy
Tom TaylorTom Taylor hosts the Morning Show, on AM1320 WKIN and AM910 WJCW, does play-by-play for Dobyns-Bennett High School, serves as an account representative for Citadel Broadcasting and does audio production for all five stations.

Tom Taylor's Home Page
Loudoun's Lunch Hour
with Chris King
A full hour dedicated to the news and events in and around Loudoun County. (ed. stretched out over 2 hours?)
Shannon MooreShannon looks out from her studio window and looks at Russia
Baker & Hunt
Sloan RangerThe daring and resourceful masked rider of the airwaves!

Sloan Ranger's Home Page
The Attack Machine
with Jackson and Hobbs
"The Attack Machine" is opening a whole new market in talk radio with their refreshing perspectives and exuberance which is truly the "evolution of talk radio." They make listeners want to call in and become “cogs in the machine.”
Casey Bartholomew
Brian Fasulo
Ray Rossi
Resistance radio
with Jim Coyle
Resistance is not futile

Resistance radio's Home Page
Let Liberty Ring
Greg Hollanback
Greg Hollanback's Home Page
Kevin GordonJoin Kevin daily as he discusses the issues from Capitol Hill to City Hall. He’ll talk about the things that matter most to you, your family and your wallet.

Kevin Gordon's Home Page
Gerry V
Dani Johnson
Greg Marshall
En la Mirilla
Hot Topics
with Larry McKee
Sully Show
with Rich Sullivan
In 2010, Sully led a group of activists to the State Capitol to babysit SB-10, the bill that allows Sunday sales of alcohol in Georgia. Armed with little more than a few friends and a Facebook page, Sully walked the halls of the Georgia General Assembly, quizzing State Senators and Representatives on how they were going to vote on the bill and why

Sully Show's Home Page
Hartfod CT Sunrise SpecialA full half hour of news, sports and weather.
Regular Guy RadioYou take some regular guys who like regular stuff. Add a healthy dose of sports. Keep you up to date with all the news. Oh, and traffic. Stir it all together and slap a bunch of duct tape on it and you get Regular Guy Radio with Dan, Jason, Tom Leach, Karyn Czar and Officer Don.

Regular Guy Radio's Home Page
Fred RosenfeldFred Is One Of A Kind. A Former Baseball Player, Entrepreneur, The Owner Operator Of The Parc England Boutique Hotel & The Bistro On The Bayou Restaurant. Fred's Interests Are Wide & His Knowledge, Even Wider. He Will Talk Politics, Good Food, Anything That Comes To His Complicated Mind.
Alan David Stein
Kelly Truth Squad
Dan Mills
Jim Richards
Jim Richards's Home Page
Roland ViaMayor of the Morning joins WNDB
Hank StolzHank is no stranger to the Worcester area - he's been on the radio for over 10 years! Listen each weekday for newsmaker and entertaining interviews, as well as your calls.
Talk of the Town (Kearney, NE)
Voice of Dakota
with Dakota Huseby
Northshore Life
with Ed Clancy
A fixture in New Orleans radio and TV since 1973, Ed sharpened his wit at WVUE-TV as their prime feature reporter covering the famous and not-so-famous characters of New Orleans. He later developed both the Ed Clancy Radio Cartoon and TV Cartoon, short-takes that are known for their take-no-prisoner lampoons. He’s hosted numerous talk shows on both radio and TV, and is the winner of broadcast journalism, production and writing awards. In addition to his new show on WGSO, Ed writes a highly regarded column for the Kenner Star, and is ghostwriting the autobiography of one of Southern Louisiana’s best known theater owners.

Northshore Life's Home Page
Dan GreshamThe home of Smart Talk. The goal of this program is that we learn something new every day.
Bruce ButlerBruce loves movies, traveling and has been known to light up the occassional cigar (his fave cigar is CAO Criollo). In addition, Bruce's favorite movie is "Raging Bull", and his favorite city is New Orleans.

Bruce Butler's Home Page
The Flip Side
with Amir Raheem
Ron VanDam
Hurricane's Highway Home
with Mike Herren
Fall River sports legend Mike "Hurricane" Herren dishes out his completely unique and compelling style of radio. This isn't your grandfather's Afternoon Drive...

Hurricane's Highway Home's Home Page
Jennifer HornJennifer Horn takes the time to go in depth into the issues we all deal with everyday.
Don Weeks
Afternoon Drive
with Sherman Baldwin

Afternoon Drive's Home Page
Sound Off
with Ferrell Wellman
Join Ferrell Wellman weekdays from 9a to noon, on Newsradio 630 WLAP, for the best in local talk. This is your daily opportunity to “sound off” your opinions on Local, National and International topics.

Sound Off's Home Page
Colorado Matters
Who will it be?It's the mystery guest host!
Greg & BobNorthern Michigan doesn't start its day without Greg & Bob.
Noon Show
with Carol Roth
Join Carol as she learns you can't say bovine scatology on radio.
Kane & Company
with Dave Kane
You love him. You hate him. He inspires. He infuriates. He's sad. He's hilarious. Outrageous, silly, serious, engaging, abrasive, compelling. It's just another day on Kane & Company.
Morning Show
Morning Show's Home Page
Dominick Brascia
Dominick Brascia's Home Page
Al ButlerThe sexiest man on radio in Philadelphia

Al Butler's Home Page
File This
with Phil Anez
Politics, sports and the issues of the day are among the topics Phil considers each day at 5:00 pm on WNRI. He dares liberals to call and challenge his viewpoints

File This's Home Page
Jarred Rego
Dave Kelm & Kirk Farah
Point to Point
with Mark Bohach
Point to Point with Mark Bohach
Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner's Home Page
Radio 720 ReviewJoin host Todd Manley and listen to all of your favorite highlights from WGN... whether you missed it the first time around, or just want to hear it again, it's the best of WGN on Radio 720 Revue.

Radio 720 Review's Home Page
Lunch With Jerry
Lunch With Jerry's Home Page
Radio LoboEn Espanol
Stevie Jay
Countryman's Kansas
with Gene Countryman

Countryman's Kansas's Home Page
Stuart James
Talk of the Town
with Henry Hinton
Langdon Perry
Rick Fowler
Speedy RewindReplay of a past "SPD" program
Michael KoolidgeProvocative talk and issues with interviews & your calls

Michael Koolidge's Home Page
KCRS News at 5
with Jesse Grimes
Marc SteinerThe Marc Steiner Show prides itself on providing a venue for intelligent conversation about local issues crucial to the livelihood and well being of the citizens of Baltimore and Maryland.

Marc Steiner's Home Page
Arnie Arnesen's Politial ChowderDon't eat the oysters unless there is an "R" in the month.
Kevin Tocci
Paul Gonzalez
Man About Town
with Mark Pence
KERA Talk ShowKERA talks about what it thinks its listeners wants to hear - extreme body modification, the legacy of the Vietnam War, Tom Hayden, exposing how the CIA has been trying to infiltrate al Queada, Ugly Americans and the growth of Anti-Americanism in Europe, playing the lottery and more!. (June 2006) Wow. And "they" say Public Radio has grown out of touch with America.

KERA Talk Show's Home Page
Dave AlanDave Alan is Back!
Thoma Time
Women of Mass Discussion
Women of Mass Discussion's Home Page
Damon Green
Damon Green's Home Page
Mark Halvorsen
Mark Halvorsen's Home Page
Corey Crowe
Prescott AZ TalksWhen KCYA Talks, Arizona listens
Rachel HammersIt!s time to bring the hammers down

Rachel Hammers's Home Page
Celebrate Colorado
with Roger Allen
Reality Check
with Mike & Clairie
Check please!
Milt RosenbergThe brain trust from late night WGN is back! And Barack Obama won't shut him up this time!

Milt Rosenberg's Home Page
Nathan IveVoted "Best New Talk Radio Voice 2005" by Citybeat magazine

Nathan Ive's Home Page
Lake Charles Live
with George Rivet
Talk? Have we got talk!
Jersey Shore Seniors
with Joe McDermott
Joe McDermott covers topics that effect seniors and the people who care for them. The information is always current, and expert guests will be there to discuss various topics such as health, finances, real estate, entertainment, elder law, jobs, Medicare, and of course, our listeners’ concerns.
Beach Talk AMHow about that sand? Seen any Portuguese man of war? (Men of war or man of wars?)
Bryan Hyde
Bryan Hyde's Home Page
Jeff Koch
Jeff Koch's Home Page
KURM Party LineWoohoo, it's a party!
WGNS Action Line
Dave WalshEvery week Dave finds a new "That Guy" to terrorize. "That Guy" reads in the bathroom, doesn't understand line etiquette, owns a bean bag chair... the list goes on. And Dave wants you to add to that list. Email Dave your nomination for his "That Guy" segment the next time you're at the gym, grocery store or just walking down the street and you witness That Guy in action.

Dave Walsh's Home Page
Rick on the Radio
Klamath Talks
No Stress Express
with Andea
John Moore (cfrb)The funny guy whose politics drive people nuts, John arrived on the Toronto scene in 2003 to launch the cleverly named John Moore Show after serving as CFRB’s Entertainment editor for five years from our sister stations in Montreal. He began his radio career while still completing his degrees at Concordia University and for more than a decade was a reporter and news anchor in Montreal.

John Moore (cfrb)'s Home Page
Jim Jacobs
Jim Jacobs's Home Page
Gongol & Dean
Gongol & Dean's Home Page
Tom Moore
Tatum Eason
Two Moms & a Mic
Abby BonellEvery weekday from 9am until 10am, Abby goes beyond the headlines with today's newsmakers -- not just politicians -- but people from all walks of life with interesting stories to tell. Plus, Abby talks to the reporters and correspondents covering the news. And, of course, the show includes your phone calls.

Abby Bonell's Home Page
Cory & Joel
Cory & Joel's Home Page
Real Talk About Real Life
with Wendi Summers
Shannon Moss
Shannon Moss's Home Page
Bill Sebastian
Dennis Baxter
Ellen O'Brien
Ellen O'Brien's Home Page
Person to Person
with Michael Harris
Michael Lawerence Harris has been a part of Houston radio since 1972, and a member of the KCOH radio team since 1974. As the host of KCOH's "Person To Person" for more then 20 years, Michael has never been one to avoid the controversial, a stance that has earned respect and popularity across the United States. He serves as the station's News Director and hosts the popular "Gospel Melody Time", named in honor of Rev. W. Leo Daniels and Mrs. Nevarro Harris Daniels, Michael's aunt and uncle.

Person to Person's Home Page
Chris Simmons
Jay McFarlandOne of the things that separates Jay Mcfarland from many other talk show hosts is that he genuinely wants to hear your opinions and any solutions or ideas that you may have. He also loves to laugh and feels that it is so important to take time to find the good in life so that we are not consumed by the bad. Jay likes to cut through the party rhetoric and focus on what’s best for Texans and Americans

Jay McFarland's Home Page
Around NoonThe day's breaking news stories are featured with an exploration of the cultural and entertainment panorama of northeast Ohio.

Around Noon's Home Page
Mariellen Burns
Kenny Bosak
Carlos Amezcua
Todd OrtloffTodd anchors the morning and mid-day news, and hosts his own talk show, "The Todd Ortloff Show". Todd is an Edward R. Murrow award winner and graduated from the Murrow School of Commincations at Washington State University.

Todd Ortloff's Home Page
Tico PerezMr. Perez has represented financial institutions, public corporations and principals of joint ventures and syndications in a broad range of business matters including corporate law, loan workouts, private securities offerings, commercial real estate transactions and mergers and acquisitions.

Tico Perez's Home Page
The Palm Beach's City FocusDave McBride presides over the a mix of current events and oddball pop culture, where he demonstrates his unique ability to amuse and do news.

The Palm Beach's City Focus's Home Page
Your NewsTalkin about the news from the community perspective
L.A. Taronearone brings his distinctive style and decades of news reporting into the talk arena

L.A. Tarone's Home Page
Two Bald Guys With Strong Opinions
with Stephen LeDrew & Michael Coren
Stephen LeDrew is the former president of the Federal Liberal Party and Michael Coren is a right winger. LeDrew and Coren disagree on almost everything.

Two Bald Guys With Strong Opinions's Home Page
Matt & Craig
Matt & Craig's Home Page
Marilyn York
AM Mocksville
Topp Talk
Ryan Doyle
A. L. Brown
Steele Talkin’
with Jearlyn Steele
Dave Gentry
Dave Gentry's Home Page
Hillary & FriendsHillary Howard is a reporter, writer and Emmy Award-winning weathercaster who has hopscotched around Washington radio and television since arriving in 1989.

Hillary & Friends's Home Page
Live with Rabbi Spivak
Mark CoxYou know him from Channel 4 TV news - now you can watch him on radio too!

Mark Cox's Home Page
Your Town (Junction City, KS)
Champion News Talk
Champion News Talk's Home Page
Afternoon Edition - Jeff Schechtman
Andy & Jason
Victoria Jones
City Arts & Lectures
Let's Talk about It
with John Panesko
WTSN Open Mike
Cara a Cara con el pueblo
with Ricardo Espinoza
WADO comes face to face with the community
News & Views
with Gregory Howard
Sean Jeremy Osborn
WNRI's Up Front
Wisconsin Weekend
with Jim Peck
TM Talks
with Tom Mitchell
Talking is a lot easier than listening.
Bob Harris
Paul VanderburghPaul keeps you in touch with what's happening in the Capital Area
Leslie BaileyIt's the woman that needs no introduction to anyone in Montgomery - it's Leslie Bailey!

Leslie Bailey's Home Page
Kay Kriss & Matt Tompkins
Gwin Faulconer Lippert
Grimaldi vs. Williams
Kathryn ZoxKathryn Zox is a therapist and actor as well as a graduate of the New School of Radio and Television. She also has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and in Social Work. Kathryn’s travels to Russia, China and Latin America have provided new insights into her ever-expanding repertoire of life changing experiences.
Phil Marquez
Andre Trevigne
Bobby's Baltimore
Sean MatthewsSean has spent over ten years working in Christian Radio and three years for a national religious publication and brings solid core conservative family values and perspective to the issues of the day.“

Sean Matthews's Home Page
Radio View
with Byron Eggers & Bradley MacMayer
The View at Delray Beach
Talk Shop
with Robert & Tim
Why you should use peroxide instead of bleach and other useful tips.
Page TwoDick Veatch and Tom Petty interview local news makers, politicians, civic leaders, church leaders, and anyone else of interest to the citizens of Robertson County.
Morning Ritual
with Garret Lewis
Davis & CompanyJack Davis was a one term U. S. Congressman after being a 5 term Illinois State Representative. Jack's legislative knowledge is second to no one on Springfield radio. Jack's unique insight has been enjoyed by WMAY listeners for many years. "Knowing where all the bodies are buried" has helped Jack give WMAY a real "in" on some of the day's hottest issues.

Davis & Company's Home Page
We Love Brevard
The Lab
WATH Party Line
with Dave Palmer
Party Line is Ohio's oldest talk and call in show. Party Line features guests who are celebrities from entertainment and sports, government officials of all levels, and experts on a wide variety of important.
Wolf / Proft
G. Garvin G. Garvin was the executive chef and co-owner of a L.A. restaurant, which in less than a year earned top honors from both the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles magazine. Emilie is the host on Intro2Steppin, the best-selling "learn to step" DVD on the market.
Colorado Talk
Open for Business
Brady Russell
Joe Radio
Hotline with Renk
Your Views & Mine
Ethan & Alex
with Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry
Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry kick-start your Saturday with stimulating talk and opinions on Utah issues you won't hear anywhere else
Ron DanielsDr. Ron Daniels is President for the Institute on the Black World 21st Century and a Distinguished Lecturer at York College of the City University of New York.

Ron Daniels's Home Page
George at Night
with George Anthas
If it's happening in Lowell, George wants to talk about it
Susan & Greg
Susan & Greg's Home Page
This & That
with Bunny Steinfeld
A little of this and a little of that
Talk with Denny Hecker
Talk with Denny Hecker's Home Page
Saturday Buzz
with Ken Anderson
Kendall Anderson, real estate developer, educator, talk show host. One of his favorite quotes he once heard, “The most powerful thing one person can do for another is to teach them to read.” His master research paper entitled “The Effectiveness of Whole Language” researched effective reading techniques.
Greg Hollenback
Greg Hollenback's Home Page
Russ JohnsonRuss has a cutting edge sense of humor and is a lightning rod of opinion, The Russ Johnson Experience is one matched by no other Talk Show Host! Russ spent several years at KOA in Denver, and many more in Kansas City, before coming back to Colorado to stay

Russ Johnson's Home Page
Nick Tzitzon
Nick Tzitzon's Home Page
Back 2 Reality
KYCA PMFormer Prescott city councilman Steve Blair discusses city and county issues. Guest hosts on Tuesdays.
John QuaintanceJohn's interests are as varied as the topics on his show - Local politics, social issues, unusual customs, and national news events are all part of his daily banter. John is a lifelong outdoorsman who has hunted, fished, hiked, and traveled around the world.

John Quaintance's Home Page
TJ & Friends
Stu Taylor
A Woman's View
with Amanda Dickson
Is that a cobweb on the ceiling?
Con Todo el DerechoLo siento - no entiendo Espanol.
People Talk
Contact Arizona
Bob & Marianne
Frank MatthewsFrank Matthews has been a radio personality throughout Birmingham for the last six years and is know for his brash style. Matthews was a trailblazer in Bringing 21st century activism radio to Alabama.

Frank Matthews's Home Page
DNA Show
with Vince Daniels
Jack LondonA balance humor and passion on issues that impact our lives presented in the style that WGNS listeners have learned to love from Jack.
Lovell DyettLovell Dyett has received 12 regional and national television Emmy awards for news reporting, commentary and documentary production. His documentaries on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and then Arkansas Governor William Clinton, have won national acclaim. He has hosted public broadcasting's radio coverage of the New Hampshire Presidential primaries.

Lovell Dyett's Home Page
El Palo de la Tarde
John Spencer
Rich Minaya
Best of the Big One
Rogers AR Breakfast ShowGrab a bowl of grits and set down for a spell.
Best of Mike Barnicle
Tom Kearney
Tom Kearney's Home Page
Michael BowerDon't call him Jay.
with Larry Mantle
Join Larry Mantle for lively and in-depth discussions of city news, politics, science, entertainment, the arts, and more.

AirTalk® 's Home Page
with Dro Silvo
NEXT! is a countdown of "Tampa Bay's Top 5 Stories of the Day"...according to Dro.
Henry Hinton
On the Mark
with Mark Chapette
Dezmo Zone
with Michael Desmond
The Dezmo Zone features a wide variety of guests, including mayors, state and national politicians, local business and community leaders and people who have a good story to tell. Topics covered on the Dezmo Zone include: LNG; an on-line fishing tournament; fungus; candidates for a variety of local and state offices; police memorials; the move of the Astor Street Opry Company to a new home; a wide variety of community events and a weekly conversation with State Senator Betsy Johnson.

Dezmo Zone's Home Page
Money & Politics in Delaware
Billy Buck
Afragenesis's Home Page
Talk of the Town
with Tom Pace
It's Tom Pace, and he is talking about our town.
KIRO Midnight Radio Show
with Bryan Syble
Northshore Midday
with Ed Marten
Firing Line 1380
with Jeff Gamache
Mark Caesar & Charlie HodgeJoin Mark and Charlie talking about what people in Austin want to talk about

Mark Caesar & Charlie Hodge's Home Page
In The House
with James & Julie
Whether you're up late or rising before the sun to go fishin', come on in the house and set a spell

In The House's Home Page
Nation of Jake
Nation of Jake's Home Page
Pat CulverhousePat always has his finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world of politics in Shreveport/Bossier and in Louisiana.

Pat Culverhouse's Home Page
Fred Ebert
Charlotte County SpeaksFind out what Charlotte County is talking about

Charlotte County Speaks's Home Page
Jersey Joe
Ask Vikki
with Vikki Leach
Let's Talk
with Carolyn Weiland
Mike Faust
Time for an Awakening
with Elliot Booker
Kevin BowerMusic, guests,call-ins, discussion topics of local interest, contests and more. Family friendly radio in the afternoon at its finest.
Bruce Mayhew
RJ McKay
Dog HouseJV comes to the evening to entertain you

Dog House's Home Page
Steve BryantAfter spending 15 years as one of the top selling hosts on QVC, Steve Bryant took a year off to perform his original music at festivals around the country. The positive reaction to his political songs and parodies led him to a talk radio gig in the Philadelphia Suburbs.

Steve Bryant's Home Page
Mary AnneIt's Mary Anne, and this is her show!
Best of WVONIt's the best of WVON all over again.
Jeremy Levitt
Studio 600
WHKP this week
Ray Canneff
Ray Canneff's Home Page
The American Revolution
with John McNamara
KSRO Ask the ExpertInformation and advice on various topics from experts in the North Bay.
Radio One Marine Report
Breakfast Flakes
Loose KannonJoin LK only in the stream

Loose Kannon's Home Page
Saturday MorningLineIt's Saturday Morning, and Springfield (MO) is talking!
Hofstra's Morning Wake-Up Call
Bernie Cyrus Show
with Sheri Campbell
The name pretty says it all
Tom BarberiTom Barberi, the Utah political and cultural commentator and columnist, is well known for his rapier wit and penchant for rooting out hypocrisy. "I am an Independant, Moderate, Libertarian Conservative iconoclastic Icon. As The Voice of Reason I hate everybody!"

Tom Barberi's Home Page
Live & Local
with Gerry Fulcher
Captain Humble
Faith MiddletonFor more than 25 years,Faith Middleton has fostered insightful, thought-provoking conversation. Faith Middleton offers her listeners some of the world's most fascinating people and subjects.

Faith Middleton's Home Page
MidAmerica Morning
with Karen Abernathy
Tim O'CallaghanTim talks with the movers and shakers of Las Vegas. This native Nevadan and co-publisher of the Henderson, Green Valley and Boulder City News hosts this locally produced show that covers politics, city growth and the influential people of Las Vegas.
Working West Michigan
with Bennie Covington
"Working West Michigan," an hour-long weekly radio show hosted by WTKG radio personality Bennie Covington and will feature a regular panel of guests from the West Michigan Friends of Labor Committee as well as special guests each week.

Working West Michigan's Home Page
Harry Hurley
Harry Hurley's Home Page
Jack HeathA blend of current events and intelligent political talk with a New Hampshire focus.
Woody Woodland
Jackson DailyCome find out what Jackson is talking about.
KFI Guest HostKFI is looking for a new host - are you available?
WNEM Wakeup
Lidia CuranajAs a journalist with over two decades of experience, Lidia has covered numerous major events in New York City and has interviewed notables from President Trump to Madonna.

Lidia Curanaj's Home Page
The 411
with KB & Vicki
Number please?

The 411's Home Page
Greg JacksonGreg Jackson hosts Middays with news and weather for Lincoln Nebraska, a little music, interesting things going on in Lincoln plus his Today in History feature, and more.
Jim Rash
Friendly Fire
with Clarke Sanders
Clarke Sanders is back on the air in Salina. Clarke's Conservative opinion, combined with Nancy's Liberal views and feistiness make for a very entertaining show.
Prime Talk
with Mark Ross
Mike Porcaro
Mike Porcaro's Home Page
Kay & Jim
Rocky Knight
with Nancy Greenwood
Area 52
Sam Bourquin
Chuck & Kelly
Chuck & Kelly's Home Page
Your Home, Your View
Speak Out
The 11th Hour
Mid-Day Cafe
with Eleanor Dezzi
Dana BarrettThe Dana Barrett Show is the only live, local radio show focused on what's happening in Atlanta. From startups to big business and everything in between, The Dana Barrett Show keeps you up to date on the headlines and introduces you to the entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders that make this city great. With expert contributors on a wide range of business topics and segments that include technology, real estate, hospitality, retail, and more, Dana and her team cover all the business that affects your daily life with a fun, upbeat tone and a little bit of sass. We're talking Atlanta business. Join the conversation!

Dana Barrett's Home Page
The Communicators
Talk of Cheyenne
Dave's Gone By
with Dave Lefkowitz
Dave's Gone By is comedy, talk, music, interviews, hosted by Dave Lefkowitz: radio personality, journalist, humorist, theater critic, and mammal.

Dave's Gone By's Home Page
Jim Brown
Queen Brown
Jason Keller
WSUI Exchange
with Ben Kieffer
The Exchange is the name of Iowa Public Radio's news/talk program. The list of lofty goals for the new show includes: going beyond the headlines of breaking stories, giving listeners access to elected officials, framing community problems, providing Ben Kieffer listeners the chance to discuss them as well as offer ideas to solve them.

WSUI Exchange's Home Page
Laurel County Live
Citizen Soap Box
Woonsocket Open Line
with Joe Ferriere
Talk of the Town
with Dr. Scott Shalaway
Talk of the Town focuses on community involvement and "news you can use" - wieh interviews from Ohio Valley experts in fields like health and medicine, finance, travel, and even local history.
New Source 900
with Thera Martin Connelly
Hear the lastest news from the Community. WURD up.
Pittsburgh Renaissance RadioWith a rotating group of hosts with strong business backgrounds, Pittsburgh Renaissance Radio will focus on the Pittsburgh business community. There will be in-depth interviews on local business issues as well as the impact of national developments on the area.

Pittsburgh Renaissance Radio's Home Page
At Issue
with Ron Angle
Voices of the Valley
Taking Care of Business in Harlem
with Valerie Babb
As in Freddie's Fashion Mart?
Power to the People
with Tony Powers
Lee Fletcher
Mary Ellen BurnsWhat part of "No" doesn't Mary Ellen understand?
Liz Dalton
Liz Dalton's Home Page
WHON Local Talk
Breakfast Club
with Lee K
Dave CourseyFilling the empty space left by the end of the Radio Factor

Dave Coursey's Home Page
Mark Pence's
C. J. MorganTne voice of the community for New Orleans.
with Jerry Overton
Talk of the WiregrassJoin Bob and Marv for the latest news and views from the Wiregrass Area.
Abdul at Large
with Abdul-Hakim Shabazz
Abdul-Hakim Shabazz has been covering and writing about state and local government in Indiana since 2004. Overall, he has more than 20 years of experience in writing and talking about the issues that affect real people.  He goes beyond the headlines and tells you not only what’s happening, but why it’s happening

Abdul at Large's Home Page
Ask the Expert
with JeffMoreau
Corsi in the PM
Calvin Hastings
Sunday Night at 7A selection of documentaries and other good stuff
Randy Lee
Harmon Carey
Larry Conners
Larry Conners's Home Page
Cadigan/JordanPat brings you news and commentary.

Cadigan/Jordan's Home Page
Sarasota Speaks
with Chuck Englund:
Before moving to the Suncoast, Chuck served as a radio news anchor in both the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Atlanta markets. He took home an Emmy award while working as a TV news anchor at CBS-TV affiliate in Macon, GA. He hosted a syndicated author interview show "Books Uncovered" on over 100 stations in the US and Canada.

Sarasota Speaks's Home Page
Dean ErvinDean Ervin has been an important part of Rockford Radio. He has covered nearly all of the major news events in our community. His show features of what happened today and what it means to the people of Rockford.

Dean Ervin's Home Page
Scott Paulsen
Which Way, L.A.?
with Warren Olney
Award-winning moderator Warren Olney leads lively, thoughtful and provocative discussion on the issues Southern Californians care about.

Which Way, L.A.?'s Home Page
AM Ocala Live
Fun With Fred
with Fred Haier
Kendall Moore
John LaBarca Morning ShowJohn LaBarca is Back! Bridgeport's favorite morning guy and Italian singer has a new home on a station Waaaay up that dial. WDJZ is AM 1530. After being dumped with no warning by WICC-AM (A Cumulus Station) and having Cox Radio donate his new station out from under him (they donated the station to a school), John has landed at his new home back in his hometown.
Chalk Talk
with Amy Martin & John Sanchez
Welcome to Saturday Morning in Guam
According to the Record
with Hank Booth
Running down a list of today's birthdays will never get you in trouble with the fairness doctrine.
Mondays with Monty McDowell
with Tyson & Brent
Hosts Tyson & Brent Will Talk Politics On The Local, State And National Level Along With The Occasional Off-The-Wall Topic.
Live at 5
with Elvis Polo
Stephen Marks
Tom SeymourTom Seymour discusses your views on current events with local guests from the world of politics, government and community organizations
Kelly & Friends
Talk at Ten
Busboom & Wolfe
Scott WalkerScott Walker interacts on local issues that impact us all. Often they take normal ideas and give them a unique twist
Banging Heads with the Greats
Banging Heads with the Greats's Home Page
Dr Charles Campbell
with Dr. Gene Garris
Charles Campbell is informative, fun, entertaining, and never boring. He is not afraid to ask the tough questions. "Hate-free" talk radio is on the air. Dr. Gene Garris has a political science degree from Clemson University is a Family Practice Chiropractic Physician in Columbia, SC.

Dr Charles Campbell's Home Page
Garey Forster & Anthony PattonBorn and raised in New Orleans, Garey Forster served in the Louisiana State legislature from 1982-1997. He was elected 5 times, twice as a Democrat and three times as a Republican. Anthony Patton is the President and CEO of EBONetworks, a diversity marketing, recruiting, and advertising agency based in New Orleans involved in encouraging investment in and spread positive news stories about the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Garey Forster & Anthony Patton's Home Page
Real Life Radio Show
Curtis Smith
WSAL Talk of the Town
Gayle Ruzika
Comment Please
with Darryl Berger
Twin State Journal
with Janine Weins & Bridget LeRoy
The mission of Twin State Journal is to entertain the listeners while introducing them to the people, places, businesses and events that make the WNTK and WUVR listening area a special place in which to live and work.

Twin State Journal's Home Page
The Drive (KOLE)Ronnie is well loved in the community and loves talk radio. If something is happening in Southeast Texas you can be sure Ronnie knows about it and wants to talk about it.

The Drive (KOLE)'s Home Page
Power Hour
with Lopez Martinez
The Power Pep talk show that's all about you.

Power Hour's Home Page
Talk is Cheap
with Bill Benica

Talk is Cheap's Home Page
Dan Mulhern
Trent EnglandTrent England is vice president for strategic initiatives at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), where he is also the David and Ann Brown Distinguished Fellow for the Advancement of Liberty and directs the Center for the Constitution & Freedom and the Save Our States project. He is the National Coordinator for Liberty Foundation of America and an adjunct fellow of the Freedom Foundation

Trent England's Home Page
Steve Hilton
Greg Macmaster
Lee LoganLee Logan hosts "The Drive" afternoon show. Stimulating talk and accurate news and information are the hallmarks of this fast paced show. The Drive has no agenda, but does offer a wide variety of opinions, including an energetic dose from the audience. Lee's counseling background serves "The Drive" well as this entertaining informative show works its way through a wide variety of local topics each afternoon
Sam ObarSam Obar is a journalist and television and radio personality in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He serves as the host of The History Of Walpole on Walpole Community Television. He is a friend and advisor to a number of local, state, and national politicians, dignitaries, and business professionals.

Sam Obar's Home Page
Ron Van Dam
U Need 2 Know
with Frank Knapp

U Need 2 Know's Home Page
Kirk and Mark
Tuddle Talk
Tuddle Talk's Home Page
Saturday Soap Box
with Larry Portras
Voice of Freedom
with Jeff Akin
The Voice of Freedom is the only place in the Ark La Tex where listeners can hear and discuss the local and regional issues that affect them. Host Jeff Akin gives listeners information that they can use in watching over their government. Whether he is interviewing government officials, members of the media, or other political activists, Jeff is always looking to discover and expose the truth in a world of political correctness. For Akin, it’s not a job, it’s a passion
Mark Johnson
Open Range
with Jennifer Bordy
Brad & Bo
Ron Show
Adam Goldfein
Adam Goldfein's Home Page
Don Cohen
The Copp Show
CSRA Viewpoint
Prime Time Talk
with Larry Poitras
Andy Shaw
Saturday Soapbox
with Rick & Larry Stancil
Rick and Larry keep an eye out for what's going on in Bozeman, and dicuss it with you each Saturday morning.

Saturday Soapbox's Home Page
New York Myke
PM New Hampshire:
Shaun Kelley
Hank ErwinHank Erwin speaks out on the issues of the day.
Jay YoungMartinsburg wakes up to Jay.

Jay Young's Home Page
Panhandle LiveThe other part of West Virginia wakes up
Power Talk
with Jack Gillen
Power Talk with Jack Gillen and Company brings a combined 60 years of broadcast experience; these local broadcasters discuss local news and political issues that directly touch the lives of our listeners. Your opinions and phone calls are welcome.

Power Talk's Home Page
People And Issues
Desert Politics
with Todd Landfried
Desert Politics is the only valley talk show that focuses only on Maricopa County politics and issues

Desert Politics's Home Page
From Where I Stand
Steve Kass
The Very Best Of Tucson Show
with Emery Nicoletti
An Open Mind
with Angela Hill
Open Mic Too
with Doug Herendeen
Laurie FaulkersonLaurie Faulkerson is the founder of the international TV and radio ministry “It’s All about Youth”.

Laurie Faulkerson's Home Page
Live & Local
with Dan Howell
Your Neighborhood Garage
Jeff KropfJeff Kropf represented Oregon State House District 17 for eight years.
The Hour of Full ControlWe control the audio, you listen - but we can't make you call.

The Hour of Full Control's Home Page
McMahon Group
J.P. GodseyThe happiest man in America!
WANR Talk of the Town
Bridgeport CT News & Variety Show
with Brian Smith
The better half of the Smith Brothers gives you News and Variety
Ken Dotson
Open Mic
with John McGinnis
The Beat
with Mike Wesson
The Beat is a daily one hour news and talk show for Washington's urban professional. The Beat features stories, interviews, and conversations with newsmakers. The Beat includes topics and issues in health, money, and mind as well as relationships, lifestyle, and spirituality.

The Beat's Home Page
Talk of Emporia
Rob BrownBrown grew up on the beaches of Fort Walton Beach, graduating from Choctawhatchee High in 2003 and earning a Broadcast Journalism degree at the University of West Florida.
He is active in the community and has done extensive work with the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast, the Emerald Coast YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Emerald Coast, and many other charities throughout the area.

Rob Brown's Home Page
with Nancy Greenwood:
WKRS Local Talk
Kelley & Company
with Steve Kelley
The Local AngleLocal Specialty Programs

The Local Angle's Home Page
News Source 900
with Thera Martin-Connelly
News for and about The Community

News Source 900's Home Page
Evan RousseauEvan, married father of two is a retired corrections Sgt from the Commonwealth.

Evan Rousseau's Home Page
Charlie LangtonCharlie Langon was theater Major at Kalamazoo college, and is a practicing attorney - some people might call him an ambulance chaser. He used to have a show on the "old" WXYT-AM late at night before it switched to all-sports.

Charlie Langton's Home Page
Hirschfield & Kula
Hirschfield & Kula's Home Page
Scott Kidd
Kenya Duke
Kenya Duke's Home Page
Moody in the Morning
Greenwich Matters
with Sam Romeo
If it's Thurday, and it involves Greenwich, hear about it here.
People Power Hour
with George & John
The Show with Justice
The Show with Justice's Home Page
Live Local Talk
with Bob Penrod
Don't settle for that dead local talk!
Urbanology - The Art of War
Good Morning Easton
with Tom Wheeler
Christopher SmithermanNice Smile for radio!

Christopher Smitherman's Home Page
Ask the Experts (Leland, NC)
Dennis & Curtis
Eye on Toledo
with Maggie Thurber

Eye on Toledo's Home Page
Indiana Week in Review
Schylar Meadows
WDAY Information Team
WDAY Information Team's Home Page
with Dick Mason
WTNE Local Talk
El Escandalo del dia
Al Philips' Mess
Straight Talk
with Larry McKee
Word Sound Power Hour
Rhonda BellamyRhonda Bellamy discusseses the issues in Southeastern North Carolina and around the world. She’ll also bring you special guests from the world of politics, business and entertianment. If you have a telephone you have a voice on the issues.
Danette Daniels
The Wise GuysBruno Behrend, Al Salvi, and The Doctors
Mike Messmer
Marcia Everitt & Casey CameronFind out what is going on in Hornell
Pensacola Right Now
with Branden Rathert
Branden Rathert’s 60-Hours to Fight Hunger which since 2000 has fed more than 20,000 families. He also received the “Volunteer of the Year” award by the American Red Cross for his charitable efforts following September 11th, 2001.

Pensacola Right Now's Home Page
with Rob Hunter
Main Street Cafe
with Chad McKenzie
Open Line Hendersonville
Alvin Jones
Mass Resistance
with Brian Camenker

Mass Resistance's Home Page
Talk of the Town
with Marty Shirah
Collin Gillis Law
Brian Andrews
The French Evolution
with D. French
The world in 30 minutes

The French Evolution's Home Page
Community Perspective
with Kelli Alexander
Leslie RobertsGrowing up in a family of journalists/broadcasters and a mother who was an assistant to a federal MP, it was not unusual to have both journalists and politicians at Leslie's dinner table. He was definitely not the only one in his family with the media "bug". His father, Bill, was CJAD's morning man on and off over 20 years before becoming a radio talk show host and later, news director.

Leslie Roberts's Home Page
Harvard JenningsEvery day you have an open invitation to discuss the issues of the day from stories in the news to the things that are just bugging you.
Houston Business Show
News Studio B
Drew Deener
Susan Kay
Cliff Roles
Steve Brown (KFAB)
Live from Broadcast Square
Jersey Late NightsI'm from Joisey... Ya got a problem wid that?
First Edition
with JT Morgan
Don't settle for a second edition when you can have the original
Scot Morris
Mark Dorenkamp
Rutherford Issues
with Bryan Barrett
Justice Files
with Michael T. Justice
Home of the Backyard Fence. Conversation radio not talk radio. That old tradition of neighbors getting together and talking about what's going on in the neighborhood and their lives. From Lawrence to Liberty; Leavenworth to Lee's Summit; Lawson to LaCygne and all points in between. Come join in the conversation

Justice Files's Home Page
Golden Hippo
Golden Hippo's Home Page
KLAY Talk at Noon
Lake County Focus
with Tim Vandertuuk
Nemesis Hour
Cambridge RadioCambridge Forum is one of public radios longest running public affairs programs. Recorded live every week in Harvard Square, Cambridge Forum focusses on the news behind the news and regularly examines the issues and ideas that shape our lives. The programs explore topics related to civic democracy, science and technology, history and the global environment, and include as well discussions about computers, education, art, and more.

Cambridge Radio's Home Page
Peter ShurmanPeter Shurman was born, raised, and educated in Montreal and he is fluent in both English and French. That first 22 years in broadcasting saw Peter rise through the ranks from junior technician to President of Standard's Radio Division. He went into private business because he wanted to see if he had the entrepreneurial drive to take a lackluster business up the ‘curve' to success - and he did. Then the plan was to perfect a poor golf game and that lasted about three weeks.

Peter Shurman's Home Page
Frank McNeil
Maddy Report
Maddy Report's Home Page
Arizona Chain Reaction
Arizona Chain Reaction's Home Page
Lynne, Mary and Natalie Show
Lynne, Mary and Natalie Show's Home Page
For the People (KVNU)
with Tom Grover
WJOL Local talk
Steve DouglasSteve Douglas is a police officer during the day and a radio talk show host at night. He examines current events with objectivity and refuses to Monday morning quarterback.

Steve Douglas's Home Page
Tracy McCray
Tracy McCray's Home Page
Anything Goes
with Bob Folcik
Active Adults
with Bill Mayer
Jamie Kalicki
The Big Story @ 6
with Tony Miner

The Big Story @ 6's Home Page
Straight Talk
with Jeanne Anthony & Bill Sebastian
Kansas Live with Dave Foor
WBOB AM Show's Home Page
Jeremy TaylorHosted by Englishman Jeremy Taylor, the show is talk, laughs, opinion, and information on life About The House.

Jeremy Taylor's Home Page
Jeffy O'Brien
Jeffy O'Brien's Home Page
American AM
with Henry Raines
Bo ThompsonBo Thompson delivers everything you need to start the day. WBT's news and information show includes local, regional, national and international news. Traffic and weather every 10 minutes, sports with Jim Szoke and Charlotte business update reports keep you informed all morning long.

Bo Thompson's Home Page
Kevin KitchenA persistent side career in broadcasting paid for Kevin Kitchen's education in Communications and Chinese while immersing him in the news and entertainment industry. Kevin brings to our stations a broad range of experience in the industry from technical to programming including sales, management and extensive news background both radio and TV.
Frankly Speaking
with Frank Arriola
Speak frankly with Frank.
Spotlight Pittsburgh
with Jack Bogut
Loud & Clear
with Maggie Glynn & Keith Rasmussen
InterconnectJohn Hingsbergen and Cheri Lawson discuss Spirituality, self-care, alternative health care, and lifestyle issues.
Ian Bayne A holder of various professional licenses, Ian has operated and owned interests in small businesses focused in real estate, detective, appraisal, and advisement services

Ian Bayne's Home Page
Richard SyrettOne night, back in the late eighties, Richard was bored and restless. He casually flipped on the TV and had one of those rare life-defining moments. The late-movie playing was Network, an over-the-top black comedy about a deranged ex-TV-anchor whose ravings about geo-politics and media lies are exploited for profit by a TV Network. Peter Finch's portrayal of the brilliantly unhinged Howard Beale and his immortal rant, I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! shattered Richard's somnolence. "I want to be Howard Beale," he thought to himself.

Richard Syrett's Home Page
That's What I'm Talkin' About
with Cassanda McShephard
Drew McNaughton
Gresham LiveIn a career that has spanned better than 30 years, there's not much Dan Gresham hasn't tried in radio and television. Weather, sports, news and show hosting have all been a part of the journey for the native Texan.

Gresham Live's Home Page
AnchorlinesAnchors away!
Town Talk
St Louis on the Air
St Louis on the Air's Home Page
Tony RayTony Ray is a life long Joliet resident, educated in the Joliet school system and Joliet Junior College and is graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology. An accomplished musician, singer, writer and producer, Tony is currently the Minister of Music at All Nations Church of God in Christ.

Tony Ray's Home Page
WHEP ProgrammingNo schedule online
Sullivan Local Talk
Gid Pool
Around Town Radio
Hafa Guaha
with Cindy Hanson
Either you know what it means or you don't. If you don't know, it's a secret you aren't supposed to know.
Don BriscoeIt's the mystery man who needs no introduction.
The KERA Talk ShowKERA talks to you about what you should want to know.

The KERA Talk Show's Home Page
Steve Simpson
Mike Flynn Currently an editor at Breitbart in Washington, D.C., Mike started BigGovernment.org with Andrew Breitbart.

Mike Flynn's Home Page
Talk of Alaska
with Steve Heimel
A statewide call-in from the Alaska Public Radio Network
WFVA Town Hall
with Bob Hagan
Dial & Speak
Chuck HallPlaying your favorite music and talking the trash!

Chuck Hall's Home Page
WAPZ Evening Edition
with Major Norman
Tampa Bay Experience
with Dan York
Experience the Tampa Bay without the humidity
WOR Morning Show (2013)John Gambling has retired - what now?
Pharm/Farm Girls
At Ten
Carole NelsonCarole is a former News Anchor for WFTV Channel 9 and WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando. She has more then 20 years experience in radio an television. She also is the first woman in Central Florida to anchor an evening newscast.

Carole Nelson's Home Page
Woody & Wilcox
Woody & Wilcox's Home Page
The ExchangeThe Exchange is NHPR's locally produced statewide call-in program

The Exchange's Home Page
Speak your Mind
with Pat Wandling
NJN Reporters Roundtable
Anna DevlantesAnna Davlantes is a Chicago native, a seven-time Emmy Award-winning journalist who has broken major stories, passionately told small stories and exposed corruption that has prompted major investigations and reform.

Anna Devlantes's Home Page
Lunch Pail Logic
Weekly World NewsNot the grocery store newspaper with UFOs causing cancer
with Gerry V & Lee Matthews
Ever been tickled by your radio? You will with this new and refreshing presentation from the Hornet's analyst Gerry V. Oklahoma City's new baby boy and favorite transplant, "The V Man", brings you V-PM each weeknight. Listen and you will get it.
Randy Raley
Bud & AmosTip for aspiring radio hosts - don't pound the desk with your hands, and don't yell at the microphone from across the room.
Pat Johnston
WKBN Local talk
Sarah LovellSarah wants to know!

Sarah Lovell's Home Page
Think Unemployment Check
with [Not] Jon Robinson
Show is being replaced by non-Thinking syndicated programming
Mel in the Morning
Tennessee Round Table
Athena Parker
El Show de Isaias Flores
Wakeup Show
with Larry Jay
Get your brats ready and prepare for a weekend of polka music
Dave RamosIrreverent, witty, thought-provoking, borderline-crazy...just a couple of the words that describe Dave Ramos.
The other side of midnight
with Frank Morano

The other side of midnight's Home Page
Locals Only
with Kelli McKay
Get all your local event info and more on Locals Only with Kelli McKay

Locals Only's Home Page
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