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DelilahSettle into the night with some soothing music

Delilah's Home Page
John TeshIn a career that now spans more than 25 years, John Tesh is known worldwide as a leading and respected figure in the entertainment and broadcasting industries. In 1996, after 10 years as co-host of �Entertainment Tonight,� he surprised many by leaving the highly visible position to pursue his career as a fulltime musician.

John Tesh's Home Page
Kari Steele
Gary Spears
Tony James
Jennie McLeod
Joey Self
BrentAfter spending enough time at Indiana University to acquire my Phd., but only coming out with a bachelors degree, I had to decide how I was going to put that Political Science/Criminal Justice double major to work. Instead of doing that, though, I somehow landed a job in radio. So much for a meaningful education.

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Christian Wheel
Christian Wheel's Home Page
Michelle Lorraine
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