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The minimum wage in Guangdon in China is $120/month ?
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Catholic Connection
with Teresa Tomeo
Stay connected
with Mother Angelica

Mornings 's Home Page
EWTN Open Line
Holy Rosary
with Mother Angelica
The legendary Mother Angelica leads her flock in saying the Rosary
Women of Grace
with Johnnette Benkovic
The EWTN radio network brings to your attention the Women of Grace, keeping you current about what Graceful Catholic women need to know
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
with Father Leo Clifford
In The Arena
with Monsignor Kieran Harrington
with Father Pat Brennan
As a sign and instrument of the unfolding reign of God in the world...Called through the substance of our lives to recognize and share God's compassion, we celebrate all God does among us and continually choose to promote and live God's vision for the world.

Horizons's Home Page
Annunciation Radio
Catholic Church Today
with Father Catucci
The Rosary is a Place
with Father Benedict Groeschel
Vatican Radio Weekend
Life On The Line
with Father Frank Pavone
You've heard the constant drumbeat of today's "culture of death." Pro-life values are under constant assault, and many Christians feel like our side is in full retreat. Now that eternal truth has a powerful voice in the new, weekly, 28-minute broadcast Life on the Line.

Life On The Line's Home Page
Catholic Hour
EWTN Bookmark
with Doug Keck
What have you been reading lately?

EWTN Bookmark's Home Page
Conversations with Father Bob
Catholic Hour
with Ken Lampert
Catholic Answers Live
Catholic Answers Live's Home Page
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