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Healing Touch
Sunday Night Bible Forum
Brent WaltersBrent Walters founded the Centre for Early Christian Studies and teaches classes at San Jose State University

Brent Walters's Home Page
Show Of Faith
Show Of Faith's Home Page
Prophetic Watch
One Nation Under God
One Nation Under God's Home Page
Flint Islamic Center
Bob SiegelBob Siegel is an evangelist, apologist, playwright and dramatist. He grew up in a strong Jewish home, but was led to Christ while in college, through the ministry of Campus Ambassadors.

Bob Siegel's Home Page
John KruseWith a refreshing and ever-challenging defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, John Kruse takes on the popular culture with insight gained from his unique experiences, which have taken him around the world and deep inside the Vatican. According to Kruse, what remains of the American family is laughing and entertaining itself to destruction by allowing pop culture and the mainstream media to do its thinking – especially in key areas like politics and religion.

John Kruse's Home Page
Reverend Leo Stallworth
Albert MohlerSeminary president Albert Mohler addresses issues confronting the Church, the family, and the nation.
Doug PagittDoug Pagitt Radio: positive, fun, thoughtful religious conversation on topics from news to parenting; politics to natural health; science to movies; finances to faith.
Faith & Life
IWork4HimThe iWork4Him mission is to transform Christian Run Businesses through Mentoring Christian Business Owners, by incorporating the servant leadership of Jesus Christ in their businesses, their home life and their walk with Christ.

IWork4Him's Home Page
Bible Breakfast ClubWake up to the day that God has made, and have a down home chat about the Bible.
Praise & Worship
The Old Timer's Show
Cool Church Radio
Living with Joy
with Phil Waldrep
The Mission of Phil Waldrep Evangelistic Association is to share the gospel by all means, traditional and non-traditional, and to provide quality conferences and resources for people to develop their spiritual lives by strengthening their relationship with God, family and associates while maintaining a commitment to Biblical truth and highest levels of integrity.

Living with Joy's Home Page
Victory Today
Victory Today's Home Page
Good News BreakTake a break for the Good News.

Good News Break's Home Page
The Time is Now
with Rev. Dr. James Forbes
The Victory Hour
House of the Lord Ministry

House of the Lord Ministry's Home Page
UNSpoken Word
Kresta in the Afternoon
with Charles Morris

Haven's Home Page
Thru The Bible
with Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Questions and Answers offers Dr. J. Vernon McGee's signature wit and wisdom in answering Bible questions sent to him by radio listeners throughout his years of ministry.

Thru The Bible's Home Page
Faith Tabernacle
On One Accord
with Pastor Ray Hagins
Life In The Spirit
Prime Time America
with Greg Wheatley
Truth or Tradition
with Mowreh Elesha YisraEL
The Things That Matter Most
The Things That Matter Most's Home Page
Faith Matters
with Charlie Menut
Radio Reading Circle
Rhema for Today
Bible Line LiveGot a question about the Bible? Give us a call
Salvation Station
The Church Without Borders
with Pastor Amote` Sias
Living Truth
Living Truth's Home Page
Family News in Focus
Family News in Focus's Home Page
Iron Sharpens Iron
Hope in the CityThe Greater Exodus Baptist Church's purpose statement is to bring people to Jesus Christ and membership in His family; to develop them to Christ-like maturity; to equip them for ministry in the Church and life-mission in the world in order to magnify God's Name.

Hope in the City's Home Page
Stations of the Cross
Weekly Bible Lesson
Thomas Aquinas in Today's World
Love Changes Life
The Choices We Face
Way of the Cross
A Word From The Lord
with Rev. Dr. Foley Beach
The Rev. Dr. Foley Beach is the Rector and Pastor of Holy Cross Anglican Church in Loganville, Georgia. Dr. Beach shares years of Biblical and theological study in addition to 28 years of ministry experience with listeners as he points out what the Bible says about topics that are at the forefront of today's society. In clear and concise ways, he brings out the principles of the Word of God so that listeners may apply them in their lives.

A Word From The Lord's Home Page
Restoring Integrity & Faith at Work
with Rick Boxx

Restoring Integrity & Faith at Work's Home Page
Sunday Mass from EWTN
Face to FaceAmerica has an ongoing love affair with sports. And yet, America also has a deep desire for spiritual satisfaction. Face to Face unites these two hungers by using the radio talk format to introduce Christ to sports enthusiasts.

Face to Face's Home Page
Tiempo de Dios
with Alejandro Cruz
Life on the Rock
Life on the Rock's Home Page
Radio TriumfoSpanish language contemporary & traditional Christian format
Let's Talk About Jesus
with Rev.Wayne Monbleau

Let's Talk About Jesus's Home Page
The Oasis
with Laura Lowry
Sunday Night Live
with Father Benedict Groeschel
Interfaith Voices
Beth TShuvah
with Dr Tom
Adventures in Odyssey
America Alive
with Pastor Rob Weiter
Talking about life.
World Missionary Evangelism
with Ace Collins

World Missionary Evangelism's Home Page
Pursuit of Truth
with Brian Nichols
Presented by The Church International and hosted by Senior Minister Brian L. Nichols. This is a teaching program designed to provoke the listener to a thorough examination of their faith in God (2 Cor. 13:5) and their relationship to Him according to His Word. The King James Translation of the bible is the primary source of scriptural information.
Revive Our Hearts
Worship, Word, Warfare
New Life Live
with Steve Arrterburn
Russ Buss Now
Issues, EtcThe Radio Voice of the Lutheran Faith for the 21st Century

Issues, Etc's Home Page
Prophecy Club
Prophecy Club's Home Page
Straight from the HeartOutreach Ministry with positive thoughts, call-in prayer line, and church bulletin board. Hosts - Bobbie Hayes, Jean Vaughn, Maxine Drake and Terrance Lyons

Straight from the Heart's Home Page
Miracle Revival Hour
with Pastor David Paul
The Hour so good it seems like it only lasted 15 minutes
Tell it Like it is
with Chuck Olliff
People of Faith
with Carole Mikita
Enduring Truth
with Pastor Paul Sheppard

Enduring Truth's Home Page
Science, Scripture & Salvation
Peace of God
Sweet Sounds & Glorious Songs
Ranch Hope Radio
with Dave Bailey

Ranch Hope Radio's Home Page
Prophet's Voice
with Vic Caroleo
Power of the Word
Way of the Master
A Sound Word
A Sound Word's Home Page
Let My People Think
with Ravi Zacharias

Let My People Think's Home Page
Having Church On Sunday Morning
with Dr. Sherman Roberts
Hebrew Christian
Faith Is Alive
Words To Live By
Words To Live By's Home Page
The Word Is
Closer To Your Heart
with Deborah Mitchell
Lighthouse Baptist ChurchDon't hide your light under your bushel basket.
Talk to Me
with Sister Regina Ruiz
River of Life
Word & Worship Weekly
with Scott Thunder
Loren Larson
Loren Larson's Home Page
Jimmy Swaggart Telecast
Ask the Pastor
The Voice of Rescue
Radio Envoy
with Richard Beattie & Mark Oss

Radio Envoy's Home Page
The Book of Revelation for Today
Power Of PrayerGod has more joules than you can handle.
Family Worship Center Service
House of the Lord Penecostal
Morningstar Evangelistic Church
with Pastor Samuel Hicks
The Advocate
with Janet Carter

The Advocate's Home Page
On Top & Rising
Wings Of Healing
Marble Church
Marble Church's Home Page
Family Life Today
with Dennis Rainey & Bob Lepine
with Jack Graham

PowerPoint's Home Page
Church of the HighlandsChurch of the Highlands is a Christian, Bible teaching church located in San Bruno, California, northwest of the San Francisco International Airport. Our senior pastor, Donald B. Sheley, has been preaching the Word of God for over 50 years, over 40 years at Church of the Highlands.

Church of the Highlands's Home Page
Living on the Edge
Family Stuff
with Dan Seaborn
Dr Paul MooreIt's a bit hard to describe....
Daybreak (KFAX)
Truth from the Heart
Sunday Nite Praise Break
with Tina Dixon
Reservoir Ministries
The Lord’s Table MinistryWhat's for breakfast?
Praise Power & Prayer
Issues, etc.
Inner Sight
with Robert Anderson
An anti-religious "spiritual" program of "esoteric philopsophy" that supports the political activities of the so-called United Nations
Shekinah Inspiration Hour
with Pastor M
Gutsy GeeksYour computer needs Linux!
Considering Faith
Abounding Grace
Living Grace
Walk in the Word
with Dr James McDonald
Walk in the Word, and the Word is with you always.

Walk in the Word's Home Page
Newness of LifeStart a new life - word up.
Ask the Pastor
with Rev. Eric A. Hansen
Eric Hansen is a down to earth guy who happens love Jesus and pastors 2 local area churches. He most enjoys making the Bible fun and easy to understand. Born and raised in Central Illinois his 20 years of liturgical background along with a graduate education in modern day Pentecost makes him the perfect candidate to help you with those nagging questions about God, the Church and religion.

Ask the Pastor's Home Page
HomeWord This Week
Conexion Catolica
God's Half Hour
with Dr. Charles Fuller

God's Half Hour's Home Page
Trinity UCCIf you listen carefully, you might hear Brarack Obama
Simple Faith
with Dr. Arthur Caliandro
Blending personal experience with illuminating anecdotes and scriptural principles, Simple Faith with Dr. Caliandro inspires us to enhance our relationship with God and the people in our lives with universal stories of hope, faith, and love. Honest, thought-expanding sermons connect with the human experience on the deepest levels, encouraging growth in our daily life journey through acts of kindness, practical coping skills, and interactive fellowship.

Simple Faith's Home Page
Mt. Olive AOH Church Of God
Concepts of Faith
with James McCurdy
The ministry so important that the web site needed to be encrypted so The Devil won't be able to see a word on it!

Concepts of Faith's Home Page
Beyond Intelligent Design
The Living Word
Enjoying Everyday Life
with Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. A New York Times bestselling author, her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Enjoying Everyday Life's Home Page
Prophecy For Today
Prophecy For Today's Home Page
Key Life
Key Life's Home Page
Rev Daley Barnes
Messianic Perspectives
Messianic Perspectives's Home Page
Family Altar
with Lester Roloff
Radio TriunfoSpanish Language

Radio Triunfo's Home Page
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
Southwest Radio Church
Southwest Radio Church's Home Page
World Missions
World Missions's Home Page
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