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Dr. Joy BrowneDr Joy Browne is able to elicit the most intimate details of the lives of her callers, who consider her their advisor, friend and confidant.

Dr. Joy Browne's Home Page
Night Light™
with Bonnie Curry
Bonnie keeps the light burning.

Night Light™'s Home Page
Marriage Builders
with Bill & Joyce Harley
With the divorce rate in America reaching the 50% mark Marriage Builders addresses the questions and issues that face so many people today. Questions like Why do people fall in love? Why do they fall out of love? What do they want most in marriage? How can a bad marriage become a great marriage? These and many more are asked and answered live every Monday through Friday by Willard F. Harley, Jr., Ph.D. Dr. Bill and his wife Joyce take calls from listeners around the country. You may recognize Dr. Bill as the author of the internationally best selling book, His Needs, Her Needs: Building An Affair-proof Marriage. The hard-cover American edition alone has sold over one million copies, and it is has also available in paperback and sixteen foreign translations.

Marriage Builders's Home Page
Frankie BoyerWith her enthusiastic and explosive personality, Frankie Boyer targets her Health Show to those interested in traditional and alternative approaches to anti-aging and healthy living, especially if you are a vegetarian

Frankie Boyer's Home Page
Dr Laura BermanDr. Berman explains the different ways men and women express themselves. It's about translating the languages of love.
Mastering Ourselves
with Keith & Shamai Amber
Spiritual Lifestyle Experts Keith and Sharmai Amber Will rock your world with new perspectives Embracing ALL aspects of life.
Work Matters
with Nan Russell
If you work forxa living, work matters to you.

Work Matters's Home Page
Your next job
with Steven Greenberg
Find your next job!

Your next job's Home Page
Dr Robin SmithDr. Robin's combination of psychological insight and practical advice will help listeners transform their relationships and personal lives. Through exploration, they will learn how to strip away emotional barriers so that they can experience more fulfilling and enriching relationships. Dr. Robin interviews guest experts and takes calls from listeners, offering her unique commentary on the challenges they face.
Celebration of Life
with David Stein
Combine your mother, your priest, Roy Masters, Captain Kangaroo, Sesamee Street, the cast of Cheers and your first grade teacher - and the result is David Stein teaching you everything you need to know about living your life correctly - so you don't make all the mistakes he made. Interestingly, celebrationoflife.org sells supplies for funerals.
Angels on Call
with Mary Occhino
Mary Occhino is a gifted psychic intuitive with a diverse following around the world, and she will talk with listeners throughout every show, offering personal psychic readings. Mary O will make predictions for listeners' futures, as well as guide them through the personal issues and problems they face in the present.
Willie JolleyHost Willie Jolley is a premier speaker, singer and author who talks to listeners about accelerating success, growing businesses and growing people, performance and profits. Willie?s live show will inspire, engage, and empower listeners by offering techniques, ideas, principles, and strategies to help them live the life they desire. .
Josh TollyFrom Politics to Relationships, from Business to religion; Josh Tolley is changing how people think and succeed.

Josh Tolly's Home Page
Maggie LintonMaggie Linton features stories about individuals who have reached for success and their stories for achieving their goals. Maggie helps listeners bring the positive lessons from these journeys into their own lives.
DM Late NIghts
with Dawson McAllister

DM Late NIghts's Home Page
Steppin' OutGritty, funny, always heartfelt, these are ordinary people in extreme circumstances. You won't forget them. Each person sharing his or her story is real but remains anonymous. You'll hear secrets, setbacks and triumphs.

Steppin' Out's Home Page
Mom Talk
with Marie Bailey
Are you a mom or do you have one? Then this show is for you.

Mom Talk's Home Page
Real Talk
with Dr Eric Nepute
Dr. Eric has become a sought after speaker in the health and wellness community, speaking on topics ranging from stress management to how to live a pain free life. He has helped businesses both large and small save hundreds of thousands of dollars by assisting in their health and wellness programs. His unique ability to simplify complex health issues has brought Dr. Eric to the top of his field, not only as a clinician but also as an expert speaker. Dr. Eric’s workshop programs have been called “educational, motivational, and inspirational” by Dr. Bob Hoffman, author of The New York Times best seller, Discover Wellness.

Real Talk's Home Page
Good Day Weekend
with Doug Stephan
Good Day Weekend with Doug and Hilary, is three hours of information about your Health, Wealth and Home.
Psychic RadioAll Psychic Radio, all the time. They knew you were going to see this.
Supernatural Saturday NightAdvice from the spirit world
The Career DoctorsOur goal is to provide our listeners with an insiders perspective into the world of contemporary work by providing straight talk and real world advice from both sides of the hiring table.

The Career Doctors's Home Page
Dr Drew Midday
with Mike Cathelwood
One of the most listened to doctors in America, Dr. Drew is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Loveline" where he has been taking calls from listeners since 1984. He is the host of "Dr.Drew" on HLN which he joined in December 2010. He will also host "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers" on the CW in the fall of 2011.

Dr Drew Midday's Home Page
Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels is best known as the strength trainer and life coach for the Red Team on NBC’s hit series The Biggest Loser. The competitive weight-loss reality TV show is seen by nearly 15 million viewers every week, according to Entertainment Weekly’s polls. As a motivator and role model, Jillian has a unique connection with her audience that stems from her own personal journey for wellness.
Virato LiveVirato is editor and publisher of New Frontier Magazine, a leading edge international journal promoting the expansion of human consciousness. In 1995 he hosted his own radio talk program, New Frontier On The Air. Oft times controversial, Virato's interviews and commentary are inspiring, cutting and enlightening, reflecting a depth of knowledge in a wide variety of new paradigm subjects.
Sex, Love & Relationships
with Carol the Coach
Carol the CoachCarol has a passion. She wants to make hearts feel whole. She wants the faces and families behind blue, discouraged or wounded hearts to feel hope, see opportunities and perhaps even venture in new, healthier directions.

Carol the Coach's Home Page
Hey Linda!
with Linda Morton
Linda's unique call-in advice show is called, ‘Hey, Linda!’. Warm, witty and profoundly wise, she dishes out the personal growth and healing while sharing little pieces of her own wild rollercoaster ride of a life along the way. Whether it’s career, relationships, trauma, love, sex or money, bring it on! Solving the problems you have now, and teaching you how to have a happier, healthier, more fulfilling and abundant life in the future, it’s ‘Hey, Linda!

Hey Linda!'s Home Page
Big Brain RadioAre you thinking what I'm thinking?
Reconciliation LiveDr. Anderson, an experienced practitioner and co-author of the book, "Letters Across the Divide" and his diverse guests will discuss topics that range from interracial dating & Marriage, multicultural ministry, the politics of race, gender, war, and other issues where bridges of reconciliation need to be built.
Dr. Anne Marie Evers
Julie FastThe Julie Fast Hour offers interesting and lively conversations based on Julie’s experience with a mental illness.

Julie Fast's Home Page
Singles & Exes
with Tanya Smith
KARN 102.9FM has mistakenly given Tanya Smith and Shelli Russell a radio show Saturdays from 10pm to Midnight. It’s called “Singles & Exes,” and we’re going talk about relationships in a way you’ve not heard before…

Singles & Exes's Home Page
ConfessionsIf your taste for talk radio gravitates toward conversation focusing on interpersonal relationships, check out "Confessions" with Wash Allen. Every weekday Wash opens up the phone lines to his "soothsayers" and the fun begins.

Confessions's Home Page
Producer Revolution
with Garrett White

Producer Revolution's Home Page
John AdamJohn offers entertaining and informative business consulting and personal coaching advice to transform you and the workplace for greater success. The two-hour show focuses on “Your Working Life” so join John and his guests and change the way you look at work forever!
Truly Greene
with Truly Greene and Dr. Norton Christie
Living with fear, the psychology of anxiety, why so many of us are burdened and what we can do to ease the burden. Truly Greene and Dr. Norton Christie analyze the issue and answer your questions.

Truly Greene's Home Page
Peter Gay
KOGO 4 Kids
The Designed LifeSandy and Bobbie work with you to make you the best person you can be. They talk about the personal issues that matter most to you: How to take charge of a situation that nobody else wants to touch; how to remove the clutter from your life (whether it be the papers on the desk or the hang-ups in your thinking); how to develop poise and confidence in most any setting or situation.

The Designed Life's Home Page
Build a Better You
with Bryan Dodge
Bryan Dodge is one of America’s most popular speakers on the subject of personal and professional development. Nearly 20 years ago, in his home in Colorado, Bryan Dodge began to study success habits and ways to bring these proven techniques to the market place. As an avid student of success principles, he used much of what he discovered to personally change his own life.

Build a Better You's Home Page
Awaken to Yourself
with Amy Camie
The Next Step
with Berk Lewis

The Next Step's Home Page
Amazing BenjaminBenjamin is not a medical doctor. He is a Medical Energy Sensitive, also called a Medical Psychic. Benjamin has no prior knowledge about the people he reads. Tests were conducted with an instrument called a computerized EEG Power Spectra Analyzer and it showed that Benjamin has a unique brain wave pattern during the time of his readings and healings. Also, tests were conducted using a highly sensitive Squid Detector known as a Super Quantum Device. Benjamin has been found to have a higher than normal amount of energy coming from his body during his readings and healings.

Amazing Benjamin's Home Page
Perfect Game
with Michelle Corr & Amber Mied
Intent on improving the quality of your love life? Puzzled by the complex mating behaviors of the opposite sex? If you're headed for first base or home plate, dating, mating or just playing the field, from “Finance to Romance” Perfect Game will help you get your game on!
The Ogden Epress
with Ogden Avery
Rage Radio
with Dr. Michael LeRoux
This all male call-in show offers men a place to be heard and to share camaraderie with one another as they work through the issues they are facing.

Rage Radio's Home Page
Real FitnessTom Holland is an exercise physiologist with over 17 years experience in the industry. He is committed to helping people better their lives through fitness and through his positive message of "Believe in Yourself."
Dare to Dream
with Greg Norman
The show that will help you move from fear to hope! Uncover the buried treasures that are within you. We will help guide you to work your dreams, and not your fears!
Love Talk
with Tana Marie
Danielle LinOn the Danielle Lin Show, you're likely to hear guests like best-selling author John Gray, Senator Orrin Hatch and Deepak Chopra. Danielle and her guests focus on issues we can all relate to: nutrition, families, fitness. It's "The Art and Science of Living."

Danielle Lin's Home Page
Touch of Gray
with Carole Marks
Carole Marks studies demographic issues and the ongoing battle against ageism. Ms. Marks interviews a wide variety of personalities from the fields of health, finance, politics, technology, law, the arts and science – bringing the latest information and insights for better living to her audience

Touch of Gray's Home Page
The Infinite MindBy the end of the show, your brain will be swelling

The Infinite Mind's Home Page
Anything is Possible
with Jack Krasula

Anything is Possible's Home Page
The Message ConnectionDo you have questions about the future, love, money, or career? Tune in for an hour of fun, laughter and genuine insight. Intuitives do live readings, consulting Angels, Spirit, and Spirit Guides. Look at your life from a higher perspective, with The Message Connection: Ask the Intuitives.

The Message Connection's Home Page
Off the Couch
with Dr Ray
Ask CarmenSex talk
Senior Circle
Dream a Better Dream
with Steve Lafferty
Sarah SimmonsSARAH SIMMONS is a renowned personal-empowerment expert, spiritual healer, motivational speaker and educator. The creator of 37 power-packed seminars and workshops, and nine videos on self-mastery, she has also written 64 books on personal growth and philosophy, and four screenplays.

Sarah Simmons's Home Page
Career Clinic
with Maureen Anderson
Employment Straight Talk
Lesson in Leadership
with Mark Hinderliter
Mark Hinderliter shares Lessons in Leadership with you every Friday afternoon. He's joined by experts on communications, motivation, goal-setting and everything else you need to help you turn your talents into true leadership.

Lesson in Leadership's Home Page
The Amie Jo Show
Intuitive DevelopmentJoin Lynn and her guests as she provides intuitive guidance to clear blocks and assist you in achieving your fullest potential in relationships, career opportunities or finances. Listener calls are always welcome!
In The MixMichelle will help you navigate the valley social scene. From initial attraction, speed dating to their C.W. Catch & Release column, they'll help you uncover the Rules of Engagement, gain the Etiquette Edge, fix you with 5 Minute Therapy, compel your charitable compassionate side with Chicks 4 Change & tantalize your taste buds with Stick a Fork in it!
Five Minute Therapy
Heart to Heart
with Jerry Qualls
Can we talk?
Talent Wins
with Jon Bartos
Matching good people with good jobs
Pillow Talk with PeggyPenis Talk
Recovery Nation
The Responsibility ActThe Responsibility Act teaches personal responsibility to control thoughts and actions. A great truth for life is that we are manifesting our intentions. We must take responsibility for the energy we are manifesting, which creates our personal and collective reality. You get back what you put in, so you must put in what you want to get back.

The Responsibility Act's Home Page
Handel Group
Strategies for a Better Life
with Susan Hite
Hite Resources, Inc. (HRI) is a training company that specializes in asking, listening and assessing, then creating, developing and delivering personal and professional development programs designed to link behavior to desired and projected results.

Strategies for a Better Life's Home Page
After Hours
with Mischele Pilenza
New Jersey's lifestyle and relationship show! (Just don't ask what her training,experience or professional credentials are to be giving advice to strangers on the radio is [hint: she was a journalism major])

After Hours's Home Page
Jazziette's True Love ShowJazziette Devereaux discusses True Love, True Sensuality and True Lust.

Jazziette's True Love Show's Home Page
Health & Beauty Talk
with Helen Gibson
Health and Beauty talk
Field of Streams
Field of Streams's Home Page
Extreme Genes
with Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher has created a new and different type of show for radio, aimed at showing how fun and interesting family history and genealogy can be. Genealogy is a topic that a lot of people are into and each week Scott talks about amazing finds and connections people make. In thinking about what name Scott could give the show that would capture the idea that this isn’t going to be like a lesson in a library but that this is going to be fun, interesting and something listeners will want to come back to again and again, he branded the radio show that way. Listeners hear heartwarming stories as well as frightening stories, the kind where a person learns something scary about his or her ancestors. There are poll questions, reviews of the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are?" and the latest on how DNA research is helping genealogy.

Extreme Genes's Home Page
Networking Singles
with John Holt
Finding that right someone
with Kathy Bernard & Barbara Kline
2BoomerBabes is a continuing conversation about boomer issues. Co-hosts Kathy Bernard and Barbara Kline explore topics such as coping with our aging parents (and perhaps adult children living in our basements), romance in mid-life, health, and finance.

2BoomerBabes's Home Page
The Svetlana ShowMatchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match - just don't strike me on the side of the box.
Linda SalvinNothing says Weekend Radio better than a Radio Psychic! (You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?)
Organic Psychology
Organic Psychology's Home Page
Sixth Sense
with Margaret & Alan McElroy
Law of Attraction in Action
Air It OutThe essence of our show is family oriented, covering issues on marriage, children, teens, divorce, blended families, trauma, health and everything in between

Air It Out's Home Page
Yes You Can
with Sanjeev Aneja
Life Coach Live !
with Tommy Newberry & Steve Cesari

Life Coach Live !'s Home Page
Life Advice
with Jennifer Lewis-Hall
Live the DayCoach Rachelle is an international coach with 17 years of corporate management experience. Rachelle is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and has been coaching since 1996.

Live the Day's Home Page
with Wash Allen
The Wonders
with Rene Gaudette
The Wonders, the world's most profound source of unconditional love and spiritual enlightenment, are a collective energy consciousness on the 29th dimension of reality – almost at one with God/Goddess/The All That Is – channeled exclusively by deep trance psychic or deep trance channeler Rene Gaudette.

The Wonders's Home Page
Identity Theft CSI
Identity Theft CSI's Home Page
Dawn QuesnelDawn Quesnel is a Career and Life Coach
Coach LynnPlease send me back into the game of life, Coach.
Crossing the Zodiac
with Celeste Longacre
Recovery Advocates
with Peter Tilden
If you're recovering, you're not alone.

Recovery Advocates's Home Page
Don't Agonize, Organize
with Pam, the Clutter Buster
Calling All Angels
with Debara
Intuitive Messenger on Love, happiness, success, and balance

Calling All Angels's Home Page
Positive Discipline
with Alisa Cook
Shape up!
Love by IntuitionDeborah Beauvais knew at the age of eight that her purpose in life was love, to find it, hold on to it and ultimately teach it. Suggested by one of her daughters, in 2003 Deborah created Empowered Connections, personalized prescreened matchmaker services focusing in Boston, Providence, Hartford and surrounding areas, that addresses all aspects of dating and relationships.

Love by Intuition's Home Page
Teena JonesThe Teena Jones Show offers spiritual solutions in prevailing over everyday problems. Whether faced with hard or soft addictions, the show affords listeners the wisdom to living a more peaceful, happy and prosperous life. Jones' energy and enthusiasm for what she does is displayed during interviews from some of the leading authors and professionals in the self-help industry. Listeners can expect a high energy, life-affirming and transformational show.

Teena Jones's Home Page
Dr J. M. PerryLearn the 10 access codes to get people to do what you want (except it can't make them call a radio show)
Another Reality ActYou have your reality, and I have mine.
Cat BurtonCat is a licensed psychotherapist who keenly observes the world we live in. You know, now more than ever, it is important who you listen to. Because, who you listen to will influence what you think, how you feel and how you act. This is a time to keep our ears sharp and our eyes open. Join us for a sharp and open discussion as we dig underneath the headlines for a different look at the world around you.

Cat Burton's Home Page
Dr. Ellen Kenner
Dr Gary & Barb RosbergWhat do you do when you come across a situation with your spouse, children, in-laws, friends, or other relatives that you just don’t know how to handle? Do you have relationship questions where you’d like to get some Godly, straight-up advice?
Linnda Durre
Linnda Durre's Home Page
Carol TuttleMaster Energy Therapist, author and spiritual teacher

Carol Tuttle's Home Page
PrimeLife Radio“PrimeLife Radio” is entertainment and information for those 50 or better! This fast-paced, weekly hour-long magazine features great conversation with acknowledged experts in the areas of relationships, finance, health, travel, and more!

PrimeLife Radio's Home Page
Advice Line
with David & Alan Masters
The Shiela Show
with Sheila Gale
The Sheila Show with stimulating talk on effective ways to help us get through life's greatest challenges. Whatever the crisis: addictions, divorce, depression, illness . . . fear, Sheila Gale will tackle it. Her guests include life coaches, therapists, authors and motivational speakers on how to live with less stress, more peace, and lots of passion in these rapidly changing times.
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