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Stations with three letter call signs were started in the 1920s or before ?
Streaming Radio Guide
New Volunteer information
Up until 1/28/2007), streaming radio guide was the volunteer work of one person.

Since the guide was created, the number of FCC licensed radio stations streaming on the Internet has gone from around 800 up to over 6,000 13,528.

You can help make the directory more complete and accurate for its visitors by helping to confirm information in the directory and submitting information about problems that you have found.

In the future, we may permit trained volunteers to directly maintain other information in the database.

Okay, here is a list of disclaimers about volunteering to help:

  • You are a volunteer - you are not being paid to perform this work.
  • I may decide for any reason or no reason to end the volunteer program and/or your participation in it.
  • Decisions about what appears in the directory is up to the owner. This web site is not a democracy.
  • Chocolate is not one of the basic food groups.
  • While the directory generates no revenue today and carries no advertisements, that could change in the future. You agree not to demand payment or claim an ownership interest in the database for your volunteer contributions.
So how can I help?

In order to protect the database and make sure that we are able and permitted to contact you Because I could have a question about your activities, you must be a registered user in order to volunteer.

I will not give your email address to any other party, and the only use I will make is if I need to contact you about information you have submitted. There is no mailing list that you will become part of by registering. Register here

You will receive a random password by registering, and a link that will automatically log you in. If you lose the password, you can have the system generate a new password once per day.

The email will also contain information about the pages that you will be using to help keep the directory current.

By volunteering to help keep the information current, that will free me up to find new stations that have started streaming, improve the web site design, and add the schedules for more stations to the database. Along the way, you will surely hear some interesting radio programs.

The concept of the volunteer program is new, so watch out for sharp edges - we don't want anyone getting paper cuts.


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