“Government Media”

Rush gets it.

“MainStream Media” and “Drive By Media” has been replaced with his new descriptive term “Government Media”.   The “Fourth Estate” has now decided its job is to support the Obama Administration and distort or suppress any news which suggests the Administration is failing.

Bloomberg was the first I noticed that had stepped into that role.  Back in the first quarter, housing sales were off 40% year to year, but Bloomberg was announcing a “turnaround” when housing sales went up from January to February by a few percent… but that’s because people don’t buy houses in the middle of winter – that’s just a normal seasonal variation- sales were still down 40% from February 2008. 

Bloomberg runs the terminal system used to access the Fed’s “temporary” Commercial Paper Lending Facility.   Bloomberg is still a valuable source of information, but read anything from them with a skeptical eye. 

If you’re thinking Fox News is going to tell you the truth, think again.   The Fox News broadcast I just heard mentions that “the New GM” has a tentative deal to sell the Hummer – and glossed over the fact that the buyer is in China, which is a very relevant fact.   It had to be a conscious editorial decision to suppress that controversial detail.

Rush apparently has also realized he is at serious risk of falling under the thumb of Tim Geithner via Clear Channel’s toxic debt.

I think I’ll just start posting links to examples…

AP: Analysis: Geithner’s style less confrontational – what a wonderful job Geithner is doing in China, citing no actual facts, and overlooking that he was laughed at by a speech to a group of College Students.  All the article really says is “Geithner is not Hank Paulson”.

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