Mobile Streaming

Those of you who are helping with the streaming tests are starting to pick up an important shift in radio internet streaming – stations are starting to reach out to mobile listeners and offering special streaming links (which work on PCs too).

This dooms streaming solutions that rely on the assumption that a person streaming on the internet is using a PC or something with the capabilities of a PC.   Mobile phones tend to be somewhat simpler than a full blown Windows PC, so stations are starting to offer MP3 or flashed based streams.

Clearwire’s Clear high speed wireless WiMax service is now rolling out in the “real world”, and a *lot* more people are soon going to have “go anywhere” inexpensive internet access.  

Not being a music person, I haven’t listened to Pandora, but I’m sure it has music radio seriously scared, and will only improve.    Imagine a “station” that learns what you like (similar to how Amazon figures out books you might be interested in reading)…  choosing songs similar to ones you like, and every once in a while throwing in a new song.    The music labels have no control, the Music/Program director at a radio station doesn’t have control – the listener is in control.    No PSAs lecturing you about things that aren’t true or calling you a racist.

Scary stuff.

I just signed up for pandora.  Once I told them my age and male, it showed me an ad for hair pieces – haha…. just a matter of time until the viagra ads start

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