Driving while Sirius…

The thought occurred to me the other day – several states (Connecticut is one) have made it illegal to operate a motor vehicle while talking on a hand held cell phone.   What if I have a device that is capable of making a phone call (think iPhone), but I’m “using” it to listen to Sirius/XM radio in the car?

A police officer of course would have no real way of knowing what I’m using the iPhone for unless I have the phone to my ear.

The answer turns out to be – in Connecticut it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while listening to Sirius/XM on the iPhone.   If the radio is built into the car, or if the electronic device is not capable of two way communications between “persons” (portable Sirius radio), that’s not a problem.   [Is a web server a “person”]? 

What a curious set of rules we create when lawyers try to regulate evolving technology.

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  1. 3tooz aka Roland says:

    I think its just the fact of having an object held to your ear that gives the officer the idea, that you may be “talking on the phone” not so much the fact of listening to the “radio”part of a cell phone,

    In California if you get “caught” talking or texting its a $ 230. citation because of the frequency of wrecks. Best bet, dont get caught.

    Oh, buy the way, the City Police Departments and Highway Patrol are on constant watch for this particular violation, A large number of ethnic “from the east” truck drivers are well known for this exact act of law violation !

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