Rise of the Phoenix

 She’s back!!!!

Just when I thought Randi Rhodes was about to fade into radio history (after abruptly leaving first bankrupt Air America and then bankrupt NovaM), Randi Rhodes has a new job – and it’s a biggie.

According to Tom Taylor’s newsletter, Randi will return to radio on May 11th on Premiere (gasp!).   Premiere is owned by that evil right wing (not) corporate radio giant Clear Channel.  Premiere syndicates Rush Limbaugh, Dr Laura, Sean Hannity (since last year), Glenn Beck, Jason Lewis and Bill Cunningham.  They also syndicate Reverand Jesse Jackson, Dr Dean Edell, Bob & Tom and Steve Harvey. 

Initially, she’ll be heard on KTLK (Los Angeles, CA), KPOJ (Portland, OR), and KKGN (San Francisco) – all Clear Channel Owned and Operated Progressive Talk stations.

I’m not sure, but this might be one of the signs of the end times.  Maybe this is why Rush Limbaugh has been so grumpy lately.   Half of Randi’s show was doing parodies and personally bitter attacks on Rush Limbaugh.  I doubt she is getting a $35 million/year contract however.

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