Clear Channel – Job Cuts part 2

Today (April 28th), Clear Channel announced it has cut 590 jobs around the country, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In the model of GM’s school of management, when faced with slumping sales and financial trouble, Clear Channel is going down the route of laying off the experienced (expensive) personnel, and creating a lower quality product.  They already fired many of the sales people in January (wonder why revenue is down?).   So the spiral downward continues.   Clear Channel is currently trying to dig itself out of an $18 billion debt hole by reducing costs.

I’m serious in suggesting that the U.S. Treasury is probably drooling at the prospect of “taking over” Clear Channel. 

So far, no names I recognize….  local morning show types, behind the scenes news people, program directors, station managers, etc…

Nashville, TN  (WREC) – Mike Fleming, afternoon News/Talk host
Cleveland, OH (WMVX) – Brian and Joe – morning drive (music)
Houston, TX – Brad & Craig – Sports
Cincinnati, OH – WLW – Paul Daugherty & Alan Cutler (Sports)
  Producer for Bill Cunningham & Mike McConnell
    BILL CUNNINGHAM is not on WLW’s schedule for Wednesday
     (Update:  Bill is back on Thursday schedule – maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe Bill and WLW had an issue they had to work out…)
   WKCY  C.Trent Rosencrans
Detroit – WNIC Chis Edmonds  (FM Music morning guy)
   WDTW-FM – Chad Mitchell  (FM Country morning host)
  WVAZ – Troi Taylor  (mid-day music), Irene Mojica (Evenings)
  WGCI – Erika Campbell  (Overnight Hip-Hop/Urban music)
Tampa Bay, FL
 WFUS – Skip Mahaffay (Country morning host)
Orlando, FL
  104.1 Bubba Wilson (Monsters in the Morning)  & Oddo
   540 AM – The Shot Doctor
   Rumba 100.3 – Crazy Sam

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  1. thhayes says:

    Proving again Lawers and Accountants don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to running a business that used to depend on creative people that care. What has happened to all the radio people?

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