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What's Cookin'Pamela Frommer (Travel) Sandra Lee (Semi-Homemade Cooking)
The Splendid TableIf it involves food, you'll hear about it here

The Splendid Table's Home Page
Blue Lifestyle
with Anthony Blue
Anthony Dias Blue is recognized worldwide as a leading food, wine, spirits and travel expert. Mr. Blue is a published author, columnist, TV and radio personality and his company runs food and wine events and competitions.

Blue Lifestyle's Home Page
Restaurant Radio
Les' Wines & Vines
with Les Kincaid
Les Kincaid presents information and discussions with knowledgeable guests in the wine industry. Iinvited guests taste and discuss the three featured wines during the show.
Mike Boyle Restaurant ShowMike Boyle talks about food

Mike Boyle Restaurant Show's Home Page
Cooking with Marilyn Harris
For the Love of Food
with Michael Warren Thomas
Fork Report
with Neil Saavedra
If you eat food, this is the show for you, even if you use a spork!

Fork Report's Home Page
Food Show
with Tom Fitzmorris
Chef Talk
with Chef Jamie Gwen
Mmm....... radio food

Chef Talk's Home Page
Tasting Room
with Tom Leykis
Join Tom as he samples some of the best wines of the world.
Table for One
with Ed Hitzel
Ed hosts a three-hour, award-winning broadcast every Saturday morning on every aspect of the food and beverage industry, dining and restaurants in southern New Jersey and throughout the culinary world.

Table for One's Home Page
Pat Whitley's Restaurant Show
Pat Whitley's Restaurant Show's Home Page
Weekend Food Talk
with Michael Colameco
Food TalkArthur Schwartz has been a newspaper food editor and restaurant critic in New York for 30 years. He also writes cookbooks, teaches cooking, and lectures.

Food Talk's Home Page
Culinary ConfessionsI ate the whole thing!
Feed your Face
with Merrill Shindler
When it's time to "Feed Your Face" it's time for a heaping helping of Merrill Shindler, Southern California's #1 rated food critic and talk host. Just before you head out to a nice dinner, tune into Merrill's award winning talk show and find out where to go and what you'll get once you're there.

Feed your Face's Home Page
Beer O'Clock
with Lisa Morrison
Join the Beer Goddess in talking about America's most popular adult beverage

Beer O'Clock's Home Page
In the KFI KitchenThe next best thing, after cooking and eating, has to be talking about food. We love sharing our latest restaurant finds, news about a terrific new corkscrew, a great organic mill for flours and grains, a better, quicker way to cook squid, the difference between a kohlrabi and a turnip, and the secret of a perfect Margarita, almost as much as eating a great meal. Remember, we said, "almost."

In the KFI Kitchen's Home Page
with Andrew Zimmern
Cooking Outdoors
with Mr BBQ
In the Kitchen
with Tom & Thierry
Seattle learns how to cook

In the Kitchen's Home Page
WHAM Wine Show
Cooking with Chef Dan
On the Table
with John Womick
Food Time
Jan D'AtriFor nearly 30 years, Jan D’Atri has been a well-known and respected Emmy award-winning television and radio personality, newspaper columnist, restaurateur and owner of her own gourmet food company in Arizona.

Jan D'Atri's Home Page
Side Dish
The Restaurant GuysThis informative and fun show is hosted by Francis Schott and Mark Pascal who are the co-owners of the Stage Left Restaurant in the heart of New Brunswick's theatre district. Along with their wide range of fine dining and wine expertise they bring to the table humor and intelligent conversation perfect for the midday listener.

The Restaurant Guys's Home Page
Judy A la CarteHaving grown up in the restaurant business in Ventura,CA. Judy pursued her love of the hospitality business and obtained a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management and received her teaching credentials in food and food technology. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, International Food Wine Travel Writers Association, American Women in Radio and Television, and The American Institute of Wine and Food which keeps her in tune with the latest happenings in the food world.

Judy A la Carte's Home Page
Delicious Mischief
World of FoodThe World of Food features cooking and dining for every lifestyle.

World of Food's Home Page
The Spendid Table
The Spendid Table's Home Page
Chef Piero's Food & Wine ShowMmm..... food....
Gabby GourmetTalking about food
A Matter of Taste
with Rachel & David Michael Cane
A Matter of Taste is a lively interactive radio talk show featuring hosts Rachel and David Michael Cane focusing on all aspects of food, wine, dining and travel.

A Matter of Taste's Home Page
Eat, drink & be happy
Joe Sixpack's Happy HourMen talking about beer - woohoo!
Wine Crush
with Laura Lawson & Michael Ambrose
A Chef's Table
with Jim Coleman
Every week, Chef Jim Coleman invites you into his kitchen for great conversations with nationally-known chefs and food experts. Together, they cook up mouthwatering recipes and explain cuisines and techniques.

A Chef's Table's Home Page
KFNC Food TalkNot the program's actual name, but there is no weekend scedule on the web site.
Food Talk
with Mike Colameco
Discover Good Food
Dining Out
with Bruce Newbury
Taste of Boston Tonight
Dining AroundDining Around with Gene Burns

Dining Around's Home Page
WHAM Wine Show
with Don Bombace
It's all about the Food
with The Bladowski Brothers
Food For Thought
with the Taste Buds
Happy Hour
with Anthony Dias Blue, Meridith May & Merrill Shindler
Have a drink on us! and then hire our DUI attorney sponsor when you get caught...
In the Kitchen
with Tom Douglas
Let's get cooking!
WWL Food Show
Good Life
with Gary Bower

Good Life's Home Page
Stirin' It Up
with Chef John Folse

Stirin' It Up's Home Page
Wine Country Live
Culinary Pier
with Richard Duncan

Culinary Pier's Home Page
On the Grill
with Tony Fatso
Food Show
with Mike Colameco
Restaurant Show
with Chef Mario & Amy Martinoli
Good Food
with Evan Kleiman
Your weekly treat from Evan Kleiman. By tuning in to Good Food, you can discover delicious recipes, great restaurants, and unique places to buy authentic ingredients; find out how to prepare the newest foods in the marketplace; learn techniques of master chefs and ideas for novices; and listen to discussions about food politics and the latest trends in food and eating.

Good Food's Home Page
Wine Country Radio
Have Wine Will Travel
Merrill ShindlerMerrill Shindler is editor of the Los Angeles Zagat Survey, host of Fine Living: Critics on the Fine Living Network, restaurant critic for the Copley and San Gabriel Valley Newspapers, and host of a weekly program on how much fun it is to put things in your mouth on KABC Radio.

Merrill Shindler's Home Page
The Wine CellarMarshall Rimann has been a wine merchant since 1983 when he first opened Rimann Liquors of Lenexa. He teaches a series of wine appreciation courses for The Culinary Center of Kansas City and serves as their wine consultant. With “The Wine Cellar”, Marshall continues his ongoing mission to educate the public and demystify the joys of wine.

The Wine Cellar's Home Page
The Food Dude
with Kevin Roberts
Chef Kevin Roberts serves up a provocative menu of tips and recipes to help make cooking cheap, simple, tasty and healthy. The show features in-studio interviews with top chefs from renowned SoCal eateries, celebrity guests, and topics a little too hot for the average grill!

The Food Dude's Home Page
KSL Grocery Guru
with Ken Roesbery
The Weekend DishThe Weekend Dish is devoted to the good life - from a regular guy's perspective. Helen Cauley and David Hull talk about food, restaurants, travel, gadgets, style and entertaining. If it's happening in the Atlanta area, you'll hear about it on The Weekend Dish.

The Weekend Dish's Home Page
Good Eating, Good Living
Taste of the Merrimack Valley
with Bruce Arnold
Sooner or later, every conversation gets around to food.

Taste of the Merrimack Valley's Home Page
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