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Show TypeShow
National/Global News18Syndicated national and international news, sports, entertainment
Local News256Local and National news, Traffic, Sports and Weather (limited or no caller input)
Interview / Current Events105Host and guests discuss current events (few or no callers)
Politics34Political discussion without a blatant political bias
Conservative Opinion160Live Interactive talk with Conservative or Independent perspective
Libertarian Talk4Interactive Talk from a Libertarian Perspective
Democratic Party Talking Points138Programming with primarily Progressive/Liberal, Democrat, Pro-Obama content
Conspiracy Talk39UFOs, paranormal, the "secret" about who controls us, pyramids, chupacabras, shadow people, ghost stories, time travel)
Hot Talk43Adult talk, often including discussions of sex, alcohol, drug use, current music
Happy Talk25Talk shows that go out of their way to avoid discussing controversial issues
Local Talk747Live Interactive talk focused on local events and politics
Agricultural News27The latest from the pits in Chicago, weather reports, news from the Ag Department, and global news affecting the farming business
Swap Shop, etc...18Swap Shop, Radio Flea market, Tradio, etc...
Religion3Preachin', church services, discussion of religious issues
Religion Variety90Religious programs that can't be put in a box
Christian Talk12discussion of current events from a religious perspective
Christian Teaching28Recorded programs teaching the flock how to be better Christians
Catholic16communicate with the leaders of the one true church
Mainstream Protestant2programming from denominations that have been around almost since the Reformation of the one True Religion
Mormon3The Church of Latter Day Saints reveals the Truth - can you handle it?
Seventh Day Adventist0The Seventh Day isn't when you think it is
Jewish Views9programs hosted by Jewish leaders to discuss the world from the Jewish perspective
Local Churches11religious communications with you neighborhood church
Medical Advice29Caller based show giving general medical advice (hosted by an MD)
Legal Issues23Lawyers dispensing free legal advice or opinions (which may or may not be marginal legal advice)
House and Garden Advice83Help when your pansies start to wilt or your beams start to sag
Car Advice54Is your check engine light coming on and you don't know why?
Technology Advice35Computers, iPods, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones and the other things we can't live without
Financial News / Advice207How to make a small fortune on Wall Street - start out with a huge fortune
Personal Advice74My boyfriend is having sex with his ex-wife - should I be concerned?
Real Estate Advice29The one investment that is guaranteed to always go up (not!)
Health and Nutrition66Programming promoting "alternative" health products (herbal cures, meditation, relaxation therapy, etc..)
Pet Advice16Keeping Fido and the pet hamster healthy and happy
Food / Drink48Food - glorious food (wine, too!)
Travel Advice26Looking for a getaway vacation - have we got a deal for you!
Sports Talk389Talk about sports and more sports - can't get enough sports
Sporting Events39Spectator sports coverage
Recreation Activities70Golf, hunting, and other "sports" that you do yourself
Public Service100The stuff that stations put on when nobody listens so they can list it in their FCC "in the public Interest" file at license renewal time
Entertainment107Entertain me, baby!
Ethnic24Programming designed to appeal to one specific racial or ethic audience
Hard / Alternative Rock34The louder the better... current Rock 'N Roll, the music that will never die (unless the Taliban take over)... "Real" Rock, "Altenative Rock", "True Rock", etc... usually dominated by heavy guitar tracks playing 3 chords targeted at young males with hormone issues
Contemporary Hits8Playing the music all your friends are listening to - which song will be #1 this week? So called "Commercial" or "Sellout" Rock. Think Britney Spears.
Classic Rock/Hits38Starting around the Beatles up through the 1980s... for Elvis or the Beach Boys, see "Oldies"... for Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, see "Nostalgia"
AC/Variety/Mix31Rock music with a mix of classic rock and contemporary hits
Oldies36Music from before the British Invasion - Elvis, Motown, the Beach Boys - music you probably played at 45 rpm on vinyl
Soft/Lite10Elevator music - background music that nobody would find offensive
Nostalgia21If you lived through the Big Depression and are part of the self-declared Greatest Generation, this was probably the music you loved - Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Patti Page, Rosemary Clooney, the Andrew Sisters, etc...
Big Band, Swing7From the same era as Nostalgia, but mostly instrumental music - Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Count Basie, etc...
Classical Music82Bach, Beethoven, Brahams and all the masters
Opera5It isn't over until the fat lady sings
Traditional Religious19Hymns, Mass, Organ Music, Choirs
Fine Arts21Poetry, Art, Literature - everything except music
Contemporary Christian20Contemporary Christian Music, Christian Rock
Gospel Music22Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Purple Gospel, Northwestern Gospel
Country Music29Yeehaw! Give me some of that good ole country music
Folk/Bluegrass35Folk music, bluegrass, mountain music, etc...
Polka7Bring out the beer barrel and dance with your radio
R&B/Soul22Adult music targeted to African Americans
Urban/HipHop/Rap7"Music" (Gangsta rap, for instance) targeted at young men of colour
Jazz23America's original music
Regional Mexican17Traditional Mexican, Romantic, Tejano
Latino/Spanish CHR7Contemporary music targeted at young Spanish language audiences
Romantica3Spanish language romantic music
Ethnic Music16Music not in English that doesn't fit any other category
Carribean/Tropical6Cuban, Raggae
Eclectic Music69Programming that mixes together a variety of different types of music - anything from classical to progressive rock, or bluegrass and folk or trance bands
Other Music22Music that doesn't fit any other category
Unknown81No information found about show

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