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Bob & Sheri
with Bob Lacey & Sheri Lynch
It's Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch and friends talking about the things that interest Bob and Sheri! Bob Lacey has been a fixture on TV and Radio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sheri is the author of "My Name is Mommy". Bob and Sheri are soulmates who happen to be married to other people.

Bob & Sheri's Home Page
Sundays with SterlingWalter believes and practices live and local radio. He is a winner of the Sigma Delta Chi award for Broadcast Journalism excellence, a graduate of the Newhouse School of Communications and he has numerous bowling trophies. Perhaps the most stunning and bizarre fact about Mr. Sterling is that while in high school he was a founding member of the game Ultimate Frisbee, even though he clearly knows nothing about sports.

Sundays with Sterling's Home Page
Doing What Works
with Maureen Anderson
Maureen Anderson talks to experts with advice on everything from quitting smoking to asking your boss for a raise. Doing What Works is designed to help people find happiness not just at work but in their personal lives, as well.

Doing What Works's Home Page
with Meredith Ochs & Chris T
Freewheelin' is the most fun you can have on the road without breakin' the law. Meredith Ochs and Chris T. are the delinquents of the Road Dog, the proverbial smart alecks in the back of your high school classes. Broadcasting from the SIRUS studios in New York City, they look at truckin' as a lifestyle and culture, as well as one of the most important jobs in the country. Celebrity guests visit often - from actors to politicians, major recording artists to authors - but truckers are always the stars of the show.
Matt & Ramona
with Matt Harris & Ramona Holloway
Matt & Ramona talk about what women want to know about

Matt & Ramona's Home Page
The AM Show
with Paul Stern & Erik Hines
Live talk about news, politics, and popular culture, all with a laugh
KCOL MorningsMornings in Colorado wake you up

KCOL Mornings's Home Page
Jason & Alexis
with Jason Matheson & Alexis Thompson
Jason gets a female co-host - how great is that!

Jason & Alexis's Home Page
Colleen & Bradley
Colleen & Bradley's Home Page
Rollye JamesRollye James is a true radio pioneer (and radio geek). In addition to hosting her own nationally syndicated radio show, Rollye is a professed Oldies junkie... a fan of music from the 50's and 60's. Syndication ended 3/3/08

Rollye James's Home Page
Van & BonnieJoin Van Harden and Bonnie Lucas for the first look at news with Dick Layman, farm information with Bruce Gaarder, sports with Mark Allen, and plenty of fun guests and opportunities to win cash and prizes.

Van & Bonnie's Home Page
WOR Saturday Morning Show
with Joe Bartlett
WOR News Director Joe Bartlett and WOR Weather and Traffic Legend George Meadee have teamed up to create an energized family show to get your Saturdays running. Their wit and charm make listeners feel like they're sitting at the breakfast table with two of the most likeable guys in New York radio.

WOR Saturday Morning Show's Home Page
WOR Morning Show
with Joe Bartlett & Donna Hanover
Joe Bartlett and Donna Hanover as they bring you the freshest radio morning show New York City has to offer! Joe & Donna will wake you up with a family-friendly menu of lively banter, award winning news, traffic & weather, entertaining lifestyle features, and plenty of good-natured fun!

WOR Morning Show's Home Page
Henican & WhiteEllis Henican is a staff columnist for Newsday and a political analyst at the Fox News Channel. Lynne White joined Court TV® as the new host for the network’s weekly crime and justice entertainment news program, Previously, she anchored and reported for both “Good Day New York,” and the “Fox 5 News at 10” on New York’s WNYW-TV.

Henican & White's Home Page
The Undercover ClubGary Dickson entertains with talk and trivia. Listener contributions make the long nights seem much shorter.
Remember When
with Jim Murray & Steve Ross
Unlike most talk shows, "Remember When" does not deal in the present, nor the future, but concentrates instead on the glorious past. The show doesn't strive for edge - only smiles. Listeners of The Big Talker are invited to jog their memories and come up with some people, places, or things that are no longer, but might have been a warm and wonderful memory for them.

Remember When's Home Page
Colleen & The BoysColleen Kruse spends each day with a different man. Lucky her. They talk- and mostly laugh - about tv, movies, dating, kids and life in the Twin Cities. Lucky you. See the world from the perspective of woman who has done time as a mom, a wife, a waitress and a stand-up comic. Listen in as she uses every skill she learned - in every one of those jobs - to verbally joust with “the boys”.

Colleen & The Boys's Home Page
Spike O'dellNothing is worth your health or happiness... Life is too serious to take things too seriously. Spike O'Dell has been with WGN-AM, 720, Chicago, since May 18, 1987, when he began the 3-7PM shift.

Spike O'dell's Home Page
Kevyn BurgerKevyn talks about what womyn want to talk about.
Drivetime Divas
with Lori & Julia
Brian & Sheletta
with Sheletta Brundidge & Brian NoBioOrLastName
Brian and Sheletta talk and you have fun!

Brian & Sheletta's Home Page
Maria SanchezA civic minded mother of four children, Ms. Sanchez is also a founder of both the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and Oaks Christian School and serves on the Board of Directors of My Friends Place, a resource center for at-risk youth in Hollywood. She has also held state

Maria Sanchez's Home Page
Stephanie Hansen
Stephanie Hansen's Home Page
Good Time Radio
with Dave Rosenthal
Spend your morning chatting with Dave & his guesta. The show about nothing in particular! Dave Rosenthal covers the foothills, live!
Joseph Scott ReportJoseph|Scott Financial is a leading mortgage company dedicated to providing you with the highest level of client service.

Joseph Scott Report's Home Page
Chat with Women
with Pam Gray & Rochelle Alhadeff
Ever wanted a chance to chat with women? Here is your chance.
American Health Radio
with Scott Broder
Daily Blender
with Cori James & Jeffry O'Brien
Listen in for a somewhat twisted look at all the stuff that happens in the week. From entertainment to politics, relationships to sports they take all of the news and satirically break it down to the basic elements... (that means they make it funny). It's also a live show, so call in and add your own take to the blender... you might even win a nifty prize. Set your radio to puree and enjoy!
Women's Weekly Magazine
with Tina Talk
Learn how to better your life on becoming better organized or how to meet the perfect man! Learn how to hire the right remodeling contractor or invest your money in the future.
Trish FrisbieDo you know where your man is?
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