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Daily Mass from EWTNA morning without mass is like a day without sunshine.
Praise in the PMIt's the gospel storm rider!
Lady ShaunteSpreading the gospel
From the Heart of God
with Minister Leon Perry
Listen to Min. Leon Perry for a full hour of music and news from God's Word!

From the Heart of God's Home Page
Sundown Gospel
Sundown Gospel's Home Page
Big Wave Dave
Get Your Praise OnLet's praise!
Gospel Melody Time
In the Morning Gospel Show
with Gordon Johnson
Ed Evans
Bobby Jones Gospel Countdown
Jami Mayberry
Maker's Manual
with Pam Morris
Clap your hands and stamp your feet - come on Mama!
Morning GospelThe Gospel tradition continues
Night Time Gospel
Oh Joy!
Music with Mandy Prusha
Gospel Inspiration
Gregg Hutchins
Greg Goodman
Jeremy Sweat
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