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Dan PatrickDan Patrick returns from his vacation from radio and starts making his future without ESPN. Dan Patrick's show is now the Fox Sports network program in the mid-morning

Dan Patrick's Home Page
Jim RomePerhaps the most respected voice in the world of sports broadcasting, Jim Rome is the leading opinion-maker of his generation. As host of the nation's premiere sports radio talk show, Rome is known for his aggressive, informed, rapid-fire dialogue.

Jim Rome's Home Page
Phil KornblutPhil Kornblut, Kevin McCrarey and Tom Hayes co-host SportsTalk. Kornblut has been behind the SportsTalk mic since its inception. A six-time recipient of the South Caroliina Sportscaster of the Year award, Phil is well known and highly regarded for his coverage of college football and basketball recruiting.

Phil Kornblut's Home Page
Scott FerrallScott Ferrall reviews today's sports results and puts you to sleep feeding America's unofficial religion - Sports

Scott Ferrall's Home Page
ESPN RadioAll sports all the time.

ESPN Radio's Home Page
Mike & Mike in the MorningMike Golic and Mike Greenberg talk about the day's sports.

Mike & Mike in the Morning's Home Page
Ben MallerThe Third Shift on Fox Sports - just because it's the middle of the night doesn't mean you have to settle for sleepy sports talk radio. (Jorge Sedano is now working on a local station in Florida)

Ben Maller's Home Page
Jay MohrJay fills the Fox Sports shoes previously filled by Jim Rome

Jay Mohr's Home Page
Doug GottliebDoug Leaves his chair at ESPN to join the CBS Sports Radio Network, and now Fox Sports

Doug Gottlieb's Home Page
Tiki & BrandonTiki Barber and Brandon Tierney prove that America Loves Sports!

Tiki & Brandon's Home Page
Fox Sports RadioThe sports network that knows that "F" stands for more than just Fox.

Fox Sports Radio's Home Page
Only A Game
Only A Game's Home Page
CBS Sports RadioCBS Radio, in cooperation with Cumulus Radio, brings you sports talk as only CBS knows how to do!

CBS Sports Radio's Home Page
Amani & Dan
with Amani Toomer & Dan Schwartzman
NBC Radio returns to the air with the best of Sports Talk Radio

Amani & Dan's Home Page
Yahoo! Sports RadioSports is the Opiate of the Masses, and here is the place to get your daily fix.

Yahoo! Sports Radio's Home Page
Ryen Russillo & Kanell
Ryen Russillo & Kanell's Home Page
Fox Sports Daybreak
with Andy Furman & Mike North
Andy Furman from Cincinatti and Andy North take their shot at attracting sports talkers to morning drive on about 4 stations Wish them luck, or something!

Fox Sports Daybreak's Home Page
Rich EisenThe Rich Eisen Show features the NFL Network host's engaging blend of insightful sports analysis, breaking sports news and offbeat mix of humor and pop culture, with celebrity guests from the worlds of sports and entertainment.

Rich Eisen's Home Page
Colin CowherdColin Stampedes the herd into fox Country

Colin Cowherd's Home Page
Paul FinebaumPaul Finebaum has been the leading authority in Southern sports for over 20 years, writing and commentating on regional and national sports issues.

Paul Finebaum's Home Page
JT The Brick
with Tomm Looney
J.T. (the Brick) hits listeners each night with intense sports energy and the dynamic ability to excite his listeners with his extensive sports opinions and fast paced appeal. J.T.'s repertoire provides listeners with insight, conversations with the biggest names in the game and calls from fans from coast to coast.

JT The Brick's Home Page
Steven Czaban
Steven Czaban's Home Page
Sports Byline USA
with Ron Barr
Ron looks beyond today's scores and applies reporting skills to ask questions about the Big Picture

Sports Byline USA's Home Page
Sportscenter AllNightIt's never too early in the morning (or late at night) to talk about sports
NBC Sports RadioAmerica loves its sports, and NBC Sports radio is ready to feed America's hunger

NBC Sports Radio's Home Page
Dan Le Batard ShowDan built his reputation in South Florida as an incisive writer and controversial columnist for The Miami Herald. Dan is a regular contributor to ESPN The Magazine, with cover stories featuring a wide variety of top sports figures.

Dan Le Batard Show's Home Page
Izzy & Spain
with Jorge Sedano & Israel Gutierrez
Izzy & Spain talk sports in only a way they can!

Izzy & Spain's Home Page
Gio & Jones Former NFL linebacker and college football analyst, Brian Jones joins Gregg Giannotti to take their turn riding on the morning sports talk merry go round
SportsLine Live
with Bill Meade
Gregg GiannottiWhen a sportscaster has 3 double consonants in his name, you know he knows Pittsburgh sports!

Gregg Giannotti's Home Page
Sports Overnight America
with Gerrie Burke
Sports Byline USA has America's sports fans talking for five hours. The great hosts giveslisteners the story behind the story, and offers challenging and sometimes controversial viewpoints, while touching the humorous side of sports.

Sports Overnight America's Home Page
DA Show
with Damon Amendolara
Damon Amendolara proves that Sports is the opiate of the masses - get your fix here

DA Show's Home Page
Amy LawrenceAmy talks sports, and rap, and booty

Amy Lawrence's Home Page
Travis Rodgers NOWTravis spent the last 15 years producing a national sports show. He focuses on the absurdity of sports more than the Xs and Os

Travis Rodgers NOW's Home Page
Right Time, The
with Bomani Jones
Move over. Bomani is here.

Right Time, The's Home Page
Jon StashowerJon brings his talents to NBC Sports radio
Jody McDonald Sunday afternoon is a great time to talk about sports
Steve Gorman
Jalen & JacobyJalen Rose and David Jacoby give the people what they want, breaking down the latest in sports and pop culture as only they can.

Jalen & Jacoby's Home Page
Prime Cut
with Sean Salisbury & John Granato
Freddie Coleman
Freddie Coleman's Home Page
Mike Tirico's Weekend Blitz
Football TonightIt's a great time to talk about football
Brian Kenny
Fox GameTime
Under Center
with Mark Malone
Spread those legs and hand me the ball!
Mike North
JJ & the Mouth
with JJ Stokes & Geoff Sheen
Coach & CompanyThe Coach gives you the ESPN play book
Anita Marks
V Show
with Bob Valvano
The Huddle
The Huddle's Home Page
Talkin' Baseball
with Tim Donner & Phil Wood
Talkin' Baseball includes a review of all the week's activity and top stories, interviews with important figures in and around the game; Seventh Inning Stretch, which focuses on a key issue or story; and humorous segments such as Who's on First, a compilation of some of the week's wackiest occurrences, and The Wood Shed, where people in and around baseball are taken to task.

Talkin' Baseball's Home Page
Jason Page
Football FridayDoug Gottlieb gets you set for the biggest games of the weekend -- college football and the NFL. We look at the weather, the lines, the fantasy storylines -- everything you need to know each and every week. And if that's not enough, we'll also look at a high school player each week -- the stars of tomorrow.

Football Friday's Home Page
Mort Report
John KincadeFormer ESPN fills the Sunday morning slot on CBS Sports Radio
RaceDay on ESPN
RaceDay on ESPN's Home Page
Vinny Cerrato & Rob LongWho needs church on Sunday when we can talk sports?
Benway & Anson
Voices of the Game
with Newy Scruggs
Newy is hearing voices again
Josh Innes & Ted JohnsonJosh and Ted look over the results of this weekend
Wrestling Observer
with Bryan Alvarez & Mike Sempervive
Alvarez is joined every week by Mike Sempervive, a longtime observer of professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, boxing, and anything else that involves men and women getting busy on a canvassed mat. Since

Wrestling Observer's Home Page
Rob Buska
Chris MannixYou need another opinion - here is one!
Fantasy FocusIf you dream about managing a major league team, Fantasy Focus is for you.

Fantasy Focus's Home Page
ESPN DeportesDeportes en Espanol - GOOOOOooooooooaaaaallllllll!!!!!
John HarrisYahoo!
Clay Travis
Big MO Show
with Maurice Stanfield
Calling All SportsIf you want to hear the latest sports news from South Dakota, this is the show for you!

Calling All Sports's Home Page
Stox 'n Jocks
Hit Em Up
with Geoff Ketchum
You asked for Geoff during the week - you got it!

Hit Em Up's Home Page
Brian WebberBrian has no life. He follows sports.

Brian Webber's Home Page
Up Late
with Jason Page
Nothing to do at 3 AM? Let's talk sports!

Up Late's Home Page
Eye on Baseball
Pardon the Interruption
with Tony Kornheiser & Mike Wilbon
Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon face-off during this half-hour debate devoted exclusively to sports opinions and headlines.

Pardon the Interruption's Home Page
Sports Sunday
with Dylan Gwinn
with Peter Brown
Adam Gerstenhaber
Sports Byline SpotlightWith over 25 years of sports interviews in the archives, there is a lot to love
Huge Show Sunday NightIt's so big it couldn't fit in during the week

Huge Show Sunday Night's Home Page
Sports BizSports is big business, whether its the multi-million dollar contracts signed by the players or the marketing and advertising behind the teams. Sports fans will be talking to Fred Wallin about the money, events and people that make up the exciting world of sports.

Sports Biz's Home Page
Safety Blitz
with Rodney Harrelson
Marc MalusisWFAN's host tries out weekends on the network
Billy Rae FarmerWhether it is happening at the Olympics in China or at the local little league tournament, Billy Rae has the scoop on what is going on in the world of sports and recreation. During huntin' and fishin' season, listen on Mondays to Molly Farmer's Recipe Corner - for what to do with all of nature's bounty that your man brought back from the woods in the pickem up truck.

Billy Rae Farmer's Home Page
Anthony Pepe
Sports Business RadioSports Business Radio focuses on the issues and people directly impacting the world of sports business. Guests on the show offering an insider's perspective include pro sports league executives and team owners from the NBA, MLB, NFL and other leagues; player agents; NCAA administrators, sports apparel company reps, ad agency executives, media executives and athletes. Portland is a natural point of origin for Sports Business Radio with companies such as Nike, adidas, Wieden & Kennedy and the Warsaw School of Sports Marketing all based in the Pacific Northwest.

Sports Business Radio's Home Page
Sunday Mornings
with John Sashower
Keith Irizarry
Keith Irizarry's Home Page
Safety Blitz
with Rodney Harrison
Gamecast's Home Page
The Two G's
with Gazza Richards & Graham Bell
Everything you ever wanted to know about the world of soccer
Sports Edge
with Dan the Man & Jimmy G

Sports Edge's Home Page
Pro Football Talk
with Mike Florio
The PFT Rumor Mill has become a fixture for all NFL front offices, for many coaches and players, all agents, and most of the media covering the NFL.

Pro Football Talk's Home Page
Anthony Gargano & Lincoln Kennedy
World Soccer
with Nate Abaurrea
World Soccer Talk Radio features news, debate and exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in the world of soccer. Hosted by Nate Abaurrea, the show covers the Premier League, MLS, US National Team and all of the other major teams and leagues from around the world.

World Soccer's Home Page
Peter Brown
Peter Brown's Home Page
Rivals Radio
with David Nuno
Petros & MoneyPetros and Money prove that sports talk doesn't have to be boring - sometimes it isn't even about sports!

Petros & Money's Home Page
Murph & Mac
with Brian Murphy & Paul McCaffrey

Murph & Mac's Home Page
Sports JunkiesThe Sports Junkies are four of the biggest sports fans in town: John Auville, Eric Bickel, Jason Bishop, and John-Paul Flaim. They're irreverant, entertaining, and cutting edge! The Junkies always sound as if they're sitting and chatting -- sometimes arguing -- in the middle of a sports bar.

Sports Junkies's Home Page
Zolak & Bertrand
Zolak & Bertrand's Home Page
with Dunham & Miller
Nobody makes Texas sports more interesting than the Musers

Musers's Home Page
Big Dog
with Joe Rose
Joe Rose knows Miami sports like nobody else!

Big Dog's Home Page
Chad HartmanHost Chad Hartman talks sports, pop culture, current events and politics with sidekick and producer Doogie Wolfson. Hartman also entertains numerous guests, which has earned him the nickname "The Barbara Walters of the FAN."

Chad Hartman's Home Page
Dennis & Callahan
with John Dennis & Gerry Callahan
New England wakes up ready to talk sports all day!

Dennis & Callahan's Home Page
Mitch in the Morning
Mitch in the Morning's Home Page
Closers, the
with George Young
Everything is better at closing time
Query & SchultzThese guys do know the answer to "What the hell is a Hoosier?" - just call them up and ask, and they'll straighten you out!
Scott Stiegler
Angelo Cataldi & The Morning TeamPulitzer Prize nominee for journalism and former writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer, has been anchor and star of The WIP Morning Show since 1989. Known for his comedic timing, exceptional wit and biting commentary, Angelo is one of Philadelphia’s most popular, entertaining and recognizable radio personalities!

Angelo Cataldi & The Morning Team's Home Page
Head to Head
with Matt Wyatt & Richard Cross
Head to Head on is the only statewide voice for sports in Mississippi. Head to Head captures the passion you have for the teams you love and for the teams you hate.
Greg Roberts
Greg Roberts's Home Page
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson's Home Page
WIP Middays
WIP Middays's Home Page
Inside The Lines
with Marty Hurney & Lanny Ford
Kentucky Women talk sportsKentucky women love sports!

Kentucky Women talk sports's Home Page
Mike FrancesaHalf of the former Mike & Mad Dog team.

Mike Francesa's Home Page
Ronnie and TKras
with Ron Lane & Tom Krasniqi
Ron Diaz is a radio veteran of twenty+ years. Ron offers a comediac look at news, sports and entertainment. He is passionate about sports, outdoor activities and living on the water.

Ronnie and TKras's Home Page
WIP Afternoons
WIP Afternoons's Home Page
Boers & Bernstein
Boers & Bernstein's Home Page
The Jox RoundtableYou ain't Southern if you don't talk sports

The Jox Roundtable's Home Page
Gary & Larry
with Gary Radnich & Larry Krueger

Gary & Larry's Home Page
Boomer & Carton
with Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton
Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton host the morning sports show you would expect to hear in the biggest sports market in the United States.

Boomer & Carton's Home Page
Steve DuemigHe is The Big Dog so LISTEN UP! Steve Duemig hosts the Bay Area's most listened to afternoon sports show weekdays from 3pm to 7pm right here on The Animal. To say Steve is opinionated is an understatement. If you call, be prepared to go to war. If not, just listen and let The Big Dog eat.

Steve Duemig's Home Page
Bob & Dan
Bob & Dan's Home Page
Michael Kay
Michael Kay's Home Page
Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts
Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts's Home Page
Mully & Hanley
Mully & Hanley's Home Page
Chuck and Chernoff
with Chuck Oliver & Matt Chernoff
The “King of College Football” Chuck Oliver and Matt “Lanta” Chernoff take you around the World of Sports and Entertainment

Chuck and Chernoff's Home Page
Fitz & Brooks
Fitz & Brooks's Home Page
Charlie PalliloCharlie Pallilo talks sports!

Charlie Pallilo's Home Page
SportsTalk with John & Jimmy
with John Wilkerson & Jimmy Hyams

SportsTalk with John & Jimmy's Home Page
ESPN 1000 Sports
Andrew FillipponiToday's sporting events are winding down, which means it's time to talk about what will be happening tomorrow!
Salisbury & Rosenbloom
Brandon & WoolveyBrandon & Woolvey know what guys want
Mayhem in the AMIt's Atlanta's favorite morning show with Nick, Steak, Bell...and the newest addition to the morning show, Sandra Golden! It's Mayhem, I tell you!

Mayhem in the AM's Home Page
Planet Mikey
Planet Mikey's Home Page
The Power Trip
with Mike Morris
Former Viking “The Superstar Mike Morris” calls the shots along with sidekick Cory "Sludge" Cove, and producer Chris Hawkey.

The Power Trip's Home Page
Tony KornheiserTony Kornheiser ia a sports columnist for The Washington Post, analyst for ESPN and formerly of the NY Times - nobody knows sports like Tony!

Tony Kornheiser's Home Page
The Razor & Mr. T
with Ralph Barbieri & Tom Tolbert
The Razor & Mt T talk sports!

The Razor & Mr. T's Home Page
Dan Hampton & Laurence Holmes
Ellis CannonThere's a new planet in our solar system...it's Planet E! Talk sports every weeknight with Pittsburgh's authority in sports, Ellis Cannon.

Ellis Cannon's Home Page
Ted DeLuca & John Lopez
The Sports Reporters
Joe Benigno
Knoxville News Sentinel Sports PageNobody knows sports like newspaper writers

Knoxville News Sentinel Sports Page's Home Page
Max Kellerman The former host of ESPN's "Friday Night Fights" and "Around the Horn" took a hiatus from the network to host his own show, "I, Max" on Fox. Now he's back and ready to reach an audience this Bronx native knows all too well. A graduate of Columbia, Max has been known as a boxing expert hosting his own show on public access at the age of 16.

Max Kellerman 's Home Page
WWL Sports Talk
with Bobby Hebert & Kenny Wilkerson

WWL Sports Talk's Home Page
Jody Mac and Harry MayesJody moves to the Big Apple to talk sports

Jody Mac and Harry Mayes's Home Page
Galloway & CompanyGalloway and Company talk sports!

Galloway & Company's Home Page
Buck & KincadeBuck Belue and John Kincade talk sports!

Buck & Kincade's Home Page
Roll Home
with Bernie Miklasz & Randy Karraker
Bernie Miklaszhas been the lead sports columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch since 1989. Randy Karraker broadcasts sports for the last six years for Charter Communications - including football, basketball and hockey.

Roll Home's Home Page
Lavar Arrington
with Chad Dukes
Mike Wise
The Opening Drive
Brad RiterBrad's back...with a vengeance! Talk about the Sabres, Bills, and much more with Buffalo's most entertaining talk host.
Felger & MassarottiBoston's new afternoon Sports talk team
Sid Rosenberg
Weekend GameNight
Rude Awakening
with Christopher Rude & Perry Laurentino
Roggin & Simers Squared
ESPN SportsCenterIt's never not a good time to talk sports.
Primetime with the PackmanMark Packer brings you the best in regional and local radio
John Thompson
Mac, Jurko & HarryMac, Jurko & Harry talk sports!

Mac, Jurko & Harry's Home Page
Chris Russo
Chris Russo's Home Page
Brad Davies & Craig Roberts
Brad Davies & Craig Roberts's Home Page
WBAL (Baltimore, MD) Sports Line
with Brett Hollander
If it's sports in the Baltimore area, Brett is talking about it.
The Fox Hole
David KaplanIf ChicagoLand is talking sports, this must be the place

David Kaplan's Home Page
The Ultimate Sports Show
with Chris Stewart & Ken Stabler

The Ultimate Sports Show's Home Page
Racing TalkTalkin' about racin' 24 hours a day.
Sports Rap
with Chuck Barret
Max HowellMax Howell does his “own thing” on everything from the SEC to the “great outdoors”, Max covers it all, with help from some of the southeast’s most recognized experts.

Max Howell's Home Page
Mike Murphy
Charlie & ChanceCharlie is a horse-racing and music enthusiast, and a voracious reader, Charlie is also a Vietnam Veteran (USAF) who attended the University of Alabama and attended the first Woodstock! David Chancellor is a native of San Antonio. David been fortunate to be recognized by his peers, winning several awards for his work including a 2003 Texas Emmy for Best Sports Reporter.

Charlie & Chance's Home Page
Sean Baligian
SportsTalk 84
with Lachlan McLean
Dennis & EngelSteve Dennis (CBS 11) and "The Little Ball of Hate", Jennifer Engel (Star-Telegram) host the mid-day timeslot on ESPN Dallas

Dennis & Engel's Home Page
Matt & Adam
Matt & Adam's Home Page
Dan Shaughnessy
Rodger WylandBig Board Sports

Rodger Wyland's Home Page
Monsters of the Midday
Silvy & CarmenSilvy & Carmen talk about sports and chicks.

Silvy & Carmen's Home Page
John & Hans
John & Hans's Home Page
Dale & Holley
Siebel & StarkeyTalking about things that true sports fans remember - like riding the streetcars out to Forbes Field on game day
Kevin Burkhardt
WCCO Sports Tonight
with Dark Star
Dark Star saw duty in Vietnam, has been a doorman, a bartender, and a general manager of a Rock and Roll nightclub. He's also a golf pro (who isn't), a stockbroker on the floor of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. He moved to the Twin Cities in 1980 and handicapped horse racess for the St. Paul Pioneer Press until joining the 'CCO gang to do Canterbury Reports, and subsequently became host of the great WCCO Sports Night with Dark Star. Dark's irreverent charm and unique perspective, has been known to infuriate some while charming the rest.

WCCO Sports Tonight's Home Page
Dan ColeWhether it's "we're comin', we're comin'" or "objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear", nobody pumps up Minnesota sports fans quite like the Common Man Progrum.

Dan Cole's Home Page
Locker Room
with Doc Walker & Kevin Sheehan
HacksawIn his 19th year, the longest tenure of any sportstalk show host in Southern California radio history, Lee was named Talk Show Host of the Year by the Southern California Sports Broadcasters. Lee has been the voice of the San Diego Chargers and Seattle Seahawks, along with the voice of the USC Trojans and San Diego State football.

Hacksaw's Home Page
Lee Klein
Boog Sciambi
620 Sportsline
with Dave Burns
Chris Dimino
Bumper to Bumper
with Dan Barreiro
It’s not just sports, sports, sports. Weekdays 4:30 to 7 and Sundays from 9 to 11am Dan Barreiro fleshes out the world of politics, current news, pop culture and sports. No topic is too tough to be tackled on Bumper-to-Bumper with Dan Barreiro.

Bumper to Bumper's Home Page
The Mac AttackIf it's happening in Charlotte sports, this is the place to talk about it

The Mac Attack's Home Page
Waddle & Silvy
Vinnie & CookThere are few things more important than a real Pittsburgher than talking about sports and drinking Iron City beer
Stoney & Wojo
JP PetersonJP knows sports!
Good TimesJoe Grande, Matt Smith and Wayne Cook ponder all that is happening in the World of Sports.

Good Times's Home Page
Tony PaigePaige, who attended City College of New York and Florida A&M University, was president of the New York Association of Black Journalists from March 1992 to February 1993. From January 1993 to December 1996, he served as president of the Boxing Writers Association of America. He was the first black man to hold that position in the 54-year history of the organization.

Tony Paige's Home Page
WTMJ Sports Central
Midday Mayhem
with Eric Styranka & Justin Bain
The Afternoon Saloon
with Chuck Oliver, Mike Bell, and Brandon "Home Team" Leak
"More fun than humans should be allowed", best describes the awesome mix of information and entertainment that three Atlanta radio veterans bring to the table. Atlanta's funniest radio personality Mike Bell joins The King of College Football and “Hometeam” Brandon Leak in delivering the afternoon show that every guy in Atlanta is talking about.

The Afternoon Saloon's Home Page
Ben & Skin
with Ben Rogers & Jeff Wade

Ben & Skin's Home Page
Matt Thomas
It is what it is
with Sean Baligian
Wisconsin Sports WeekendIt's the weekend in Wisconsin - so it's time to talk sports and listen to polka music.
Sports to the Max
with Mike Max
WCCO's Mike Max is no stranger to sports. Growing up in Gaylord, Minnesota, Mike played football, basketball and baseball. About the only sport Mike hadn't participated in was bullfighting, long since banned in Gaylord. He furthered his craft on the diamond and on the court when he attended Hamline University, enrolling himself in baseball and basketball respectively. Mike originally came aboard the 'CCO family as an intern in 1986 at WCCO TV. It took only a year to realize Mike's potential, when in 1987, he was promoted to Sports Producer. Not settling for anything less, Mike took a step up again in 1988, and began reporting for WCCO TV. A role he continues today as weekend Sports anchor and reporter.

Sports to the Max's Home Page
Kevin Rogers
Bob Haynie
WNRP Sports NightIt's sports in the Pensacola area - different hosts each night!

WNRP Sports Night's Home Page
Bill MazerBill Mazer has been a fixture in New York area TV and radio for 60 years, and does he know sports trivia!

Bill Mazer's Home Page
Joe & Evan
Lance McAlister
Lance McAlister's Home Page
Dave SmithDave Smith's nickname is "The Sportsgod," because of his supposed knowledge of sports and uncanny ability to predict games and the point spreads!

Dave Smith's Home Page
Prime Time Sports
with Mike Morgan & Jay Phillips
Mike Morgan & Jay Phillips talk sports... Michael Haney updates the news & scores
The Press BoxThe Press Box takes two of St. Louis’ most respected and popular sports journalists and puts them together for the first time. KSDK Channel Five anchor Frank Cusamano was recently voted the most popular TV Sports Personality in the market. He is joined by St. Louis Post Dispatch Columnist Bryan Burwell. Bryan is also well known for his television work for HBO and TNT.

The Press Box's Home Page
Gambo & Ash
Night Time Out on the LedgeThe Sports Animal's newest Live and Local show features veteran broadcaster and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Radio Network pre and post game show host Scott Ledger. Ledge and his crew will be talking sports and everything else guys want to talk about.
Wisconsin Sports Weekend
with Jeff Falconio & Greg Matzek
Mark PackerMark Packer is the highest rated radio program with men in Charlotte. Triangle Sports fans love him too!
Sports Weekend
with Peter Schmuck

Sports Weekend's Home Page
Sports Rap
with Chuck Barrett
H & FriendsA Nationally recognize football columnist, Balzer is in his 27th year covering professional football. Currently Balzer is senior editor of Lindy’s Pro Football Magazine, a columnist for USA Today’s Sports Weekly and he also provides analysis for Fox Sports Midwest.
John DiTullio
The Morning ExtravaganzaAward winning play-by-play announcer, Craig Shemon, is a true Indiana sports expert having worked as a play-by-play broadcaster for WHJE in Carmel and WTTS and WGCL in Bloomington.

The Morning Extravaganza's Home Page
Eskin Afternoons
with Howard Eskin
Herb WinchesIf it is sports and involves Alabama, you'll hear about it here

Herb Winches's Home Page
Sports Open Line
Scot BrantleyIt's Scot Brantley and does he know sports!
Monty on Sports
In Bounds
with Mac McDonald
Mo Egger
Mo Egger's Home Page
Richard SkinnerAnyone whose career highlight involves throwing their computer across a parking lot at spring training in 1989 deserves the title “Angry Guy”…like Richard. It just proves that he takes sports seriously, especially when it comes to college football and the Kentucky Wildcats…and fat, great athletes like Richard’s hero, Tony Gwynn (the words fat, great athlete came out of Richard’s mouth, not ours).

Richard Skinner's Home Page
Afternoon R&R
with Michael Reghi & Kenny Roda
Cleveland pushes Jim Rome and the clones over to channel 2 and returns to doing local sports
with Steve Russell
Sports Wrap
Neutral Corner
The Natural
with Greg Marotta
Greg knows sports from the business side.

The Natural's Home Page
Tee it UpTee It Up! is an informative, insightful, cutting-edge, hour-long nationally syndicated golf radio show hosted by veteran sports broadcaster, Keith Jones.

Tee it Up's Home Page
KDKA Fan Morning ShowThe former Steel City wakes up to talk more about the things people care about - the Steelers, the Pirates, the Penguins and the traffic on Greentree Hill
MoYou wanted Mo and here he is
New York VinnieVinnie brings his unique look at the world of sports, and the world in general, to Newsradio 710 KIRO. He came to Seattle after 13 years in San Francisco where he got his start as a DJ playing alternative music and talking about life on KUSF. He also spent time at KKCY, KRQR where he crossed over to do sports reports and cover Bay Area teams and then on to KDBK where he was the Sports Director and hosted a nightly sportstalk show.

New York Vinnie's Home Page
John HadleyJust listing the places where John Hadley has been in sports is exhausting: The Sporting News, NBC Sports, Spring Publishing, The SportsFan Radio Network (where he was co-host of the Pete Rose Show). In 1998, he joined SportsWritersDirect, providing in-depth sports content for AOL Sports, Fox Sports and Yahoo Sports; a year later John joined CBS Sports where he holds the titles Information Director/Studio Shows and Editorial Consultant. John averages a dozen guest appearances weekly around the country from Milwaukee to Houston to Phoenix.

John Hadley's Home Page
Chuck CoopersteinChuck Cooperstein, the radio play-by-play voice of the Dallas Mavericks, has been a regular on the Dallas/Fort Worth sports scene since 1984 (except for a 16-month period when he moved to Philadelphia).

Chuck Cooperstein's Home Page
WELI (New Haven CT) Sports Show
with George "The Coach" DeMaio
Everything you ever wanted to know about New Haven area high school sports, and much more!
Dan & JasonThe Show with No Name

Dan & Jason's Home Page
Primetime Sports
Phunn House
with Joe Anderson
The Phunn House is open for business!

Phunn House's Home Page
Parker & the ManMotor City Sportsnight

Parker & the Man's Home Page
Monday Sports Albom
Chris Mueller
Talking Baseball
with Ed Randall
Ed Randall is the host of "Talking Baseball" each Sunday morning. Ed is held in the highest esteem as one of baseball’s foremost authorities, the result of approximately 500 compelling interviews with the Who’s Who of baseball.

Talking Baseball's Home Page
The Cheap Seats
with Sea Bass
Race & Sports Radio
with Felix Taverna

Race & Sports Radio's Home Page
Inside Racing
Inside Racing's Home Page
Scott Stickler
Jeff PiecoroIt's Jeff, and does he know his sports!

Jeff Piecoro's Home Page
Total AccessTexas Motor Speedway talks about racin'
Classic Sports Chatter
with Dave Greenwalt
Dolphins Hour
In The House!
with Glenn Parker & Dean Greenberg
Talk Wildcat sports and more with Glenn Parker and Dean Greenberg weekdays

In The House!'s Home Page
Michigan Golf Live
Morning Sports Page
Morning Sports Page's Home Page
Sports Nightly
with Dick Gabriel

Sports Nightly's Home Page
Chuck BetsonNo place takes its sports more seriously than New Jersey

Chuck Betson's Home Page
Warner WolfOne of the most experienced sports voices in the Tri-State area, and frequently heard on national syndicated shows.
Captain Herb Emory NASCAR ShowEach Saturday Afternoon, Captain Herb Emory races through the South Providing listeners with an in-depth look at the NASCAR circuit. Captain Herb brings excitement, enthusiasm and years of experiences as an avid fan of the sport to the microphone

Captain Herb Emory NASCAR Show's Home Page
Sports Geek
with Adam Loghides
Bill Riley
Jason Ross
Men's Room
with Brian McKenna, Vic Porcelli & Mark Klose
Sports Mayhem
Thom Abraham
Thom Abraham's Home Page
SR610 Morning Crew
Morning Drive Sports Report
with Steve Largent
Jonathan Zaslow
Richard NeerBorn in Syracuse, New York, Richard graduated from Adelphi University in 1970 and immediately began a career in broadcasting. After stints at Long Island's WLIR, rocker WNEW-FM and its sister station WNEW-AM, Richard became a member of the WFAN team in 1988.

Richard Neer's Home Page
The Me Show
with Laurence Holmes
Jeff Ward & Ed Clements
Jeff Ward & Ed Clements's Home Page
Indiana SportsTalkWhat else is there to do in Indiana on a Saturday Night?

Indiana SportsTalk's Home Page
Sports Final Radio
with Jeff Prosser & Dan Hicken
with Shawn Arnell
Upton & Lobel
Spitz on Sports
with Rich Spedaliere
Middle of the Day Show
with Al Jerkins
Big Al Jerkins (KJRH Channel 2 Sports Director) is joined by Pat Jones (former Oklahoma State University head coach and Miami and Oakland NFL assistant) each weekday to discuss sports that Oklahoma wants to talk about.
Sunday Morning SportsTalk
Howard Eskin
SoftyYou can talk Softy and still be a Manly Man
Drive Time SportsHere are today's final scores - 9-3, 5-2 and 13-1. Film at 11.
The Positive Side of Sports
Freelove & Olson
Joe B & DennyJoe B and Denny talk sports!

Joe B & Denny's Home Page
Two Angry Guys
Two Angry Guys's Home Page
KABC Sunday Night Sports
Zack Stein
Adam Clanton
Sonny & WimpJoin former Auburn basketball coach Sonny Smith and former Alabama basketball coach Wimp Sanderson for two hours of jokes, sports, and anything else making headlines in the world.
Locker Room
Sean & John
Sports Watch
with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton
Sports Journal LiveSports Journal Live is hosted by Scott Macpherson, Stacey Caputi & Dave DiLorenzo every weekday from 4-6PM. Join the crew as they bring you the latest from the world of professional, collegiate and high school sports.

Sports Journal Live's Home Page
Rockies Dugout
JJ & Ben
The Drive
with Dave Smith
SportsBeat (KBME))Carl Dukes talks about the sports Houston wants to talk about.

SportsBeat (KBME))'s Home Page
Little Ball of Hate Show
with Jennifer Floyd Engel & Ian Fitzsimmons

Little Ball of Hate Show's Home Page
Sports Parade
with Fred & Brett
Ian MartinCome talk sports with the Legend.

Ian Martin's Home Page
SpeedZoneTony Hubert and Brandon Mudd provide the best interviews and the most up-to-date information concerning the world of motorsports.

SpeedZone's Home Page
Sports Wrap (Youngstown)
Mark GrayAward winning sports journalist Mark Gray has over 15 years experience with local, regional, and national radio, television, and newspaper operations

Mark Gray's Home Page
The Sports Table
with Max Howell
Who needs dinner when you can talk about Sports?
Craig Elsten
with Paul Swann
with Tim Fletcher
Sportsphone 680
with Damon Bruce
Sports Table
Conference Call
Conference Call's Home Page
Pete McCarthyIf you think there aren't enough opinions about sports in New York, here is another one!

Pete McCarthy's Home Page
Fantasy Draft Help Insider
with Rick Morris & Nathan Noy
J Love
with Jay Love
“Straight, no chaser” is what best describes Jay Love’s approach to his talk show. He takes on all comers – from Cincinnati City Hall to the White House. Jay is the true “Bad Boy of the Buzz.” Sharp wit, keen insight and arrogance – you get it all. So pick up a bat, step up to the plate and take a swing. Join the fun at one!

J Love's Home Page
Jim Mandich
Kevin Lee SportstalkKevin Lee hosts WIBC's Sportstalk each evening, in addition to his duties as host of the pregame, halftime and postgame shows on the Pacers Radio Network.

Kevin Lee Sportstalk's Home Page
Sports Rap
Larry Glover
Sports on a Sunday Morning
with Ron Jacober
Show me where in the Ten Commandments it says you can't play football on Sunday...
Bob Matthews
WOAI Sunday Sports
Valenti & Foster
WJBC This Week
Bruce Drennan
KTRS Sportsnight
with Mike Claiborne
Mike Claiborne discusses the sports Saint Louis wants to talk about

KTRS Sportsnight's Home Page
Karsch & AndersonLions, Tigers and No Bears, oh my!
Rick Ballou
Bill Rosinski
Bill Rosinski's Home Page
Rich WalcoffSports Director Rich Walcoff, who manages to blend a measure of entertainment and intrigue to the usual scores and sports highlights, has been adding his special brand of high energy sportscasting to KGO NEWSTALK AM 810 since July 1984.

Rich Walcoff's Home Page
Mad Dog
Sports Edge
with Jeff Vernetti, Jeff Gordon & Max Leinwand

Sports Edge's Home Page
Gordon Damer
Gordon Damer's Home Page
Michael Irvin Show
Racing RocksMillions of Rock music fans have also shown a tremendous interest in America's top motor sports. Racing Rocks! pairs these two popular phenomena together on the same stage. The show, hosted by NASCAR fan and former MTV Headbanger's Ball host Riki Rachtman, features hit rock music and great coverage of what's happening in the world of Nextel Cup Racing every week.
Chevy SpeedZoneMike Bell and Scott Johnson host Atlanta’s most intriguing, informative, interactive, live racing show - from Nascar and Indy, to Motorcycles and Trucks,.. Chevy Speedzone is the ultimate two hours in racing.

Chevy SpeedZone's Home Page
WFNZ Power Hower
with Chuck Howard
Chuck is one of the most decorated sports broadcasters in the Carolina’s as he has won the prestigious Caitlan award for motorsports journalism excellence four times. Chuck was named the Associated Press of the Carolina’s best sportscaster five times and among other honors earned the Electronic News Directors of the Carolina’s best sportscaster award twice.

WFNZ Power Hower's Home Page
Artificial TurfHosted by Bill Rogan and Coach Andy Cornell, ARTIFICIAL TURF is an entertaining, lively and informative program featuring compelling interviews, listener phone calls, and, at times, complete nonsense.

Artificial Turf's Home Page
The Finish Line
with Mike Tuck & The Shot Doctor

The Finish Line's Home Page
Peerless Tyre Sports Sanity
In the Zone
with John Avery
Futbol de PrimeraGoooooooooaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!
WTAG Sports at Night
Prep Zone
with Brian Chimino
All about high school sports in the Waukegan area

Prep Zone's Home Page
Hardy & Trupiano
Trenton TN Sports Beat
with Robin Cude
Brett JensenWith CBS leaving Charlotte, Brett has found a new home at WBT
Riders Up
with Bill Straus & Vincent Francia
Arizona's only broadcast dedicated to the sport of horse racing and its fans, "Riders Up" offers a weekly analysis and discussion of the issues, events, races, horses and people that make the sport of horse racing such a fascinating world.

Riders Up's Home Page
Amber Theoharis
A-Game in the Afternoon
Sports JourneyHosted by Lake Lewis and Sergio Rodriguez, Sports Journey brings to the DC sports fan a strong list of athletes, coaches, writers, and entertainers who love sports.

Sports Journey's Home Page
The Evening Sportspage
with Ron Scarborough
Tomorrow's sports tonight
Scott KorzenowskiCurrently an influential partner in a prestigious downtown law firm, Korzo's original career was as a sports writer and newspaper columnist. Korzo is also known to have a few hot opinions on things outside of sports, as well. Just ask him.
SportsChixWhat can be hotter than Hooter chix talking sports on radio?

SportsChix's Home Page
Kevin KeaneWin or lose, Kevin Keane takes calls from the fans and hear 20/20 updates on all the other sports scores in the Majors.

Kevin Keane's Home Page
Charlie & ChanceWelcome! You've Got Sports!

Charlie & Chance's Home Page
Dos AmigosDOS AMIGOS, your Spanglish voice on the flagship of South Florida Sports, will provide a Hispanic extension to the regular programming. The format of the show will be mostly English with Spanish additions from guests as well as listeners who wish to speak about alternative sports such as soccer and international baseball

Dos Amigos's Home Page
Alan Cutler
Biz Radio Sports Extra
Sports Guys
with Brock Kappelmann & Tracy Utz
Talking sports out in panhandle country
Sports Huddle
with Eddie Andelman
Sports Drive
with Pat Greenwood
The Sports Breakdown
with Vince Ferrara

The Sports Breakdown's Home Page
The Morning Sports Center
Off The Top RopeAll about wrasslin'

Off The Top Rope's Home Page
KMOX Sports
360 Sports Buffet
The Truth Hurts
with Bob Glassman
What is truth?
Bo Mattingly
SportsTalk with John & Josh
SportsTalk with John & Josh's Home Page
Wake Up Zone
Sports Nightly
with Huskers Sports Network
Hosted by Lane Grindle?
In the ZoneSo what is “In the Zone?” The best way to describe this show is say that if you are talking about it around the water cooler, and it involves sports, then you can bet that Dave is sharing their opinion on KSAL’s “In the Zone.”
The Beat Down
with Kevin Scott and AJ Hoffman
KCOH Sports RapYo homey! Word up.
Norm HitzgesNorm sure knows about sports handicapping!

Norm Hitzges's Home Page
Sports Page (WXIT)
Petros PapadakisIn less than three years Petros Papadakis, "The Gregarious Greek," has exploded onto the sports media scene in Southern California.

Petros Papadakis's Home Page
The HardlineThousands of devotees know exactly what they're going to get when the HardLine, Mike Rhyner and Greg Williams - the "four" most controversial, must-hear hours of radio to be found anywhere on the AM or FM dials in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The Hardline's Home Page
The Beat Of Sports
with Marc Daniels & Mike Bianchi
MetroNews Statewide Sportsline
Dallas Cowboys CountdownIt's the pregame show to the pregame show to the pregame show.
Longhorn Pipeline
Texas Motor Speedway
Stardust Morning Line
Matt Shepard
Brian Mitchell
Sean, Chip and David in the AfternnonSean Adams, Chip Brown, and David Anderson talk sports, and OU still sucks!
Really Big Sports Show
Hour of HansenDale Hansen moves to his regular spot on 103.3 FM ESPN during the all new "Hour of Hansen" show.

Hour of Hansen's Home Page
Cincinnati Sportstalk
with Alan Cutler
Is it Marvin…or the players?
with Ian Fitzsimmons
The Fan Union
with Dan Krueger
Jake & Jim
Riding the Pine
The Free Agents, Ben & Reed
The Free Agents, Ben & Reed's Home Page
Sports Beef
Jazz TalkJazz as in basketball, not music
Josh Friedman
Josh Friedman's Home Page
Inside The Game
with Robin Valetutto
1360 LiveLive from the 1360 WMOV studios, the area's only show dealing with newsmakers and issues affecting Jackson County. Hosted by award-winning broadcaster Greg Carter, 1360 LIVE is fast paced, entertaining and informative.
Statewide (WV) Sportsline
Groz with Gas
Uncle Luke & Terry Kirby
with Luther Campbell
Luther Campbell also known as Uncle Luke, Luke Skyywalker, or Luke, is a record label owner and rap performer. He is perhaps best known as a one-time member of 2 Live Crew

Uncle Luke & Terry Kirby's Home Page
Raider NationGetting ready for the Raider Game

Raider Nation's Home Page
Calvin MurphyCalvin knows sports like nobody else.
Elise Woodward
Caputo & Fithian
The Last Man Standing
Whitney Johnson
The Clubhouse Show
Glen Macnow
Glen Macnow's Home Page
The Game
with Matt Walters
Touching all Bases
with Eddie and Kevin
Touch all the bases, but don't spike the second baseman.

Touching all Bases's Home Page
Dave Damenshek
Panthers Unrestricted Everything you wanted to know about the Florida Panthers

Panthers Unrestricted 's Home Page
Pro Karate WeeklyEverything you wanted to know about Pro Karate
Time for Trivia
The NH Home Team
Evan Roberts
Pro Wrestling Insider
The Rumble
with m McManus & Mike Dempsey
John Riggins
RCN's Week Night Race Talk
610 The Sports Animal
The Jax Show
with Jason Jackson

The Jax Show's Home Page
Racing RoundupEverything from NASCAR to Open Wheel, Drags to Dwarfs, plus road racing, boats, bikes and all the latest results from the local tracks. Don't miss the fastest two hours on radio live from Max's Legendary Sports Bar.
The Morning Sportscenter
with Wayne and Lee

The Morning Sportscenter's Home Page
The Strike Zone
with Steve Kittrell
The Best of Mike and Mike
Michael Knight
Michael Knight's Home Page
Richard Justice
Sports Page
with Josh Rosenberg
Sports Night
with Dan Back
Friday Night Hoops
WGFX Sports Zone
with Brent Johnson & George Kearns
What better way to spend your lunch hour than talking about sports?
with Michael Heney, Duce Staley, & Jay Philips
The day's half over and we haven't talked hardly at all about sports yet!
Inside Pitch
with Josh Friedman
WDBZ Prime Time Sports
with Wayne Miller
The Prime Time Sports Show: Welcome to the Club House. Get your locker and let's talk.

WDBZ Prime Time Sports's Home Page
Scott Garceau & Anita Marks
Sportsbeat Saturday
David Nuño & Ken Hoffman
The World of Sports According to Chris
with Chris Ello
Sports Morning
with Geoff Haxton
PIC Sports Line
Philly Sports Live
with Dan Schwartzman

Philly Sports Live's Home Page
Baltimore Gameday Uncensored
World's strongest morning show
WFAN Sports Overnight
with Dave Burns
Burnsy brings you the latest in sports news and speculation as the host of The 620 Sportsline. Blessed with the gift of gab, he can talk sports, movies, politics and ... more sports.

Sportsline's Home Page
WWPR Sports
with Big Ed Edwards and J. Negrelli
Gerry V.Ever been tickled by your radio? You will with this new and refreshing presentation from the Hornet's analist Gerry V. Oklahoma City's new baby boy and favorite transplant, "The V Man", brings you V-PM each weeknight there isn't a Hornet's game
Living the Dream
Living the Dream's Home Page
with Ken Weinman & Jeremy Conn
620 SportsLine with Dave Burns
HSV Sports Report
Mark Viviano & the Bulldog
Sunday Night Golf Live
with Rod Lidenberg
Jim Traber
Wake up Wrap Up
with Jeremy Foster
Monday Morning Quarterback
with R J Moye
Is he a finance guy that talks sports, or a sports guy that talks finance?
Let's Go BowlingWow, look at that 7-10 split!
Ronnie Cottrell
Sports MD.Com
Sports Total Access
with Triena, the Sports Chick
It's a chick who loves everything about sports!

Sports Total Access's Home Page
Sports Inferno
with Mike Valenti and Terry Foster
Joe BendelFormer Pittsburgh Tribune-Review writer Joe Bendel knows Pittsburgh Sports like few other people. Keep your Terrible Towel and a can of Iron City handy and show your loyalty.

Joe Bendel's Home Page
Stan the Fan
Mike ManiscalcoMike takes listeners to all the most exciting local sporting events with interviews with the athletes that are in the news and much more.
Big Stick Sports ShowWhen it comes to talking about sports, talk loudly and carry a big stick
Ann Liguori
The Big Show
with Scott 'the Gato' Anderson and Doug Karsch
Morning Ticket
with Pat & Todd
Mike & Bob
WATH Sports Fan
KIRO Sportstalk
with Mike Brown
Mike Brown is a 30-year radio veteran who has worked in sports his entire career, but doubled as a disc jockey for 13 years as well. He was the Seahawks in-studio announcer the past six years.

KIRO Sportstalk's Home Page
Sports Jumpoff
with Jose Sanchez, Julian Rodriguez
On the Bench
with Bret Bakita
Sports Zone
with Mike Murphy
SportsXtra 1330 WTRX
Prime Time Sports (Toronto)Simulcast with sports station in Toronto
The Locker Room
with Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams, a nine-time New Jersey Sportscaster of the Year, covers high school, college, regional and national sports. Guests include local coaches, athletes, members of the media and others in the news.

The Locker Room's Home Page
Second String
with Jude Young
Sports Animals Hall
with Shawn Arnell & Wally Hall
Shawn Arnell is the quarterback for the show called 'the daily diary of the Arkansas Razorbacks.' and he's joined by veteran sport writer Wally Hall.

Sports Animals Hall's Home Page
Racing LiveNASCAR and more NASCAR

Racing Live's Home Page
Dan Barreiro
Dan Barreiro's Home Page
The Cheap Seats
with Dan Reaves
Michael Popovec
El Super Deportivo
Ogden AveryOgden mumbles about sports.
Craig EvanThe sports guru who needs no introduction.

Craig Evan's Home Page
Robin Cude SportsBeat
Hank & Pete Sports ShowBostonians get ready for their sports weekend
Sports Attack
with Joe Spano & Bob Black
Kevin Rogers & Steve White
Kevin Rogers & Steve White's Home Page
Locura per el futbolGoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
WHON Sports
The Sports Nuts
Wildcat Insider
ESPN Radio Friday
WADO deportes
Bob Mitchell
Driver Magazine Radio
Neutral Zone
with Joe B & Denny
Press Box
with Tim Neverett
Mansfield Evening Sports Grill
Ultimate Sports Zone
Brian Long
Brian Long's Home Page
ESPN Radio Primetime
Locura Deportiva (Crazy about Sports)
Ray SchowRay talks to the Northland and answers their questions about anything from politics to sports.
Rex HudlerAngels play-by-play color man Rex Hudler broadcasts from Roscoe's Famous Deli in Fullerton with live guests and lots of prizes at his pregame party.
Steve Mason
Steve Mason's Home Page
Hank Goldberg
Sports Attack
TNA Football
with Thomas Moore & Ace Campbell
TNA is dedicated to FOOTBALL both real and fantasy. If you love FOOTBALL, you'll want to listen to this show.
The Cheap Seats
with NYU Radio
Baseball fans are like opinions - everyone has one.
Tim Lewis
Men's Dugout
with Tara Grace
Tara hangs out in the dugout and talks sports
Dave DameshekYou'll get insights here that you won't find anywhere else.

Dave Dameshek's Home Page
Ed Kaplan
Titillating Sports
Fight Net
Harp on SportsSeth Harp comes to SportsRadio 730 The UMP from ESPN 1480 in Lincoln, Nebraska. There, he served as the station's Sports Director and hosted "The Average Joe Sports Show". Prior to that, Seth lived and worked in Michigan at AM 1660 WQSN and AM 590 WKZO. While in the Wolverine State, he did play-by-play and worked as a Sports Director, Host, and Anchor.

Harp on Sports's Home Page
Sports Sunday on IOD
WRIX Sportstalk
with Phil Kornblut
Northern Exposure
The Wiseguys
The Wiseguys's Home Page
Mike Missanelli
Mike FisherMike Fisher -- aka "The Fish'' -- has been a sports journalist for 20 years, working as a newspaper beat writer and columnist, as the author of two books, as a frequent TV commentator, and now the new host of "Fish for Lunch". Fisher will take you inside the locker rooms and inside the heads of the locker rooms' inhabitants.

Mike Fisher's Home Page
Sports MemoAnyone got a napkin? I've got a sport idea I need to jot down.
Steve White & Brandon Guzio
Dino Costa
Leroy's Sports Hour
The Locker Room
with Dan Schwartzman
Hey - no towel snapping! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Coca Cola Red ZoneGo Red, y'all!
Shark SportsSports Guru Mark "The Shark" offers his take on the sports world.

Shark Sports's Home Page
Jeff Hines
Baseball SundayBaseball Sunday will feature former major league umpire Dave Phillips and Rob Rains, author of several baseball books. They will take calls and discuss the week in baseball.

Baseball Sunday's Home Page
The Sandlot
with Mike Eckert
The Afternoon Sports Beat
with Jim Traber
The D-List
Bottom Line
with Jerome Solomon
Bobby Rader
Put up your Dukes
with Carl Dukes
Watch out for that roundhouse!
Kevin Wheeler
Brian TierneyWith a name like Brandon, you know he knows sports!

Brian Tierney's Home Page
Jake & Jim
with Jake Scott & Jim Fuchuck
Dominant Duo
Xtra Large Lunch
with Derek Schultz and Jeremy Bialek
Mmmm.... can I have part of your sandwich?

Xtra Large Lunch's Home Page
Steve True
The Sports Den with Al & Jim
Steve Haywood
The Gas Man
The Gas Man's Home Page
Robin CudeIf yer talkin' bout sports, this is yer place
The Big O Show
Sports Insight
Al Eschbach
Malcolm West
Press Box
with Russell Sherrill
Get your day started by catching up on the sports you missed while you were sleeping.
Tuesday Night Huddle
with Tom Cardella & Paul Jolovitz
Football season only

Tuesday Night Huddle's Home Page
Main Event
with Fred Faour & Matt Dean
Kevin WhiteKevin White, one of the most progressive and talented administrators in the intercollegiate athletics ranks, quickly has attached his signature as director of athletics at the University of Notre Dame.

Kevin White's Home Page
Jeremy Marks Peltz
Gene & Tony
with Gene Anderson & Tony Schiavone
Tom GambleDo you ever watch “The King of Queens”? If you do…you’re staring directly at a clone of Tom Gamble…they both pride themselves on marrying up and their worst habit is immobility (a.k.a. spending too much time on the couch). For some reason we think that Tom’s career highlight could be the same as that guys too…not getting destroyed during dodge ball in fourth grade gym class. Nice.

Tom Gamble's Home Page
Hanson & Cokin
J.J. & Ben
Steve GoldsteinSteve "Goldie" Goldstein calls the play by play for the Florida Panthers broadcast team.

Steve Goldstein's Home Page
What's Going on
with Stephanie Stepp & John Isaacs
The Sports Buzz
The Sports Fix
with John Pappadopolous
Steak 'N Shake Coaches Club
D'Marco Farr
D'Marco Farr's Home Page
The Opening Drive (NM)Jeff Siembieda, Joe Gonzales and Skip Lacombe bring you the best in New Mexican Sports Talk

The Opening Drive (NM)'s Home Page
Ozzie, the Sports JunkieShare the addiction
Network Indiana Sportstalk
with Bob Lovell
Instant Replay
John Marie
Mason & Ireland
Mason & Ireland's Home Page
WGN Sports Central
Shark on Sports
Ken Trahan
Orange & Brown ReportTalking Cleveland Browns...
The Big O
with Orlando Alzugaray

The Big O's Home Page
Full ThrottleSteve West a University of Tennessee Graduate in 1984. West moved to Atlanta in the mid 80’s and began his passion for Atlanta sports, especially Falcons Football (long time Season Ticket Holder), Hawks Basketball and NASCAR. West started his radio career in Atlanta in 1997 and in 2000 broke into 680 The Fan on the weekend football shows with Max Howell, Steve Dooley and Buck Belue

Full Throttle's Home Page
Tuck & O'NeillIf you're staying at Disney World, you don't have to miss listening to sports!

Tuck & O'Neill's Home Page
Adam, Danny & The SR 610 Nightshift Crew
Jorge Rodriguez
Goodfellows Sports RadioIt's monday night, time to talk about sports with GSR

Goodfellows Sports Radio's Home Page
Lanier National Speedway Show
Evan MakovskyEvan Makovsky (E-Mak) covers Saint Louis sports like no other sportscaster.
Two Guys Named Jim
with Jim Zabel & Jim Walden
Nobody knows the players and coaches like Jim Zabel, who's been covering Iowa sports for a half century -- and nobody knows coaching like Jim Walden, past ISU Head Football Coach. Join the pros each weekend for lively insight on game day.

Two Guys Named Jim's Home Page
Outta Bounds
Bickley & MJ
John Castleberry
Sports Collecting
with Tom Morgan & Brian Marren
With 16 years in business, Tom Morgan will try to make sense of the often changing and sometimes confusing sports collectibles market. Brian Marren will cohost the show with Tom, and provide the hard to find information on unique and rare items.

Sports Collecting 's Home Page
Tony Bruno
Sal Licata
Game On
with Jeff Dean
with Tony Cardi
Fantasy FreaksIndulge in all of your sports fantasies - Yahoo!

Fantasy Freaks's Home Page
Craig Roberts
The Locker Room Show
with John The Hoss Perry

The Locker Room Show 's Home Page
Talkin DirtAll the news from the local dirt racin' track
Max'd Out
Ulrich LeinhaseUlrich talks sports!

Ulrich Leinhase's Home Page
Ray Martel
Reece on Racing
with Frank Reece
Bowden and Ackerman
Bowden and Ackerman's Home Page
Ian FurnessIan is the "New" guy here.

Ian Furness's Home Page
Dunham & Miller
The Afternoon Show
with Erik Gee
Game Time InfoGameTimeInfo is a 60-minute pregame show and breaks down the games each week. When it comes to football and choosing sides, no show currently dives beneath the surface to professionally analyze each side and it's viability against the Las Vegas pointspread and then gives you the picks.

Game Time Info's Home Page
The ENDZONE with Ed, Frank, and Jon
The Common Man
with Dan Cole
North Coast Hockey Tonight
with Paul Teeple & Rick Morris
The Early GameIt's never too early for talking about sports.

The Early Game's Home Page
Inside Sports
with Ron Callan
Bush RewindPop a top and unlax for the evening.

Bush Rewind's Home Page
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