Salem to use Citadel Satellite System(?)

There is a small little article here about how Salem Broadcasting (Bennett, Gallagher, Medved, Prager, Hewitt) are going to be added to Citadel’s satellites on Monday June 1st.  I’m not a techno-geek on such issues, but that strikes me as interesting, and probably significant.   Most of Salem’s programming is carried only on their owned and operated stations, and very little of the live programming is “time shifted” (perhaps only in Hawaii)…

I haven’t been bashful about suggesting that some major changes are going to happen to Citadel/ABC very soon – perhaps as early as Monday.   Why would Citadel be wanting Salem’s programming on their satellite system?  If Citadel goes into receivership at some point, might ABC Radio stations drop Premiere’s programming?  Could we see WABC carrying Pennis Prager from Noon-3pm?   

That seems highly improbable – but then again we live in interesting times.  I have my fingers crossed it’s just some technical engineering thingy about more modern computer automation.

[Tom Tradup of SRN, quoted in the story used to work for ABC Radio]

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