Co-founder of Air America convicted

This story has been bouncing around quietly for several years, but it reached a verdict yesterday.   Don’t look for it on the CBS Nightly News.

Evan Montvel-Cohen was involved in the founding of Air America and he was the person who arranged for Air America to “borrow” money from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Clubs in New York to get Air America off the ground.

After Air America went into bankruptcy and it wasn’t clear that the “borrowed” money would ever be paid back, Mr Montvel-Cohen moved to Hawaii,  where he stole $30,000 from a landscaping company where he got a job as the office manager.

When he was caught stealing in Hawaii, he fled back to his native Guam, where he went to work for Sorenson Broadcasting, which owns TV and Radio stations in Guam (Guam is a US Protectorate).  When the police tried to arrest him in Guam, he fought extradition back to Hawaii.

Yesterday, Mr Cohen plead No Contest to a felony in Hawaii and in exchange for the plea bargain, charges of credit card fraud, forgery and money laundering were dropped, and he was put on 5 years probation.   He has paid back the $30k and admitted what he did was wrong and he will sin no more.

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3 Responses to Co-founder of Air America convicted

  1. mike says:

    Dude, he’s a socialist. There’s no such thing as sin-no-more, especially if it’s for the greater cause for the people socialist republic…kinda like how all those vietnamese, cuban, russian, chinese, german, etc…people died for the greater good.

  2. neoconnut says:

    Will Senator Al Franken return some of his exorbitant pay that he got, since he was paid with money stolen from a charity?

  3. David Reed says:

    The board of the Boys and Girls Club authorized an INVESTMENT in Air America, just as many nonprofit groups do. When Fox News, Limbaugh and the right wing media raised a stink about this. the money was repaid when Air America was sold to Piquant LLC in 2004.

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