Talk radio and “Fat People”

I’m fat.  I know I’m fat.  I’m okay with that.   I don’t care if you aren’t.

I’ve had it up to here with self-righteous radio talk show hosts – Mark Levin and Michael Savage do it most frequently, but Jerry Doyle and Laura Ingraham also jump on this bandwagon on a regular basis.   While Rush doesn’t generally express disdain for his fat listeners, he spends way too much time talking about his diet and his “theories” about weight.

Usually it comes up  after the host has been somewhere on a plane trip and wants to vent about the fat person next to them on the airplane.

About 1/3 of all Americans are seriously overweight, and it’s a pretty good bet that people staying at home listening to the radio are even more likely to be “fatties”.

This issue is likely to escalate since Congress seems interested in pursuing a “fat tax” to further control every aspect of our lives, and now the “Conservative” civil libertarians can pretty much be counted on to drool with their Pavlov response and say “Yes Yes – finally no more fat people” and be drawn into supporting a tax on the energy that sustains life itself.   First they came for people who smoke, and I do not smoke…

If you’re an actual Conservative / Libertarian talk show host, here are some ideas for you to discuss as a topic, if you really “care” about obesity:

  • What role does the FDR Era “cheap food” policy play in obesity?
  • Are high fructose corn sweeteners causing people to consume too many calories because it doesn’t shut down the hunger mechanism the way sugar does?
  • What role is the school lunch program having in obesity in children?  Would this not be happening if Mom was making their children’s food choices instead of the FDA?
  • Do ADM and other agribusiness interests have too much influence over the media and government?
  • What role has consolidation in the food processing industry played in limiting your choices in the supermarket?
  • Are health claims on food packaging misleading?
  • Does obesity really “cost” the government more – or do the lower costs to Social Security and Medicare more than offset them?  Fat people tend to die younger and suddenly (like strokes or heart attacks) – not languish for 25 years in a nursing home with Alzheimers
  • Why is there so little locally grown produce in your supermarket?
  • Is “Organic” food really healthier for you, or is it just a marketing gimmick
  • Does rapid weight loss cause problems with gall stones?
  • Is it healthier to stay fat, or to lose weight, then gain it back?
  • What are the long term consequences on your health of using “colon cleansers”?
  • Why do fat people live longer following a diagnosis of cancer?
  • In the event of a serious disruption in the food supply, how can you be prepared to survive for weeks or months with little or no food in the supermarkets?
  • When and why did the government raise the daily calorie guideline on food labels to 2000 calories per day?
  • Are people consuming more calories than they realize by consuming fat laden coffee drinks and loading up that healthy salad with salad dressing?
  • Why do a lot of people choose to eat at “fast food” restaurants rather than a real restaurant with healthier food?
  • Which is more important to your health – avoiding transfats or avoiding saturated fats?

Remember the motto of the new media – “You can’t make me listen to you”.   If you kick your listener in the teeth with a personal attack on them often enough, there are 1000s of other choices of who or what I can listen to.   You’re not my mommy, and neither is Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. 3tooz aka Roland says:

    AMEN: P.S. There are only 18 calories in a teaspoon of sugar, and HFCS (high frutose corn syrup) is being slowly re-placed by some of the bigger soft drink bottlers, I wonder why …

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