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Show is Live Mon-Fri 1 to 5 AM ET
Host(s)Gary McNamara & Eric Harley
PodcastPodcast Info
Phone Number866-90-REDEYE
SyndicatorWestwood One  Other Westwood One Shows
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DescriptionThe Midnight Guys who have been keeping truck drivers awake, along with the former Coast to Coast announcer are now part of the Cumulus Media Network, taking you through the night if you want an alternative to UFOs, Alien abductions and the secrets NASA is hiding from us about ancient cities on Mars. Gary and Eric are more down to earth talking about politics, trucking news and out of control government regulation.
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Your Fear will set you Free blog

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Latest Poll: Hating with a broad brush

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Station LocationStart
WMDG AM Add WMDG AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 1260
(Formerly WYXC)
East Point, GA1:00 AM6:00 AMMTWTF..
WLW AM Add WLW AM to Favorite Stations  tower in google  
AM 700
(Cincinnati's News Radio)
Cincinnati, OH1:00 AM5:00 AMMTWTF..
WCED AM Add WCED AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 1420
(96.7 & 107.9 are FM translators)
Du Bois, PA1:00 AM5:00 AMMTWTFSS
WPRO AM Add WPRO AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 630
(The Voice Of Southern New England)
Providence, RI1:00 AM4:00 AM......S
WICC AM Add WICC AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 600
Bridgeport, CT1:00 AM2:00 AM.TWTFS.
KZYM AM Add KZYM AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 1230
(The Talker)
Joplin, MO1:00 AM6:00 AMMTWTF..
KXEL AM Add KXEL AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 1540
Waterloo, IA1:00 AM6:00 AMMTWTFSS
KEYS AM Add KEYS AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 1440
Corpus Christi, TX1:00 AM6:00 AMMTWTFSS
WINA AM Add WINA AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 1070
Charlottesville, VA1:00 AM5:00 AMMTWTF..
WUTQ FM Add WUTQ FM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
FM 100.7
(Local News Radio)
Utica, NY1:00 AM5:00 AMMTWTF..
KCMO AM Add KCMO AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 710
(Kansas city's conservative talk)
Kansas City, MO1:00 AM6:00 AM.....S.
KHOW AM Add KHOW AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 630
(Denver's Talk Station)
Denver, CO2:00 AM7:00 AMMTWTF..
KMPT AM Add KMPT AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 930
(Missoula's Conservative Talk Leader)
East Missoula, MT2:00 AM6:00 AM.TWTFS.
KSEV AM Add KSEV AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 700
(The Voice Of Texas)
Tomball, TX3:00 AM4:00 AM......S
KABC AM Add KABC AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 790
Los Angeles, CA3:00 AM7:30 AMMTWTF..
WHOW AM Add WHOW AM to Favorite Stations tower in google  
AM 1520
(Dewitt Daily News)
Clinton, IL5:00 AM6:00 AM......S
KMJ FM Add KMJ FM to Favorite Stations  tower in google  
FM 105.9
(The Valley's News Talk Radio Leader)
Fresno, CA5:00 AM6:00 AM......S

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