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Septa is not just about public transit

September, from the Latin Septum, meaning Seven. Latin seems so non-inclusive.   Each special interest  group in the Democratic Party should be encouraged to rename days, months and planets.  

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How Stupid is Joe Walsh?

He says he doesn’t know why Salem Radio fired him from his syndicated radio show the day he announced he is a candidate for President. Setting aside the issue of running against Donald Trump in the Republican primary, you … Continue reading

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Podcasting explains why Amtrak is so bad

I came up with this comparison while engaged in a discussion about India railways on YouTube. India railways employees 1.4 million people, making it one of the largest non-military employers of the world. Because India railways is operated essentially to … Continue reading

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What makes music popular?

Is it the quality of the music? The opinions of the people listening? Probably not. It adds a detail that might explain why there are so many country music stations in a genre which maybe isn’t that popular.

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Improved All FCC Licenses Query

This is an old, but very powerful, search tool that is only slightly related to radio. The FCC makes available a database of every fixed location transmitter license (including broadcast licenses, excluding federal agencies, of course). Access to this search … Continue reading

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Julyin' to yourself

August is already upon us

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Does Jesus love Salem?

So Bill Bennett and Michael Medved have retired, moving the magnanimous Hugh Hewitt to early mornings. I don’t have the sense that their new talent has exactly caught fire. Salem’s hosts basically are heard only on Salem radio stations. Bill … Continue reading

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Improved Stations by Frequency

From the main streaming guide menu page, there is a choice that says radio stations by frequency. This was one of the first pages I created and had very little updating and was just plain ugly. It has the potential … Continue reading

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Playing country women fairly

Well, radio Disney country is off to a great start. They now have a studio in Nashville on music row. It sounds like they’re going to use voice tracking, where these two women featured in this article are going to … Continue reading

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EMF has a new leader

Educational Media Foundation (EMF) now is the second largest radio station operator if you count AM and FM licenses. EMF is the operator of two Christian music services called K-LOVE and Air1. They only own AM-stations briefly when they have … Continue reading

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