Entercom/CBS running away from “radio”

Entercom Radio, which acquired the assets of CBS radio in 2017 has announced it is changing its name and moving its focus away from that obsolete technology called radio.

This comes about a decade after Bob Pittman over at iHeart/Clear Channel came to the same conclusion. Pittman declared that iHeartRadio was a platform for distributing entertainment content, and terrestrial radio was only one of the methods of distribution. Time shifting and audio-on-demand are the future. Individuals calling up radio stations to talk to The Host is no longer entertaining, partly because of the lower quality of cell phones compared to land lines.

Entercom is renaming itself as Audacy and will move its content away from radio.com. There are several indications they intend to get more friendly with legal sport betting entities.


Hopefully, this is not an odyssey on the way to bankruptcy.

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