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The Salisbury, North Carolina Train Station

talking about the new extension of the light rail line here in charlotte reminded me that i’d taken some pix of the salisbury, north carolina, amtrak station back in october when we were in salisbury  for fred’s 40th college reunion. … Continue reading

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Friday afternoon surprise!

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seb gorka resigns as white house advisor

he threw in the towel earlier today. here is a link so you can read about it yourself. The Federalist announces the news resignation letter is superb.

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buck sexton now live on the blaze radio

we were listening to glenn beck this morning and i heard an ad for buck sexton’s show. the show is now running LIVE on the blaze radio from 6 to 9 p.m. previously, blaze radio was running the show (tape-delayed) … Continue reading

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hello everbody!

fred wants me to introduce myself so here goes. mini bio: baby boomer. grew up in jersey, outside philly. went to college (in chicago) on an academic scholarship. did one year abroad (canada.) graduated magna cum laude (english literature and … Continue reading

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