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Meghan McCain gets shown the door

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Countess spotted this before I did. Maybe I can add her to the staff as a hard news reporter. If I teach her how to use Google News, this could become a “go to” radio news site

So Meghan signed on with Premiere Radio, Clear Channel’s talk radio subsidiary. It was clear from the first hour, she had no interest other than providing free nationwide advertising to promote her father’s political agenda. She had replaced the forgettable America Now with Andy Dean.

When Andy Dean left, a lot of radio stations switched to carry Joe Pags.

She was let go immediately and Brian Suits is filling in temporarily. The permanent host is Buck Sexton, a member of the next generation that needs to be in place when Rush retires. Countess has made some observations and maybe can fill in some of the background.

The show seems very much in flux – JerseyDevil’s observation suggests to me that Premiere wants to retain a trademark on “America Now” without actively using it. The old web site is dead.