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Meghan McCain gets shown the door

Countess spotted this before I did. Maybe I can add her to the staff as a hard news reporter. If I teach her how to use Google News, this could become a “go to” radio news site So Meghan signed … Continue reading

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Alex Jones has arrived

The bigger world is starting to know who Alex Jones is. The Republican nominee knows who he is and doors are opening. On Thursday’s show, he did most of an hour with Milo with a very warm and interesting conversation … Continue reading

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Rushing Home

Has it been 8 years already? Tom Taylor reminds the radio world that Rush’s 8 year, $200 million contract with Premiere Radio (iHeart/Clear Channel) ends in the next few weeks, as the company is fending off lawsuits trying to pull … Continue reading

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PPM killed Delilah

That’s what Bloomberg thinks The Arbitron / Nielsen Portable People Meter listens to what people actually listen to, not what people say they listen to. You’re in the bedroom, but Delilah is playing in the den in the basement – … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck booted from SiriusXM

CNN coverage Glenn’s program crossed over the line last week when guest Brad Thor sort of encouraged someone to maybe assassinate Donald Trump. It went far enough in the Glenn Beck “I’m not saying this, but” way – Glenn’s slimy … Continue reading

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Art Bell gives radio The Bird

By Bird, I mean the Westwood One XDS satellite. What were you thinking? This is a stunning announcement on many levels. For those of you who weren’t around or have moved on to other things, Art Bell was a pioneer. … Continue reading

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Oh God, not this….

There once was an evening show on Premiere Talk Radio called America Now, with Andy Dean. In the event you were lucky enough to have never heard it, Andy Dean was the perky protege of Donald Trump – originally a … Continue reading

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Art Bell’s return – counting the days

July 20th (21st?) 2015 at midnight ET is when Art Bell expects to return to the “air” when his non compete with SiriusXM is done. If you listen to Art Bell replay shows on Saturday nights (“Somewhere in Time”), it … Continue reading

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Michael Berry is Bob Pittman’s Ace in the Hole

berry signs 5 year contract Who is he being lined up to replace… Hannity? Rush? Joe Pags? His current syndicated version is on 6-8 PM, but he also does five hours a day of local show in Houston on KTRH/KPRC. … Continue reading

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George Noory’s guest Wednesday night has three heads

Courtesy Premiere Radio Networks

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