Radio Live Events

Since people are too shy to talk in the blog, I have decided to change the focus of the blog to promoting live events being held by local radio stations. This is a byproduct of the normal station checking.

If you find a radio station promoting an event where the station employees will be actively involved, you can post it here.

Any ideas for a name that captures the new purpose of the blog?

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4 Responses to Radio Live Events

  1. janderson says:

    Flying Turkeys?

    • Art Stone says:

      How about “I thought turkeys could fly?”

      • foyle says:

        Oh the humanity!

        This is buckeye newshawk award winner, Les Nessman, signing off.

        • Art Stone says:

          I found that episode on YouTube. This might be affected by my 20 year absence from watching TV, but that show was really, really bad – the dubbed in laugh track in particular, and the actors playing to the camera… And continuity mistakes.

          I little bit of morning TV show trivia. Pay close attention to the “outfits” they are wearing. Pretty much every day the hosts will be wearing the outfit they had on the prior day (especially the women). The reason is the segment was taped the prior day and they almost never tell you that. For men, it’s just a matter of putting on tomorrow’s jacket

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