Volunteer “reset”

The past week or so, substantial progress has been made on improving the tools for quickly reviewing and FIXING out of date information. Brian has been assisting me in this process.

Just a recap – with 16,000 radio stations, just to look at each station twice a year means reviewing around 90 stations a day – every day. Twice a year was never the goal, it was a worst case beyond which the data would be too stale to have any value.

The new tool – which will continue to improve – can easily check at least 100 an hour. The more frequently stations are checked, the fewer things that need fixing.

Charlottenc (me) now has checked a wide swath of the stations in the past few days.


If you wish to become a trusted editor and help classify stations and fix incorrect data, let me know and we can discuss how it works – otherwise you are free to resume your life pursuing rational self interest.

The czar competition stats are updated to reflect the testing done by the new tool. Tests by “editor” do not show in the stats

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  1. Art Stone says:

    With the exception of Brian, there are no longer any volunteers.

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