USA radio Networks says Adiós

A year after a Christian broadcaster in Raleigh North Carolina stepped in to save the fading IRN/USA radio network, they have given up.

USA Radio Network has been divested to a big media empire I’ve never heard of named Liftable. Since there is no FCC license involved, the details of the Sale/Transfer are not public.

There is less going on at USA Radio Network than at TRN. Daybreak USA has one affiliate that I know about. Steve Deace left a month ago. Point of View and Sports Byline USA are the only shows where I have found affiliates, but then again I am not looking much any more.

Press Release

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  1. Art Stone says:

    In a very curious development, the new owners of USA Radio Network have appointed Rusty Humphries to be VP of programming

  2. Art Stone says:

    If you go to the USA radio network website and try to stream (on an iPad), it suggests you download the Steve Deace App. If you go to the Apple Store and try to get the USA Radio networks app, it won’t download.

    Daybreak Morning USA was still on this morning. Not so sure about IRN radio news

    • Art Stone says:

      IRN seems to now be USA Headline News

      While looking for who still carries it, I was greeted with the news of Tonight’s Democratic Party debate, which was on Tuesday, followed by a long blurb provided directly by the American Banking Association, discussing the importance of your credit score. Now that’s great news!

  3. Linda S. says:

    Has Steve Deace been picked up by another network/station?

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