Do you know anyone with a “mail order bride?”

I learned that a guy I knew from 30 years ago married a woman from Ukraine and brought her here. She had a child. What she may or may not have known was she had cancer. She died here in the United States and her son became a gift from the deal.

I understand the attraction of having a woman who walks three steps behind you and does wifely things without complaining. What is your experience?

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  1. haiti222 says:

    1) The INS process is hard on any relationship.
    2) Language difficulties make it harder.
    3) If someone is too much younger than you it will be difficult.
    4) This can be mitigated if both parties are putting in the work to succeed, and their efforts both before and during the marriage deepen the relationship.
    5) Family and friends on both sides need to see the two parties together and get a feel for if it is working.

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