Getting unstuck in Candy Crush – tip #2

Are you stopped at a level for a week and just can’t get by?

There is a moderately easy way without spending money. You should be able to earn the equivalent of the giant bonus on the lucky wheel every day.

Ideally you would figure out why you are stuck rather than relying on a booster like a candy bomb. The mobile and desktop versions often work differently, with the mobile version being harder. If you sync the two devices using Facebook, you can go back and forth. A handful of levels are almost impossible on mobile, but easy on desktops.

The way to earn lots of free boosters is Sugar Drop levels. On the screen where you choose a level, those levels have a white band around them with a C


Each Sugar drop you create and collect advances you to earn bonus boosters. Getting 180 sugar drops will earn you 5 groups of boosters, typically 2 or 3 at a time. After you get the final group, there is an 8 hour cool down, so you can typically get 2 bunches of 5 groups a day.


Sugar drops are produced at the end of each turn IF you created a cascade. A cascade means after you created a match, the falling candies created a secondary match. This is a very important point. Cascades create bonus multipliers. On score based levels, you need cascades. On most levels, candies only go down. That means you should make most matches near the bottom.

A “good” level for getting lots of sugar drops has these characteristics:

  • 50 turns – you get at most one sugar drop per turn
  • Only 4 colors (no red or yellow candies)
  • No ticking candy bombs to end the level early
  • Few obstructions that block candies from cascading

Level 281 is the Perfect level. It is close to impossible to lose and 20 sugar drops is pretty easy


There are two basic ways to choose a level – if you have limited time, you may want to waste a life to use a level that has lots of sugar drops, but little chance of finishing. The other approach is to play every sugar drop level that has little chance of losing a life, but fewer drops. You can only play each sugar drop level once a day, so you can’t play the same level over and over.

My record is 38 sugar drops on level 1168. 7 is more typical – a good level gives you maybe 15.

It’s useful to have a list of good levels to work from. Here are the best levels out of the first 100:

Here is a list where I have gotten 10 or more sugar drops
126 (likely to lose a life)

Because skills vary, which levels are “easy” will vary from person to person, so you’ll want to build up a list that gives you the best results.

Happy crushing!

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