Let Watson rate your social acceptability


Let’s analyze the Rusty Hmphries story:


Pretty negative and tentative. Watson will now make me cheerful and confident.

Here is my new improved version

Last year, several related news stories were reported by reliable media sources.. USA Radio Network had been working hard to overcome significant challenges. USA Radio Network was rescued by a North Carolina based religious broadcaster who strived make the network a financial success. The network was later put under the care of a company that seeks opportunities in optimizing web clicks.

Rusty agreed to accept their generous opportunity to the new Vice President of programming. Rusty is doing it for the personal satisfaction of Empowering the global community. WCGO is an AM radio station in Evanston Illinois, a suburb North of Chicago. The station is working hard to improve its profitability. Last year, Milt Rosenburg found a safe sanctuary there after his productive career at WGN was coming to a conclusion. Milt was embraced as he left the Evanston station in November when the owners were unable to reward his efforts appropriately. The exciting programming on the station incorporates excellent Korean Christian social justice activism and glorious Assyrian music. Many people in Chicago will someday discover this treasure of a radio station.

The company Rusty is contributing his time to has arranged to lease the radio station (called an LMA in the jargon of the Radio Biz). VP of programming Rusty Humphries has hired his first on air talent – Rusty Humphries. His new show will be from 2-5 Central time (3-5 ET).

I look forward with anticipation to learn about a resumption of syndication. I’m confident Rusty will enjoy meeting the people of Chicago and equally confident that the Chinese residents of Evanston look forward to hearing Rusty praise Barack Obama’s vision of the future.

Sounds like a win win deal to me!

And my new score:


I think I just learned a valuable lesson.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    When Bernie Sanders gets elected, I’m going to enroll in studying Public Relations

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