Who really attacked the Intercontinental Hotel?

The Intercontinental hotel in Kabul was holding a two day conference to discuss the details of how to withdraw NATO forces from the country.

Back on June 6th, you may remember that Afghanistan’s leader Hamid Karzai threatened NATO with attacks


In the past few days, it hit the news that the United States is negotiating the terms of surrender withdrawal of NATO forces with Taliban leaders.

There would not have been a place in all of Afghanistan with a higher level of security than that hotel.

The hotel was built in 1969 on a hill overlooking Kabul.  That was the year Afghanistan was celebrating its 50th anniversary as a country.  The Russian invasion was 10 years away in the future – the United States was providing economic aid to the country.   The hotel accepts payment in US dollars only and is clearly designed to Western sensibilities.    It’s not clear who actually owns the hotel, but it isn’t the InterContinental Hotel Group in London.

The place caters to Americans, accepts only US dollars, is built like a fort overlooking the town with big open spaces around it and only one road in.   I’m going to stick my neck out and guess the owner is the U.S. Government.    There are somewhere around 10 hotels in Kabul, not exactly a hotbed of tourism.   All of our contract workers doing intelligence work have to be living somewhere.

So with a fortress and a high profile meeting in progress, an attack of this scope had to be done with the cooperation of the people doing the security.    CBS is asking the same question of whether this attack was done or assisted by the Karzai government.

Get ready to see the pictures soon of the helicopters evacuating the U.S. embassy.   “The Smart War” – uh-huh.

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