My Gun Control Compromise

Republicans have trouble thinking outside of their box. A little jujitsu is in order, using the opponent’s strength against them.

My main proposal is that Congress mandate “gun safety” education of all public high school students, including live fire training at a gun range. Democrats can’t possibly oppose gun safety.

Then the issue of conceal carry permits needs to be framed as protecting minorities, especially women. Permits need to be “must issue” with national reciprocity if the gun owner is a woman, black, gay, transgendered, over 65, disabled or in college.

Who could possibly oppose that?

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10 Responses to My Gun Control Compromise

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    You have some good ideas.

    I favor a co-sign law. Just as kids with no credit need a parent to co-sign on a car loan or a home mortgage, require the applicant to get 5 signatures from friends, family or coworkers- those are the people that would know in their guts, if the applicant is nuts.


    • Fred Stiening says:

      Omar was employed at one point guarding the county courthouse. He probably would have had no trouble getting the sheriff and 4 judges to sign your theoretical form.

      If you co-sign a loan and the person doesn’t pay, the cosigner is as responsible for the loan as the other person. What is the consequence if the gun is misused? What is the criteria for whether the 5 people are acceptable to vouch for the purchaser? Do they have to be previously approved themselves?

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