Jay Severin

I was asked this morning what is going to happen to Jay Severin. Jay Severin has Issues™

Jay is based in Boston and was fired by the defunct WTKK-FM after claiming he had sex with the interns. Jay is a libertarian and a free spirit, marching to his own drummer.

He was hired by Glenn Beck to be on The Blaze. Since I don’t closely monitor online radio stations, I didn’t notice he ended his connection with The Blaze in September. His pronouncement that “Donald Trump is going to to win the election” might have been a factor, given Glenn Beck’s prophetic Mormon vision that Ted Cruz is God’s choice to be President to bring about Armageddon. I’m not saying that was the reason, and I’m not not saying that.

Jay is 65 years old. He may just retire – the opportunities in talk radio in Boston are somewhat limited.

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