O’Reilly out at Fox?


That would be pretty foolish. O’Reilly could do enormous damage to the News Corp empire with his knowledge from the inside.

Bill O’Reilly has a face for radio, if he ever decides to return.

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  1. Watching Chris Plante doing a guest spot on Fox, I’d like to see the former CNN correspondent slide into the O’Reilly slot, should it become available. He may not have the name recognition of BO’R but he’s smart, looks good on TV and is a veteran of the mainstream media who saw the light and can clearly express why that happened.

  2. 21st Century Fox has made it official in a statement.

    As we often see in radio firings, O’Reilly won’t be allowed to come back for a goodbye show.

  3. Parrott says:

    Well, I know my parents are very upset. They kinda like Tucker Carleson, but they watched O’reilly every night.
    I don’t have cable so I can’t say I watched him.

    Yeah my parents like Chris Plante, he has been showing up with Lou Dobbs.


  4. briand75 says:

    Recommendation – keep in the back of your mind that the left-wing zealots have been after O’Reilly since he started with FOX back in the 90’s. Nothing has stuck until recently where the accusations of sexual harassment have crept into the ready room. Bill has a massive ego and considered to be an overbearing ass with most everyone (that would include women). Have there been settlements with woman on harassment? Likely yes as the supposed “conservative” Fox News is not really conservative and so do their part for PC and will settle out of court most issues to avoid “looking bad”.

    I don’t care for Mr. O’Reilly, but I support his right to conduct his job as he sees fit within the legal boundaries.

  5. Rush Limbaugh noted today that the wife of one of Rupert Murdoch’s sons works (or worked) for the Clinton Global Foundation. The sons, who now run Fox, aren’t conservatives, Rush says, and he thinks that doesn’t bode well for Fox News Channel.

    Hopefully, profit will trump ideology in the long run, and FNC won’t become another CNN or MSDNC.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      From the early days (especially after the Iraq war WMD thing) I have asserted that the Murdoch empire’s motivation is Globalism, not being Conservative.

      The Cable TV model is significantly different than broadcast TV. The core revenue comes from the cable TV carriage revenue, which is dependent on local cable companies paying to carry the programming. Ratings and national advertising revenue are significantly less important.

      What matters is not who you watch or for how long, but that the Cable TV company believes you want to view the channel during the month


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