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The handful of people who have been here for a long time may remember that I left this website up primarily as a way to keep in touch in the event that society fell apart.

Well, unfortunately, it looks like my instincts were correct. We are on the verge of World war 3 with a president who can’t string a sentence together as our leader. We’re still dealing with the damage caused by the shutdown of our society by the government with covid as the excuse this time.

Monkeypox!  Monkeypox!

Some of you will remember that I met my wife from this website. I don’t regret doing it, but the marriage did not work out.  After about 2 years, there were too many problems to believe that it could be fixed, so I decided to end the marriage.

I used to joke about people from New Jersey who moved to Charlotte North Carolina with the idea that they were going to fix it and make it more like New Jersey. That’s a fairly good summary of the problems we had. She has returned back “home” to  New Jersey.

We sold my condo in Charlotte North Carolina, and I moved to Greensboro North Carolina, which is about a hundred miles up I-85 toward the Northeast. The cost of living here is much less, and a lot fewer people have moved here from somewhere else.  Greensboro is much smaller than Charlotte, and the people are infinitely more pleasant.

Basically, I spent the next two years in isolation waiting for the covid thing to sort out, and taking vitamin D3 to deal with the fact that I was getting no sun.

I got vaccinated using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in May 2021, which I wrote about previously.   To the best of my knowledge, I have not been infected with covid. My brother caught covid over in Spain, and my former wife caught it up in New Jersey about 2 months ago. My next door neighbor caught covid in the summer and was still infectious after 8 weeks.  None of them have died.

I’ve hired a woman to help me 2 days a week. She is 64 years old and does not have the mobility problems that I do.  She is a CNA and caught covid during the alpha wave in 2020.  It wiped her out for almost a year. She just recently told me that the turning point for her was she started taking vitamin B12.

I don’t really know what her politics are other than she absolutely hates Joe Biden, because “he made me get the covid vaccination after I’d already recovered and had natural immunity”.  She is a very smart, well informed woman.

In the event you missed it, the White House advisor on covid just blurted out the other day that there was never any evidence that masks actually do anything to stop the spread of the disease.   Now that we’re getting all of the inside information from Twitter, we see how just complicit the FBI has been in limiting public discussion of this virus, and other things like suppressing the Hunter Biden story.

My brother was adamant that Donald J Trump was a fascist.  He probably still believes that.

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  1. Macky says:

    Hello Fred. It’s good to see that you’re posting again. Keep it up!

  2. Good to hear from you again, Fred. I’ve enjoyed visiting Greensboro and I agree with you about the pleasant folks you can find there. Wishing you all the best!

  3. briand75 says:

    Good to see “home” is still here 🙂

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